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FIT2104 - Web database interface - Assignment 2: Web-database Application for School Courses and Students
The expectation of this assignment is to develop a web-database application for Dane that will enable the administration of courses and students.
CPEN 221 Principles of Software Construction - Mini Project: n-grams, Autocompletion, and Gender Bias
In this mini-project you will learn a bit about both of these ideas, and you will get to explore some methods for sentiment analysis.
ECE 4424 / CS 4824 - Machine learning - Problem Set 2: Maximum likelihood estimation, Gaussian discriminant analysis and Linear Regression
Complete the codes that generate the three visualization graphs that show the trend of the epidemic progression (”People tested”, ”Deaths”, and ”New positive cases”).
Assignment 3: Deduplication
Your task is to find the articles with no title, and repopulate any missing fields needed for the deduplication strategy using the url information.
Practical Assignment 5: Hack Assembly - Add, Substract, Multiply and Assembler
Write Assembly programs to complete the tasks described below and an Assembler to convert those programs to Machine code.
CS-537: Introduction to Operating Systems - Project 2a: Shell
There is a special built-in command called if you need to add, which we describe below. The if-statement
CS 1027 Computer Science Fundamentals II - Assignment 1: Bingo Simulator
For this assignment, you must implement two Java classes: BingoCard and BingoSim.
COMPSYS 705 Formal Methods For Engineers - Assigment 2: LTL and SMT Solver
Model Petersons mutual exclusion algorithm as described below in Promela. The basic idea behind Peterson’s n-process mutual exclusion algorithm is that each process passes through n−1 stages before entering the critical section
Assignment: Tile Puzzle, Grid Navigation, Linear Disk Movement and Dominoes Game
In this assignment, you will explore a number of games and puzzles from the perspectives of informed and adversarial search.
IEMS 303: Statistics: Kumaraswamy distribution
The Kumaraswamy distribution is useful for modeling random outcomes on the interval (0,1), such as the fraction of borrowers who default on their loans.
ECMT2130: Financial Econometrics - Assignment 1: Portfolio optimisation
Use the most recent value of the simple monthly risk-free rate of return as the “current risk-free rate of return” when analysing the following portfolio optimisation problems.
[2022] UOW - CSIT121 Object Oriented Design and Programming - Final Exam - Q4 Shift Cipher Program
This question is part of the CSIT121 Object Oriented Design and Programming 2022 Final Exam, University of Wollongong (UOW)
Assignment: Framing, checksums and headers
Your task in this assignment is to decode a bit stream, extract any frames, check for their integrity, and extract the payload of the intact frames. We will index the first bit in the bit stream with 0, the second bit with 1, and so on.
Capstone Project - Firecrest Systems Ltd
Firecrest Systems also have a growing Point of Care Health department. One of our main modules, used in pharmacies across New Zealand, is the CPAMS programme. This programme is based on using INR Online, an award-winning web-based platform, to manage the treatment of patients on warfarin in pharmacies.
COMP9032 Microprocessors and Interfacing - Lab 1 - AVR Assembly: Square Root Calculator
Write an assembly program to calculate the square root of a one-byte positive number. The result is rounded to integer directly, e.g 7.6 is rounded to 7.
CSCI 420 Computer Graphics Assignment 1: Height Fields
This assignment is intended as a hands-on introduction to OpenGL and programming in three dimensions.
COMS 4701 Artificial Intelligence Homework 1: Coding - Search
In this assignment you will create an agent to solve the N-puzzle game. You will implement and compare several search algorithms, and collect some statistics related to their performances.
159.235 Programming for Computer Graphics - Assignment 3 - A 3D Graphics Scene
This assignment covers the concepts of coordinate transformations (in homogeneous coordinates), ray tracing, illumination, shading, and texture mapping. The necessary theory is discussed in the lectures together with programming tips.
CS4410 Computer Graphics - Homework 2 - Visualizes random polygons
Write a WebGL program that creates and visualizes random polygons (n-gons). Name your source code hw2.html and hw2.js.
MAED 5211 Classical and Modern Geometry - Homework 1: Incidence Geometry and Projective Geometry
Construct a model of incidence geometry containing 5 points, which is not affine, not hyperbolic, and not elliptic.
159.302 Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 2: Fuzzy Controller for the Inverted Pendulum Problem
Your task is mainly to design and implement a fuzzy controller (Zero-order Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System) for balancing an inverted pendulum system.
ACT 610 Mathematical Statistics - Homework 1: Probability and Distribution
Identify the following experimental designs. Are they (i) categorical, (ii) two-sample, (iii) k-sample, (iv) paired, or (v) randomized block
COMP7103 Data Mining - Assignment 1: Data Processing, Metric Axioms, Classification and Weka
Build a decision tree using entropy as the impurity measure and the pre-pruning criteria is the information gain < 0.1. Show your steps.
COMP5216 Mobile Computing 2022S2 - Assignment 2 – Develop a media recording app
In this assignment, you are required to write an app that enables the user to take a video or photo and then upload it to Google’s Firebase cloud server for backup.
STATS 240: Design and Analysis of Surveys and Experiments - Assignment 4: ANOVA
An experiment was conducted to compare the effectiveness of five different diet preparations on weight gain. A random sample of 50 males was randomly divided into five equal groups, with preparation A assigned to the first group
CS 430 – Spring 2021 Introduction to Algorithms - Homework 6 - Graph Algorithms
Give an example of a weighted directed graph G with negative-weight edges, but no negative-weight cycle, such that Dijkstra’s algorithm incorrectly computes the shortest-path distances from some start vertex v.
CS 430 – Fall 2022 Introduction to Algorithms - Homework 2 - Max Heap
A student claims that a preorder traversal of a max-heap will list out its keys in sorted order. Draw a small example of a max-heap that proves him wrong.
1004GRC - Computing and Programming - Project 2 - Build Brothers and Build Sisters
A civil engineering company called Build Brothers has approached you to write a program to help some of their employees with getting their job quicker specially when it comes to calculating different equations in their construction projects.
Statistics 5350/7110 Forecasting Methods for Management - Assignment 1: Additive Decomposition Model, Multiplicative Decomposition Model and Residual Analysis
Fit an additive decomposition model to Quits. Include a polynomial trend, a seasonal component using the fMonth variable, and trigonometric variables to investigate calendar structure.
CSCI968 Advanced Network Security Summer 2022 - Assignment1: Remote Login Protocol
CSCI 968 Advanced Network Security Summer 2022. Write (Java or C/C++) UDP programs to implement a remote login protocol. For simplicity, let us call the programs “Host” and “Client”, which are executed by Alice and Bob, respectively.
COMP0143: Cryptocurrencies Coursework 2: Bitcoin Blockchain and Stablecoin
Consider an m-ary Merkle tree, i.e., a hash tree where every internal node has up to m ≥ 2 children, over a set of elements S = {t1, . . . , tn}. The hash value for any of these internal nodes is computed as the hash of the concatenation of all of its children.
COMP9121: Design of Networks and Distributed Systems - Assignment 1: CRC, ALOHA, CSMA and Routing
Suppose nodes A, B, C, D, and E are competing to have access to a shared channel using slotted ALOHA. Each node attempts to transmit in each slot with probability p independently.
CS271: Data Structures - Project 2: Priority Queues - Minqueue
Implement a MinQueue priority queue template class using heaps. Your class should have (at a minimum) the following two constructors
Stat155 Game Theory - 2022 Fall - Homework 3: Algorithmic Mechanism Design and Revenue Maximizing
Continuing the previous exercise, restrict now to feasible sets X that contain only 0-1 vectors—that is, each bidder either wins or loses. We can identify each feasible outcome with a “feasible set” of bidders (the winners).
Economics 经济学
CourseNana provides programming help and exam help for Economics (经济学)。
MAST30022 Decision Making - Assignment 3: Pareto order
For the Pareto order on A, use the Boolean matrix representation to find the Pareto-maximal and Pareto-minimal element sets Pmax(A) and Pmin(A), and the Pareto greatest and least elements (if any) of A.
EEE30004 Digital Signal Processing - Lab: Spectrograms of AM and FM Signals
The objective of this lab is to introduce more complicated signals that are related to the basic sinusoid. These signals which implement frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM) are widely used in communication systems such as radio and television.
EECS 4070 Project: Web User Interface for Question Generation Systems
The main objective of the project is to provide a web interface for the machine learning techniques automatically generating questions from the text.
Machine Learning Homework 1: Math Foundations for ML
The is the coding potion of Homework 1. The homework is aimed at testing the ability to code up mathematical operations using Python and the numpylibrary.
Computer Network Course Practice: Building a Multi-Threaded Web Server
This project is designed to give you some practice writing client-server socket programs and writing multithreaded programs, as well as familiarizing you with the HTTP protocol.
NIT2113 Cloud Application Development Semester 2 2022 - Assignment 1: Cloud-based App for Online laptop computer retailer (Design)
This assignment is the first part of the development of an app for online laptop computer retailer. You will use Salesforce for the design and implementation of the app.
COMP9517: Computer Vision 2022 Term 3 - Assignment: Image Background Substraction
This assignment is to familiarise you with basic image processing methods. It also introduces you to common image processing and analysis tasks using OpenCV.
EE555 Broadband Network Architectures - Project: Queues
You have a cyclic system with a web server serving N clients (N is an input parameter). Each client can be in two states. In the first state, the client is “preparing a request for service”.
EE 5410 Signal Processing MATLAB Exercise 1: Telephone Touch-Tone Signal Encoding and Decoding
Telephone touch-tone pads generate dual tone multiple frequency (DTMF) signals to dial a telephone. When any key is pressed, the sinusoids of the corresponding row and column frequencies
INFS3208 Cloud Computing - Assignment Task III: Spark RDD
This assignment is to test your ability to use transformation and action operations in Spark RDD programming.
IOE 512: Dynamic Programming - Homework 1: Dijkstra’s algorithm
Implement both the DP algorithm in Question 1 and the Dijkstra’s algorithm in Question 2 using a programming language of your choice
Econ 104 Advanced Microeconomic Theory - Assignment 1: Choice Theory
The Associated Press constructs a weekly national ranking of the 25 best College Football Teams. This ranking is constructed by a survey completed by a “panel of 63 sports writers and broad- casters from around the country”, where each person submits their own ranking
COMP5008 Data Structures and Algorithms - Assignment: keyMeUp
This assignment requires the extension of your graph code, or other approach(es), to determine the optimal series of moves to enter a string into a virtual keyboard.
CS440 Programming Languages, Fall 2022 - Machine Problems 1: Basics and Recursion
In this first machine problem you will be implementing a number of different Racket functions that make use of recursion (tail and non-tail), manipulate lists, and perform pattern matching.
CSE 382 Mobile App Development - Project #2 - Mobile Application: USTaxes
You will create a mobile app, USTaxes, using Xamarin that executes queries regarding tax returns filed in the US.
Stat155 Game Theory - Homework 2: Auction, Allocation and Payment Rules
Suppose a subset S of the bidders in a second-price single-item auction decide to collude, meaning that they submit their bids in a coordinated way to maximize the sum of their utilities.
CS440 Programming Languages - Machine Problems 3: Continuation Passing Style and Multitasking API
In this machine problem you will practice writing some functions in continuation passing style (CPS), and implement a simple lightweight multitasking API using first-class continuations (call/cc).
CS440 Programming Languages - Machine Problems 2: Interpreter
In this machine problem you will be updating the interpreter we started building in class in order to implement a number of new language constructs.
CS440 Programming Languages - Machine Problems 1: Recursion, Higher Order Functions and Meta-Circular Evaluator
lookup: treats a list of pairs as a lookup structure (aka "associative list"); when given a key and a list, it finds the pair whose car matches the key (using equal?) and returns the associated cdr.
CS440 Programming Languages - Midterm Exam - Part 3: Interpreter modifications
The TEST-EXPR is first evaluated, and its result is compared to the various INT-VALs --- if one matches, the corresponding EXPR is evaluated and becomes the result of the case expressions.
CS440 Programming Languages - Midterm Exam - Part 2: Higher order functions
until: takes a predicate pred, a function fn, and a starting value x, and returns the list of values (x, (fn x), (fn (fn x)), ...), terminating on the first value which satisfies pred.
CS440 Programming Languages - Midterm Exam - Part 1: Recursion and lists
wordle takes two strings -- a solution and guess (a la Wordle) -- and returns a list of clues that indicate which characters in the guess are in the correct spot
MIPS assembly: C code translation
You are to write a complete program in MIPS assembly language that implements the appended C program.
COMP2022/2922: Models of Computation - Assignment 2: Automation
Your task is to write code that takes an automaton N and a sequence of implicit strings from stdin, and outputs whether N accepts each of the strings to stdout.
Algorithm Design and Analysis - Assignment 1: Task Thread Pool
The purpose of this group assignment is to develop and demonstrate classes that provide pools of threads that can be reused to perform different tasks.
INFO1112 Computing 1B OS and Network Platforms - Assignment 2: Simple Nautilus
You are going to be writing an interactive application in Python that allows the user to send commands to a file management application and receive outputs. The application largely mocks common Unix commands such as ls , cd , pwd , and so on.
SWEN20003 Object Oriented Software Development - Project 2 - Shadow Dimension: Role-playing Game (Second Part)
Welcome to the first project for SWEN20003, Semester 2, 2022. Across Project 1 and 2, you will design and create a fantasy role-playing game in Java called ShadowDimension (inspired by Stranger Things). In this project, you will create the first level of the full game that you will complete in Project 2B.
SWEN20003 Object Oriented Software Development Project 1, 2022 - Shadow Dimension: Role-playing Game (First Part)
Welcome to the first project for SWEN20003, Semester 2, 2022. Across Project 1 and 2, you will design and create a fantasy role-playing game in Java called ShadowDimension (inspired by Stranger Things). In this project, you will create the first level of the full game that you will complete in Project 2B.
CSCI 576 Multimedia Systems Design - Assignment 1: Pipeline, Quantization and Subsampling
This assignment will help you gain a practical understanding of Quantization and Subsampling to analyze how it affects visual media types like images and video.
Homework 1 Data Structures and Algorithms with Python - Wind Chill, Date Conversion
In this assignment, you will practice your skills in working with the basic elements of Python, including variables, types, conditionals, and functions
CSSE1001/CSSE7030 Introduction to Software Engineering - Assignment 2: Garden Gnome
In Assignment 2, you will create an extensible object-oriented implementation of Garden Gnome which employs a text-based interface.
ETH Zu ̈rich Algorithmic Game Theory - Exercise Set 3: Nash equilibria and Congestion Game
In this exercise, we adapt the definition of Price of Anarchy for cost-minimization games, to games with positive utilities in the natural way.
INFR11020 Algorithmic Game Theory and Applications - Homework 2: Network Congestion Game, Pareto Optimal and VCG Mechanism
Recall that a Nash equilibrium in an extensive game is subgame perfect nash equilibrium (SPNE) if it is also a Nash equilibrium in every subgame of the original game
INFR11020 Algorithmic Game Theory and Applications - Homework 1: Nash equilibrium and Farkas Lemma
One variant of the Farkas Lemma says the following: Farkas Lemma A linear system of inequalities Ax ≤ b has a solution x if and only if there is no vector y satisfying y ≥ 0 and yT A = 0 (i.e., 0 in every coordinate) and such that yT b < 0.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 8: EPIC Auctions
This problem concerns Japanese auctions, a variant of the classic English auction that poses demand queries rather than value queries, and that forbids bidders from re-entering after exiting (i.e., skipping even one round of bidding in) the auction.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 7: Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Mechanism
Consider a single-good auction, and assume bidders’ values are drawn i.i.d. from a regular distribution F. Prove that the expected revenue of the Vickrey auction (second-price without a reserve) with n bidders,
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 6: Approximation Mechanisms
Recall the game that motivated the Prophet Inequality: Assume n independent random variables π with non-negative, continuous distributions Gi. The distributions Gi are known in advance, but the “prize” πi is not revealed until period i.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 5: Posted-Price Mechanisms
Bids are collected. A reserve price is chosen by removing an arbitrary bidder j from the auction, and setting the reserve price to be j’s bid. The auctioneer then allocates the good to the bidder with the highest bid iff their bid is at least this reserve, and charges the winner, if any, the greater of the second-highest bid and the reserve price.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 3: Myerson’s Lemma - Welfare Maximization
The key difference between optimization and mechanism design problems is that in mechanism design problems the constants (e.g., vi and wi) are not assumed to be known to the center / optimizer; on the contrary, they must be elicted, after which the optimization problem can then be solved as usual.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 4: Myerson’s Theorem - Revenue Maximization
Recall the Bayesian (i.e., interim) formulation of the auction design problem from Homework 4. Since the interim constraints are weaker than the ex-post constraints presented in lecture, you might imagine that the welfare achieved by the welfare-maximizing auction in the interim case exceeds that of the ex-post case
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 2: Introduction to Auctions
Alice and Bob devise a plan to steal the jade monkey before the next full moon. They realize that it’s in a glove compartment, and decide to use a 3d-printed key to break in. However, Alice forgets to bring the key, so the pair gets caught and put into jail.
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 1: Nash equilibrium
In the game rock-paper-scissors, two players simultaneously se- lect one of three possible actions: rock, paper, or scissors. You might recall from your childhood, or The Simpsons, that rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock
Economics 482 Game Theory and Economics - Problem Set 3 : Nash equilibrium Pure Strategies
There is a town with 99 residents. The residents must decide individually and simultaneously whether to spend time lobbying the local government for better trash collection.
Economics 482 Game Theory and Economics - Problem Set 4 : Nash equilibrium
Consider the following Bertrand game between two firms, firm 1 and firm 2. As in the standard Bertrand game, each firm’s action is a choice of price (that is, some nonnegative real number).
Economics 482 Game Theory and Economics - Problem Set 1 : Rock-Paper-Scissors and Dominant Strategy
The game Rock-Paper-Scissors is popular in several countries around the world (some- times under a different name). It is a game for two players, in which the players take single actions simultaneously. Thus
COMP6207 Algorithmic Game Theory - Coursework 3: Gale-Shaply Algorithm and Stable Matching Problem
Suppose the preferences of men and women are given by the following tables, in which 1 is their most preferred partner and 5 is their least preferred partner. Find a stable matching using the Gale-Shapley algorithm with men making proposals.
SOEN490 Capstone Software Engineering Design Project: Budget Lens
After a terse two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is inevitable that inadvertent disruptions have been introduced to the way many businesses operate.
COMP3506/7505 Algorithms & Data Structures - Project: Hospital Appointment System
In this question, you need to implement an appointment system for three different hospitals, that would allow patients to book appointments according to their desired time.
Stat155 Game Theory - Homework 1: Incentive Problems, Nash equilibrium and Auctions
Suppose there are k identical copies of an item and n > k bidders. Suppose also that each bidder can receive at most one item. What is the analog of the second-price auction? Prove that your auction is DSIC.
COMPSCI 2000 Computer Systems - Practical Assignment 6: Hack Assembly
Write a program to translate Jack VM code to Hack Assembly. Doing soshould help you to: Understand how a stack-machine is implemented at a low level, and Understand how variable scopes work at a low level.
CS109A Introduction to Data Science - Homework 2: kNN and Linear Regression
This assignment is the first in which we&#039;ll go through the process of loading a dataset, splitting it into train and test sets, performing some preprocessing, and finally fitting some models and evaluating our results.
CS109A Introduction to Data Science - Homework 1: Web Scraping, Data Parsing, and EDA
This assignment is the first in which we&#039;ll go through the process of loading a dataset, splitting it into train and test sets, performing some preprocessing, and finally fitting some models and evaluating our results.
CS109A Introduction to Data Science - Homework 0 - Part 2: Python Poetry Challenge
To assess your level of Python preparedness, you&#039;ll be creating a random poem generator from a collection of Emily Dickinson poems made available through Project Gutemberg.
INFS7410 Information Retrieval and Web Search - Project Part 1 - Web Passage Ranking
In this project we will consider the problem of open-domain passage ranking in answer to web queries. In this context, users pose queries to the search engine and expect answers in the form of a ranked list of passages (maximum 1000 passages to be retrieved).
HDAG Interview Take Home Assignment - Data Analytics
This take-home assignment is meant to evaluate your background and fit for a role within HDAG.
EEET 5012 - Renewable and Distributed Power Generation - Practical 2 – Annual Energy Cost of a Grid-Connected Residential Home
The aim of this practical is to determine the energy/electricity cost of a residential household with and without Photovoltaic systems using Excel/MATLAB coding.
CS4410 Computer Graphics - Homework 1 - Visualizes a random triangle
Write a WebGL program that creates and visualizes a random triangle. Name your source code hw1.html and hw1.js.
CITS1401 Computational Thinking with Python - Project: Facial Recognition
Your task is to help the researchers in analysing eight geodesic (surface) and eight 3D Euclidian distances between a few facial landmarks across four expressions 'Neutral', 'Angry', 'Disgust', 'Happy'.
CITS1401 Computational Thinking with Python Project 2 Semester 1 2022 - Facial Landmarks
In this project, you are required to write a computer program that can read the data from a CSV (comma separated values) file provided to you. The file contains the 3D coordinates in X, Y and Z axes for the 15 facial landmarks mentioned in Table 1 for each adult.
CS 2506 Computer Organization II - C02: Parsing MIPS32 Assembly Instructions
For this assignment, you will implement a C function that parses a restricted subset of MIPS assembly instructions and prints out information relevant to translating those instructions into machine code.
CS 2506 Computer Organization II DL01: A Simple Combinational Circuit
For this project, you will be using Logisim 2.7.1 to create a simple combinational circuit that plays a simple matching game. The circuit requires nothing but basic logic gates, input and output pins, wires, and two LED units.
Card Game: 21 Blackjack
This is a simplified version of a common card game, "21". Blackjack is a better-known variant.In this game, the dealer deals two "cards" to each player in the very first round, one hidden, so that only the player who gets it knows what it is, and one face up, so that everyone can see it.
INFO20003 Database Systems - Assignment 2: SQL - Melbourne Touch Rugby Database
The Melbourne Touch Rugby competition is a 6-player-a-side competition for men’s, women’s and mixed teams (a mixed team has a minimum of 3 women and maximum of 3 men on the field at any time).
FBKG-301001 Project: Correlation and Portfolio Design
We have learnt some knowledge of portfolio in week4. However, we choose the stocks randomly, which can make systematic risk higher because of the correlation between some stocks.
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