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Python II Assignment: Revenue maximization
Revenue maximization is one of the most prominent problems in economics. Suppose we want to sell a laptop to potential buyer, that has a value (probability) distribution F describing how they value the laptop (this is called the Bayesian setting in the literature)
MUSI11066 Audio Programming Assignment 2: Drone challenge
This assignment is designed to let you experiment creatively with some of the basic audio DSP elements we have covered so far. You will submit a single Juce project that uses the Audio Plug-In template to render audio, although the focus will be on the standalone application build target.
Data Analysis:Data Wrangling and Data Modeling
Various transformation methods are applied to the data to have better-performing data for our machine learning model.
MATH40082 Computational Finance Assignment No. 1: Monte Carlo Methods
The trader has calibrated a specialised risk neutral process for some underlying stock price. Given the current stock is S0, market prices indicate the risk-neutral distribution of the stock price at time t is given by
COMP3310 Computer Networks - Assignment 1- The Last Mile
This assignment is to develop a (short) technical report that deals with a variety of network design aspects relating to building a last-mile network, with the last section making a specific design recommendation for a semi-fictitious rural setting.
Project 1: Filter Design and Filter Banks
FIR FILTER DESIGN 2-WAYS In this problem you will design FIR filters using two different methods discussed in lecture.
CSCI1520 Computer Principles and C++ Programming - Assignment 4: Three Men’s Morris
You will implement a game called Three Men’s Morris. There are two players, 1 and 2, in the game. Each player has three pieces.
Homework: Memory Leak Checker
Making a C program memory-safe is too hard! You need to make sure every memory access is valid, and that all the dynamically allocated memory is correctly deallocated ( free d).
COMP2017 COMP9017 Assignment 2: Implementing a simple virtual machine
In this assignment you will be implementing a simple virtual machine. Your program will take a single command line argument being the path to the file containing your RISK-XVII assembly code.
CSCI 3136 Assignment 6: Parameter Passing and Tree Traversals
In Wednesday’s class, we discuss parameter passing modes. Assume foo calls bar with some local variable x of foo as argument. When passing x to bar by ​reference, this means that bar receives a pointer to x’s location in foo’s stack frame.
CS 1026 B, Winter 2023 Assignment 3 - Creating an Information System for Electronic Medical Records
In Canada, we are seeing the need to improve the healthcare system. What many people don’t realise is that our healthcare system still makes use of very primitive information systems like excel sheets, fax machines, and even paper written records
CISC/CMPE 454 Computer Graphics - Assignment 3 - Physical Simulator
You will implement parts of a physical simulator.
COMP27112 Introduction to Visual Computing Coursework Assignment 3 Image Processing Exercise 1
The aim of this exercise is to get you started with OpenCV and to do some very simple image processing.
SCC.110: Term 2 Java Programming Coursework Specification
This assessed exercise is designed to test your understanding of the software development concepts we’ve seen in the lectures and labs, specifically for creating object-oriented code.
Computer Security Coursework Exercise CW3 Binary exploits
The goal of this coursework is to gain practical experience with attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities, in particular buffer overruns.
CS-UY 2214 Computer Architecture and Organization - Homework 5: Add a new instruction to the single-cycle E20 processor
Write an E20 assembly language program that will store the value 1099 at memory cell 456, then halt. Use your E20 assembler to make sure that your program is correct and can be assembled into valid machine code.
CSCA08 Assignment 2: Bridges in Ontario
The Government of Ontario collects a huge amount of data on provincial programs and infrastructure, and much of it is provided as open data sets for public use.
COMP9315 DBMS Implementation Assignment 2 - Multi-attribute Linear Hashed Files
Linear hashed files and multi-attribute hashing are two techniques that can be used together to produce hashed files that grow as needed and which allow all attributes to contribute to the hash value of each tuple.
COMP9315 DBMS Implementation Assignment 2 - Testing Resources
The following gives some ideas for testing your Assignment 2 code. It does not give you a simple scripted collection of tests.
CSCI-UA.0472 Programming Assignment 2: Davis-Putnam algorithm
In this assignment, you are to implement the Davis-Putnam algorithm and use it to solve a simple form of an adventure game.
COMP9315 DBMS Implementation - Assignment 1 - Adding an GeoCoord Data Type to PostgreSQL
The goal is to implement a new data type for PostgreSQL, complete with input/output functions, comparison operators and the ability to build indexes on values
3KE3 Management of Enterprise Data Analytics - RStudio: Prescriptive Analytics Assignment (III)
A manufacturing company produces three products: Product A, Product B, and Product C. The company wants to determine how many units of each Product to produce to maximize the profit.
COMP 1012 Programming Fundamentals and Applications Assignment 3: Interpolation, string manipulation
Given counting.csv in the Data folder, please write a Python program to estimate the counts 2 minutes and 30 seconds after each timestamp.
CISC 5950 Big Data Programming - Project 1: Hadoop MapReduce-based program - NY Parking Violations
In this project, we are going to design our own Hadoop MapReduce-based program to analyze the data. The project consist of two parts.
HW08: Game Boy Advance emulator
The goal of this assignment is to make a C program that will run on a Game Boy Advance emulator. Your program will be an interactive graphical application.
CSCP1014 PROGRAMMING 1 - Assignment 2A: Menu-driven console-based Java program
Create a menu-driven console-based Java program for a parcel delivery company to maintain the company's daily sales and calculate the dispatchers' daily payroll.
Exercise 2: Binary Search Tree - Challenges in concurrent programming
This exercise addresses the challenges in concurrent programming. It will use the Binary Search Tree (BST) data structure that you have implemented in Exercise1. Multiple concurrent threads will perform read/write operations on the BST data structure.
Homework 3 - Optical Flow Estimation: Template Matching, Lucas-Kanade Method and Affine Motion
For this homework it is required that you use LaTeX to write all equations and answers and turn in the compiled PDF file for submission.
Assignment 2: Build a website about a minority ethnic group of China
This assignment should be done in a group of no more than five students. You are required to build a website about a minority ethnic group of China.
CS 5004 Assignment 4: NationalParkDirectory and Set
Implement an ADT called NationalParkDirectory—an ordered, mutable collection, which will be used by the Department of Interior, to keep track of information about of the country’s national parks
COMP3567 Game Development and Multimedia Technologies 2022-23 Summative Coursework: CS Open Day Challenges
This coursework requires you to develop a game under the theme of “CS Open Day Challenges”. Your game aims to offer potential CS candidates a fun way to understand an aspect of CS, such as places in MCS Building, curriculum structure, module choices and career plan, etc.
Computer Systems Architecture - Laboratory Exercise - Cache controller simulator
In this laboratory exercise you will write a C program to simulate the operation of a direct mapped cache controller on an embedded system.
Assignment 1: Build an information retrieval system using Python
You are to build an information retrieval system based on both (1) controlled vocabulary and (2) free text search approach for the simple query and retrieval of relevant documents from the given corpus (zipped file named dataset.zip containing a list of documents).
CS440 Programming Languages - Midterm Exam - Part 2: Higher order functions
until: takes a predicate pred, a function fn, and a starting value x, and returns the list of values (x, (fn x), (fn (fn x)), ...), terminating on the first value which satisfies pred.
CS 8395-04: Special Topics - Intelligent Surgical Robots - Project 2: Modeling the latent space from reconstructing robot kinematics
The goal of this project is to implement a neural network for modeling the latent space from reconstructing robot kinematics from endoscope images obtained during robot-assisted procedures.
ELEC362 Application Development with C++ - Project Data Processing application
Design and implement a Qt-based GUI application which allows the user to import different datasets, plot them in the application, and allow the user to create a function from a combination of the datasets.
INFS3200 Advanced Database Systems - Prac 1: Distributed Databases
Learn how to use Oracle DBMS through SQL Plus and SQL Developer. Oracle will be used in both Pracs. Get familiar with the basic SQL queries and keywords. Write your SQL queries for data retrieval.
XJCO1212 Computer Processors - Assignment: From Truth Tables to Circuits
Your task is to design and implement a circuit in hdl which takes two 2-bit numbers as input and produces a 3-bit output.
A5: Qt Simon Game
You are to make a simple Simon game. In our version, there will be just two colors/buttons. The basic gameplay is that the program shows us a sequence of buttons that light up, then our job is to repeat the sequence by pushing the buttons.
Assignment 2: Part 2. Data Cleaning - Craft Beer Bar Sales Kaggle dataset
The purpose of this assignment is to clean a data set so that it can be analyzed. The dataset is a modified version of the Craft Beer Bar Sales Kaggle dataset.
Assignment 2: Part 1. SQL - Chinook Database
Write an SQL query that returns all the Genres' names and the number of associated tracks (ie. count up the tracks for each Genre). Name the column that contains the count of genre tracks NumGenre. Order the results highest to lowest by NumGenre
Analyzing Climate Data
In the tasks 0, 1, and 2, the input will come from the keyboard. In Tasks 3 and 4, the input will come from a file in simplified format: the file contains floating point temperature values, one number per line. The title of the file tells us the city and the year for which measurements are available.
IEMS 303: Statistics: Kumaraswamy distribution
The Kumaraswamy distribution is useful for modeling random outcomes on the interval (0,1), such as the fraction of borrowers who default on their loans.
ECE220: Computer Systems & Programming - Machine Problem 12: Dancing Turtles
Your task this week is to write a short program to animate a turtle. Towards this end, you must open and read commands from an input file, then execute the commands frame by frame to animate the turtle.
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 2: Multi-Agent Search
In this project, you will design agents for the classic version of Pacman, including ghosts. Along the way, you will implement both minimax and expectimax search and try your hand at evaluation function design.
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 1: Search
In this project, your Pacman agent will find paths through his maze world, both to reach a particular location and to collect food efficiently. You will build general search algorithms and apply them to Pacman scenarios.
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 3: Logic and Classical Planning
In this project, you will use/write simple Python functions that generate logical sentences describing Pacman physics, aka pacphysics. Then you will use a SAT solver, pycosat, to solve the logical inference tasks associated with planning (generating action sequences to reach goal locations and eat all the dots), localization (finding oneself in a map, given a local sensor model), mapping (building the map from scratch), and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 5: Machine Learning
In this project you will build a neural network to classify digits, and more!
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 4: Inference in Bayes Nets
In this project, you will implement inference algorithms for Bayes Nets, specifically variable elimination and value-of-perfect-information computations. These inference algorithms will allow you to reason about the existence of invisible pellets and ghosts.
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 6: Reinforcement Learning
In this project, you will implement value iteration and Q-learning. You will test your agents first on Gridworld (from class), then apply them to a simulated robot controller (Crawler) and Pacman.
Computer Skills and Sustainability: MATLAB Assignment: Matrix Operation
Create a vector v consisting of the elements in the third column of A. Create a vector w consisting of the elements in the second row of A.
CPT306 Principles of Computer Games Design - Assignment 1 - Creating a 2D Game
The player should be able to direct the Space Fighter by easily moving in the dark grey coloured Play Area (See Figure 1 above).
Computing and Numerical Methods 1 Part 2: Numerical Methods Coursework: Bessel functions
Bessel functions describe electric fields, mechanical vibrations, heat conduction, optical diffraction and other phenomena involving cylindrical or spherical symmetry, for example the displacement of vibrating circular membranes, such as pressure transducer sensing elements and drum skins, as well as temperature distributions in heated cylindrical objects, such as combustor temperature probes and hot dogs in boiling water
Assignment #05 Infrastructure as Code w/Terraform
In this assignment, you will update the Terraform template for the application stack to add the following resources
Assignment #04: Building Custom Application AMI using Packer
Use Amazon Linux 2 as your source image to create a custom AMI using Packer.
IPC144 - Introduction to Programming Using C - Workshop 8: Cheapest cat food product
In this workshop, you will code and execute a C language program that evaluates the cheapest cat food product based on a simple analysis.
Computer Graphics, Spring 2023 Assignment 3 Shape Shifters
Goal Expand PBRT’s functionality by implementing a new shape called ”DisplacementSphere”. Do this by extending PBRT’s sphere so that each point on the sphere is displaced along the normal at that point.
EECS116/CS122A Introduction to Data Management - Homework 7 - MySQL
In this homework, we are going to create a database and tables using MySQL, and import the data into tables.
CIVE50003 Computational Methods II - Coursework - Influence lines and bridge structures
You have been asked to investigate the statics of a truss bridge under the action of a moving train locomotive with the aid of influence lines.
Project: Gas station's inventory replenishment pattern
The datasets chronicle over a year’s fuel purchases (by the gas station owners) and sales at all city gas stations.
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks - Assignment: CPU Throughput, Markov Chain, Database
Assuming that you are the administrator of an interactive computer system. The computer system consists of a multi-core CPU and a disk. During an observation time of 1800 seconds, you obtained the following measurements from the system
COMP90054 AI Planning for Autonomy 2023 - Assignment 1 - Search
Implement the **Enforced Hill Climbing (EHC) algorithm** discussed in lectures, using Manhattan Distance as the heuristic, by inserting your code into the template indicated by comment
Assignment: Abstract Classes, Event Driven Applications and Exception Handling
A local travel agency, Traveless, has hired your company to implement a new flight reservation management system to improve its productivity and services.
Exercise: Code Profiling and Branch Prediction
A basic prefetch unit usually cycles simply incrementing its value (by an appropriate sized step). It is occasionally ‘interrupted’ by a branch which overwites its value.
Machine Learning Fundamentals Group Assessment: Feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, linear regression and regularised regressions
Why do we need to consider doing feature engineering? What is the logical order for the implementation of feature engineering? Using the Boston Housing dataset as an example, try to fit a KNN model with and without feature engineering and compare the differences
BUS 215F/FIN 215F Python and Applications to Business Analytics - Exercise 1. Foreign Exchange (FX) Arbitrage
The foreign exchange (FX) market, where one currency is traded (exchanged) for another, is the largest financial market in the world, with about 5 trillion US dollars (USD) being traded everyday.
COMPSCI4074 Text as Data - Coursework: Text Clustering and Classification on Reddit Datasets
The TaD coursework aims to assess your abilities relating to techniques discussed in the course. The objective is to assess your ability in text processing techniques, and applications to text classification.
COMP SCI 3317 Using Machine Learning Tools - Assignment 1: Predicting bike rental demand
In this assignment, you will apply some popular machine learning techniques to the problem of predicting bike rental demand. A data set has been provided containing records of bike rentals in Seoul
Computer Science 2211b Software Tools and Systems Programming - ASSIGNMENT 4: Input Search
The goal of the exercise is to implement a program to called ”input search.c”, to process and search input text.
Computer Science 350 Automata and Formal Languages Assignment 1: Automata
Automata and Formal Languages
BENG0091: Stochastic Calculus and Uncertainty Analysis - Coursework 1: Efficient frontier theory
Trading in the stock market is subject to significant and unavoidable risk. Hence, the key question that arises is how a risk-averse investor can construct a portfolio that yields the desired returns at the lowest possible risk.
COMP5046 Natural Language Processing - Assignment 1: Predict the length of a Wikipedia article
In this assignment, we will explore ways to predict the length of a Wikipedia article based on the first 100 tokens in the article.
Assignment 1: International Airlines - Traffic by city pairs
This dataset contains information about international flights to and from Australia in monthly intervals from January 1985 until September 2022.
COMM046 Multimedia Security and Digital Forensics Coursework Assignment 1: Multimedia Security
For this task you should use the LSB_watermark_embed and LSB_watermark_extract functions included in the Task_1 folder in your zip archive. These functions are simplified versions of the LSB_steg_embed and LSB_steg_extract functions that you have worked with in the labs
Lab 6 Manipulate and process the data - Data preprocessing, exploration, and analysis
The general objective of this lab 6 is to manipulate and process the data. It represents the step before exploiting machine learning algorithms for knowledge extraction or classification.
COMPSCI 351 : Fundamentals of Database Systems S1 C - Lab 02: MySQL DBMS
In this question, we use a programming interface to directly access the created databases of the MySQL DBMS.
STATS 326: Applied Time Series Analysis - Assignment 01: Kobe Bryant and Sunspots
The lakers data set (in the lubridate package) contains play-by-play statistics of each Los Angeles Lakers basketball game in the 2008-2009 regular season
Assignment No 2: Predicting Housing Prices with Polynomial Linear Regression
The purpose of this assignment is to use to estimate the housing price using polynomial linear regression
SHDH2044 Digital Visualisation in New Media - Assignment 1: White dots on big black dots
The basic requirement of the visual effect is to randomly position small white dots on top of big black dots. The black dots are placed next to each other within a window with size 300px x 300px and they form a 10 x 10 grid structure.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 4 - B+-Tree
In this assignment you are implementing a B+-tree index. The index should be backed up by a page file and pages of the index should be accessed through your buffer manager.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 3 - Record Manager
In this assignment you are creating a record manager. The record manager handles tables with a fixed schema. Clients can insert records, delete records, update records, and scan through the records in a table.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 2 - Buffer Manager
You should implement a buffer manager in this assignment. The buffer manager manages a fixed number of pages in memory that represent pages from a page file managed by the storage manager implemented in assignment 1.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 1 - Storage Manager
The goal of this assignment is to implement a simple storage manager - a module that is capable of reading blocks from a file on disk into memory and writing blocks from memory to a file on disk.
MEC104 Experimental, Computer Skills and Sustainability: MATLAB Assignment
A mass m is suspended by three cables attached at three points B, C, and D, as shown in Figure 1. Let T1, T2, and T3 be the tensions in the three cables AB, AC, and AD, respectively. If the mass m is stationary, the sum of the tension components in the x, in the y, and in the z directions must each be zero.
90-803 Machine Learning Foundations with Python - Mid Term Part 1: Prediction
Join all 6 datasets into a single dataset and print its output to a file called `WH_2015_2020.csv`. You will work with this file moving forward
90-803 Machine Learning Foundations with Python - Mid Term Part 2: Classification
Draw at least two plots that will give you insight into your data and your next steps (this can be a correlation matrix, the distribution of a particular variable, or a density plot, among others). Include an explanation of why these plots are relevant and how they will help you with your models
MA1MPRNU: Mathematical Programming Assignment 1: Ideal gas la, the van der Waals equatio, The Fourier series
The Fourier series is a series representation of a periodic function in terms of sines and cosines.
CMPUT 201 Practical Programming Methodology - Assignment 2: Rabin-Karp algorithm
Bob and Alice are competitive word-search puzzle solvers. However, even to the best of Bob's abilities, he was never able to find words in the puzzles faster than Alice. As Bob's friend and amazing programmer, you have decided to help him out by creating a solver for word-search puzzles
Fundamentals of Data Science Assignment 1: Predictive modeling based on decision trees
In this assignment, you will implement a predictive modeling approach based on the decision tree.
COMP6741: Algorithms for Intractable Problems - Assignment 2: Nonblocker
This assignment is an individual assignment. For the solutions to this assignment, you may rely on all theorems, lemmas, and results from the lecture notes.
CSE 450 Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Assignment 4 Dynamic Programming
This assignment should be completed in groups of two. As stated in the course syllabus, “students are encouraged to discuss homework problems with others, but each group is expected to turn in the results of their own effort, not that of another group’s.
BSDS3002 Social Computing Methods and Applications - L6 - Hands-on Network Analysis Practice
When we construct networks using real data, it is common to import the edge info and node info from a csv or excel file using pandas. We introduced the nx.from_pandas_edgelist() function for constructing an undirected and unweighted network.
AS3 - Julia and Mandelbrot sets in MIPS
The term fractal was introduced by French mathematician Benoˆıt Mandelbrot in the mid-1970s to refer to strange and beautiful mathematical sets that have similar structures at all scales. In this assignment you will draw images of fractals using a memory mapped display within MARS.
COMP 322 Introduction to C++ - Assignment 2: Exploring Dynamic Memory Management
We saw in assignment 1 some ways of creating a diff tool to check whether 2 files have the same content. In this assignment we will push the development a bit further in order to create a git-like system.
Math 10 Introduction to Programming for Data Science - Final Project: Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning
The submission should be a well-organized report (with well-structured sections, high-quality figures and necessary descriptions as markdown in the notebook file, with all code blocks already executed
Bonus Project: Viterhi Decoding Algorithm
In this project, students are required to design a program to perform Viterbi decoding algorithm to decode the convolutional code
Introduction to Programming - Assignment: Connect Four 4-in-a-row
The game Connect Four (also known as Four up, Four in a Row, and Connect 4) allows TWO (2) users to each put game pieces in space in a grid.
COMP8410 Data Mining - Essay on the ethics and social impact of a data mining project
You are to write a well-researched essay that critically evaluates the ethics and social impact of a data mining project.
DTS205TC High Performance Computing - Lab 2 Networks and Lab 3 Monte Carlo to calculate π.
Chatting is a usual web application. We simulate two chatters, A and B, with program(s). Among them, A reads the user input and sends it to B; B reverses the message and converts it to uppercase, and prints it to the screen.
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