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COMP3477 Algorithmic Game theory - Summative Assignment: Nash Equilibrium, Strategies and Payoffs
Exercise 1. A set Nof|N|=nneighbours decide simultaneously and independently from each other, on hand whether to build an extension to their home without getting proper planning permission, and on the other hand which of their neighbours to notify the local authority’s planning department about
CT60A9600 Discrete Models and Methods 2: Functional Programming: Renewable Energy Plant System
Implementation of a Renewable Energy Plant System based on the provided requirements. 1. A code base on GitHub. (20 pt.)
ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems - Assignment 3: Optical Communication System Design
This problem is concerned with the design of an optical communication system to meet specified system requirements for a terrestrial link.
MUIC Homework 2 System Skill: Vertical Histogram, ToInt, Entab/Detab Utility, Game of life and Unscramble
This assignment will give you practice on basic C programming. You will implement a few C programs, test them thoroughly, and hand them in. To work on Tasks 4 and 5, you will need a few starter files.
COMPSCI 210: Computer Organisation - C Programming Assignment: 2D Convolution
Convolution is the most fundamental concept in signal processing and analysis. By using convolution, we can construct the output of the system for any arbitrary input signal, if we know the impulse response of the system.
CMP4269 Network Fundamentals - Task 2 Assessment: Build and Configure Small Network Topology
You are required to build and configure the devices in a small network as shown in the above topology. You must configure a router, switch and PCs to support both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.
The input to the system is r(t) = u(t). Answer all the questions below and only submit the answer sheet for assessment. a) Derive the transfer function for the system. b) Derive a Routh table and calculate for which values of K the system will be stable?
ISCG6421 GUI Programming - Assignment 2: Breakout
The assignment is intended to help you gain experience with designing and building C# Windows applications and testing them with requirements -based testing .
COMP SCI 3007 Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 3: Robot Localisation (UG and PG)
In a typical robot localization scenario, a map of the environment is available and the robot is equipped with sensors that observe the environment as well as monitor its own motion
DEE3519 EDA Algorithms and Implementation - Assignment #4: SAT-Based Path-Delay-Fault ATPG
In this assignment, you are asked to write a C++ program to perform Circuit -SAT based ATPG, and generate the test patterns for path-delay-faults.
Project Two: My Image Processor
The goal of this project is to help you practice basic C++ programming and in particular: program arguments, I/O stream, array manipulations, and function pointers
IN3329 Software Testing Assignment 1: Design testing strategies and write unit tests
Design testing strategies and write unit tests for the following methods
EEEN3018J Numerical methods/optimization - Assignment 1: Linear Programs and Line Search Algorithms in Matlab
Matlab provides a function to solve Linear Programs. Linear programs must first be formulated correctly, then programmed using the linprog functionality. Use the matlab help function or any other resources to understand the linprog synax and use.
FIT9136 - Algorithms and programming foundations in Python - Assignment 3: E-commerce Information Management System
This assignment is an Individual task where you will write Python code for a simple application whereby you will be developing a simple e-commerce information management system as per the specification.
Math 130 College Algebra - Final Exam
Math 130 College Algebra - Final Exam
Assignment: Classes and Inheritance - Appliances Management System
A local company, Modern Appliances, has hired you to implement a system to manage their appliance data more efficiently. They want a system that allows both employees and customers to find, list and purchase appliances.
Numerical Methods for Financial Mathematics - Numerical Methods Exercises: Monte-Carlo Control Variate
In this exercise you should implement a Monte-Carlo control variate to improve the convergence of the Monte-Carlo integration by reducing the variance. A control variate is (usually) product and model dependent. This is a clear disadvantage of the method. Nevertheless, it can achieve impressive improvements.
351/751 Database Systems Lab 05: THE RELATIONAL ALGEBRA
Specify the following queries on the COMPANY relational database schema and its data state shown below in the form of relational algebra expressions (i.e. using relational algebra operations, such as ‘ σ’, ‘π’, ‘ρ’, set operations, ‘X’, ‘ ⋈’, ‘*’, ‘ℑ’ of aggregate functions, etc.).
ICT162 Object Oriented Programming - Assignment: SAMI Hotel
After more than three years of living with heightened health alerts through the national disease response system, Singapore started major easing of COVID 19 rules from Apr 26, 2022. Since then, the recovery of tourism is accelerating faster than expected, partly due to China’s reopening as well as many countries’ borders opening up.
Computer Systems Architecture - Laboratory Exercise - Cache controller simulator
In this laboratory exercise you will write a C program to simulate the operation of a direct mapped cache controller on an embedded system.
Introduction to Computer Systems - Bitwise Boolean Arithmetic Operators
In class and in Data Lab, you will learn and interact a lot with the bitwise Boolean arithmetic operators provided by C, & | ^ ~, as well as some useful tools for manipulating Boolean formulas, such as De Morgan’s Laws.
Assignment No 2: Predicting Housing Prices with Polynomial Linear Regression
The purpose of this assignment is to use to estimate the housing price using polynomial linear regression
Economic and Statistical Software: Introduction to R
Explain why endogeneity is rarely considered in the machine learning forecasting exercises. Describe your understanding of endogeneity first, then use one machine learning algorithm that you are familiar with as an example.
MATH20621 Programming with Python - Mini test 2
This mini test consists of three Python functions to be written, one for each problem. The task is to prepare a Python script using the below code template and complete the functions with the appropriate code.
[2018] COMPSCI 711 Parallel and Distributed Computing - Caching
THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND. COMPSCI 711 Parallel and Distributed Computing - 2018 Exam
[2018] COMPSCI 711 Parallel and Distributed Computing - Multicast
THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND. COMPSCI 711 Parallel and Distributed Computing - 2018 Exam
ECS 132 Probability and Statistical Modeling for Computer Science - Project: A Project on Covert Timing Channels
The goal of this project is to learn about how to design, detect, and implement a covert timing channel using a stream of packets generated by an application
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 2: Expressions, States Satisfaction, State Updates
Let b be a two-dimensional array. Is the expression b[ 0 ] + b[ 2 ] [ 3 ] legal or illegal according to the syntax we're using. If illegal, why? If legal, what is the type of the resulting expression?
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 6: Substitution // Forward Assignment, sp
For Problems 1 – 4, Let p ≡ x – y < f ( a ) ∨ ∀ x . x ≥ a * y → ∃ y . f ( x – y ) > a + y * z and calculate the sub- stitutions below. Show some detail if you want partial credit for a wrong answer. Just do the syn- tactic calculations. Don't do any arithmetic or logical simplifications.
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 4: Sequential Nondeterminism // Hoare Triples 1 & 2
First, let's work on what what a typical loop iteration does over an arbitrary state σ={x=β,y=δ}. Assume β≥2 and calculate the two states we can be in after a single iter- ationoftheloop. I.e.,whataretheτ where〈DO,σ〉→3〈DO,τ〉?
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 1: Propositional & Predicate Logic
Perform various syntactic operations and checks on propositions and predicates. Describe the difference between syntactic and semantic equivalence.
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 3: Syntax, Operational Semantics, Denotational Semantics, Runtime Errors
Translate the program below into our programming language. a. m=x=0;y=1;while(m++<n){y=++x;y*=x;};m=m*m b. m=n;p=y=1;while(––m<n){p=p*(y++);}
ENGR 131: Elementary Computer Programming - Lab Exercise #7: Dishwashers
Dishwashers are common machines in many households. These appliances control the flow of water, energy (heat) and mechanical operation of their washing mechanism without us thinking about them too often.
EE5101/ME5401 Linear Systems Mini-project: Control of a Stationary Self-Balancing Two-wheeled Vehicle
We all had a tough time when learning to ride a bicycle when we are a teenager. It usually takes months to master that skill after crashing into walls for hundreds of times.
CSCI 1110 Assignment 2: Car Rental with Refill and Trip Comparison
The purpose of this assignment is to reinforce your understanding of object-based programming and to problem-solve using objects, classes, and nested loops.
MATH40082 Computational Finance Assignment No. 1: Monte Carlo Methods
The trader has calibrated a specialised risk neutral process for some underlying stock price. Given the current stock is S0, market prices indicate the risk-neutral distribution of the stock price at time t is given by
CS 4163/6523: Introduction to Database Systems - Project 1: Using SQL to create, populate, and query a database
You will use a MySQL DBMS, installed on our university server, to create, populate and query a relational database.
Lab 6: TextImprover, Student, Product and ProductDB, BankAccount and Bank
There are some words that people tend to overuse when writing documents, such as "amazing," "literally," "actually," "absolutely," etc. For this problem, you will implement a class that searches for overused words and replaces them with better choices.
COMP1036 Computer Fundamentals - Coursework 1: Custom ALU
Previous exercises have used combinatorial logic to construct many of the various logic circuits that form the basis of a computer. In this exercise, we will put some of these circuits together to build an enhanced 16-bit ALU chip, with the capacity to perform more arithmetic operations and detect overflows
Evaluative Assignment: 098 Correlation Matrix
For this assignment, you will write the first step toward your final evaluative assignment. Ultimately, you will write a program that, given a universe of assets, creates the optimal portfolios by calculating the efficient frontier, as described in your portfolio theory module.
COMP 248 Object-Oriented Programming I - Assignment 3: 3D-Space Encryption-Decryption Program
The purpose of this assignment involves designing and implementing iterations/loops as well as handling 1D and 2D arrays.
CS 415 Compilers - Project 2: A Simple Compiler Front-End
Using flex and bison, you are to write a parser and code generator for our sample language
CS 415 Compilers - Project 3: Local Dead Code Elimination
You are asked to implement local (basic block) dead code elimination pass for ILOC programs
CS110 Computer Architecture - homework 2: Programming in C & GNU toolchains
In this homework, you will build a C/C++ program that simulates a file explorer
CS110 Computer Architecture - Project 1: Make a Toy Venus - A RISC-V Assembler
In Project 1, you will make a simple toy Venus, consisting of both assembler and emulator. If you are not yet familiar with Venus, try it out now. At the end of this project, you will understand the C programming language and the underlying execution of RISC-V assembly.
COMP9900 Information Technology Project - Project 5 Car Space Renting System
There is, in average, only one parking space for every six drivers in our urban cities. Consequently, finding parking is just about impossible. Yet there is so much unused space for the most part of the day that is hidden, locked away and private
SDSC2005 - Introduction to Computational Social Science - Exercise 4. Time Series Analysis for Predictive Research
Identify the following intraday cycles of HSI Price to answer the question that when is the best time of the day to buy (i.e., at the lowest price) and sell (the highest price) stocks on average in HK stock market
ECON6087 - Assignment 1: A Million News Headlines
For assignment 1, we will use a new corpus, “A Million News Headlines” Corpus, cov- ering all the news headlines published on the Australian news source ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, http://www.abc.net.au) over a period of 19 years.
Homework 8, ECE 590 &amp; CS320 Towards more Reliable Software: ARB, NAM, or BOH
Learn and apply R to carry out Laplace Trend Test and SRGMs model fitting on the given dataset (data1.csv, data2.csv separately) and record the results as well as the source code in one document
EE5576: Wireless Communication Systems: Homework Assignment 3: QPSK System
Consider a QPSK system with symbol duration Ts = 2 ns and carrier frequency fc = 1 GHz. The transmitter uses the in-phase, I, and the quadrature, Q, components to generate the corresponding symbols, where I = 1, −1 and Q = 1, −1.
CSCI 4174/CSCI 6708 Network Security: Assignment NO. 4 - Playfair substitution cipher and Matrix transposition cipher
Write a program to simulate Playfair substitution cipher
COMP2017 Systems Programming - Assignment 1: Game Controller Gomoku
In this assignment, we will develop a game controller that accommodates a two-player board game called Gomoku1 in the Mist.
CE323/CE860 Advanced Embedded Systems Design - Assignment: Home Alarm System
This assignment is to design a home alarm system based on the mbed NXP LPC1768 development board.
MATH96007 Methods for Data Science - Coursework 2 – Neural networks and unsupervised learning
The goal of this coursework is to analyse different data using several tools and algorithms introduced in the lectures, which you have also studied in detail through the weekly Python notebooks containing the computational tasks.
COEN 233 Computer Networks - Programming Assignments: Client-Server UDP Communication
Client using customized protocol on top of UDP protocol for sending information to the server.
Programming 2 EXERCISE 3 – Java Basics: Flights-of-Fancy
In this exercise, you will develop a program for an airline called Flights-of-Fancy. You will be developing a simple flight-booking system, which helps passengers book flight tickets.
EIE522 Pattern Recognition Laboratory 1: Face Image Analysis and Representation Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
In this laboratory exercise, you are given 20 face images, which are used as training samples for PCA. You are required to produce the eigenfaces of the training samples, which are then used to form an eigenspace for face representation and recognition based on 4 testing images.
FIT2096 Game Programming 1 - Individual Assessment: MicroGame & Debugging Tasks
Across the first four weeks of semester you are expected to build a small microgame based on the lab tasks from weeks 2 - 4. This includes the main set of tasks as well as extension tasks outlined in the weekly lab notes.
Programming in Java - Coursework: Farm Simulation
You are to develop a simulation of a farm that having a variety of different animals (at least three) moving round inside it and displayed this in a graphical user interface. You are free to add features to your Farm Simulation code.
EECS 4443 Mobile User Interfaces - Assignment: Automated UI Testing, Profiling, Benchmarking
The purpose of the assignment is to let you practice the tools and processes necessary to complete the project. The assignment is done on an individual level, but you are expected to contribute the gained knowledge and experience in the project.
CSCI-1200 Data Structures - Homework 6: Inverse Word Search Recursion
In this homework we will build an inverse word search program using the techniques of recursion.
CSE 3341: Principles of Programming Languages: Project 3 - CORE Interpreter
The goal of this project is to build an interpreter for the Core language discussed in class.
CHC 5054 Web Application Development - Coursework: Simple e-commerce web application
Your task is to develop and test the full stack for a simple web application that allows users to buy and sell various things of different categories.
Assignment: Geometric Optics with Python
Geometric, or matrix optics is a mathematical tool for modelling complex optical systems. It is a technique for tracing rays.
CSE 450 Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Code Project 1 - Hiking Trails
Suppose that a government wants to create a new, large conservation park for wildlife and tourism. They know where they want to build the visitors’ center and the locations of the natural landmarks they want to make accessible, but they need your help to decide where to put the hiking trails connecting them all.
DAPR2 : Assessed Coursework Report
Your task is to describe and analyse the data provided in order to answers a set of research question(s). Analyses will draw on the methodologies we have discussed in lectures and labs. The specific study contexts and research questions can be found in below.
A3: Making Make Parallel
In this assignment you will implement a parallel make program called pmake. Your program will parse a makefile and evaluate rules just like the make program that we have been using in the course.
COMPSCI 351 : Fundamentals of Database Systems S1 C – Lab 01: Three-Schema Architecture, DDL and SQL
What are the advantages of using a database solution as compared to the traditional file storage mechanism? What is the role of DBMS to a database system?
Assignment 2: Logistic Regression and Support Vector Classifier
Please use the dataset Smoking.csv and write python codes to answer questions below step by step. Please report both codes and outputs.
Mini-Project 2: Network Address Identification, Network Summary, Interesting Security Findings, Identifying External Shadow IT
The goal of this project is to learn how to perform an audit on a network with the intention to discover interesting characteristics and phenomena.
COMP24112 Machine Learning Lab 2: News Article Classification by k-NN
You will work on a news article classification task. The provided dataset includes a total of 800 articles taken from Reuters newswire.
MSE3114 Computational Methods for Physicists and Materials Engineers - Assignment 4: LU decomposition and QR decomposition
Write a python code for solving a system of linear equations by LU decomposition
CMPS140: Artificial Intelligence - Project 4: Pacman Capture the Flag
The final project involves a multi-player capture-the-flag variant of Pacman, where agents control both Pacman and ghosts in coordinated team-based strategies.
CMPS140: Artificial Intelligence - Project 3: Reinforcement Learning
In this project, you will implement value iteration and q-learning. You will test your agents first on Gridworld (from class), then apply them to a simulated robot controller (Crawler) and Pac-Man.
CMSC 341 Data Structures - Project 2: The Drone Show Software
With the advances in drone technologies many companies today provide the large-scale show presentations of drones in the air.
CMSC 341 Data Structures - Project 1: The Airplane Fuel System
The airplane fuel system in a delta-wings airplane such as Concorde has three functions: to supply fuel to the engines, to control the position of the aircraft’s Centre of Gravity (CG)
4CCP1300 Mathematics and Computation for Physics - Computational Laboratory Assessment
In this jupyter notebook, you will find the guidelines and questions to be completed for the assignment for the computational modeling course.
MTHS2008 Advanced Chemical and Environmental Engineering - ASSESSED COURSEWORK 2A - NUMERICAL INTEGRATION
In this question, we introduce a new quadrature rule which, similarly to the composite trapezium rule and composite Simpson’s rule, splits the region of integration into ? strips and can be written as a weighted sum of function values at specified points.
CS 159: C Programming Lab #8 - Programming Assignment: Loop Control and Integer
The contents of a loop have been identified to be repeated in a program. An iteration is one execution of all statements found inside the body of a loop.
DTS205TC High Performance Computing - Lab 2 Networks and Lab 3 Monte Carlo to calculate π.
Chatting is a usual web application. We simulate two chatters, A and B, with program(s). Among them, A reads the user input and sends it to B; B reverses the message and converts it to uppercase, and prints it to the screen.
COMP8410 Data Mining - Essay on the ethics and social impact of a data mining project
You are to write a well-researched essay that critically evaluates the ethics and social impact of a data mining project.
Introduction to Programming - Assignment: Connect Four 4-in-a-row
The game Connect Four (also known as Four up, Four in a Row, and Connect 4) allows TWO (2) users to each put game pieces in space in a grid.
Bonus Project: Viterhi Decoding Algorithm
In this project, students are required to design a program to perform Viterbi decoding algorithm to decode the convolutional code
Math 10 Introduction to Programming for Data Science - Final Project: Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning
The submission should be a well-organized report (with well-structured sections, high-quality figures and necessary descriptions as markdown in the notebook file, with all code blocks already executed
COMP 322 Introduction to C++ - Assignment 2: Exploring Dynamic Memory Management
We saw in assignment 1 some ways of creating a diff tool to check whether 2 files have the same content. In this assignment we will push the development a bit further in order to create a git-like system.
AS3 - Julia and Mandelbrot sets in MIPS
The term fractal was introduced by French mathematician Benoˆıt Mandelbrot in the mid-1970s to refer to strange and beautiful mathematical sets that have similar structures at all scales. In this assignment you will draw images of fractals using a memory mapped display within MARS.
BSDS3002 Social Computing Methods and Applications - L6 - Hands-on Network Analysis Practice
When we construct networks using real data, it is common to import the edge info and node info from a csv or excel file using pandas. We introduced the nx.from_pandas_edgelist() function for constructing an undirected and unweighted network.
CSE 450 Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Assignment 4 Dynamic Programming
This assignment should be completed in groups of two. As stated in the course syllabus, “students are encouraged to discuss homework problems with others, but each group is expected to turn in the results of their own effort, not that of another group’s.
COMP6741: Algorithms for Intractable Problems - Assignment 2: Nonblocker
This assignment is an individual assignment. For the solutions to this assignment, you may rely on all theorems, lemmas, and results from the lecture notes.
Fundamentals of Data Science Assignment 1: Predictive modeling based on decision trees
In this assignment, you will implement a predictive modeling approach based on the decision tree.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 4 - B+-Tree
In this assignment you are implementing a B+-tree index. The index should be backed up by a page file and pages of the index should be accessed through your buffer manager.
90-803 Machine Learning Foundations with Python - Mid Term Part 1: Prediction
Join all 6 datasets into a single dataset and print its output to a file called `WH_2015_2020.csv`. You will work with this file moving forward
90-803 Machine Learning Foundations with Python - Mid Term Part 2: Classification
Draw at least two plots that will give you insight into your data and your next steps (this can be a correlation matrix, the distribution of a particular variable, or a density plot, among others). Include an explanation of why these plots are relevant and how they will help you with your models
CMPUT 201 Practical Programming Methodology - Assignment 2: Rabin-Karp algorithm
Bob and Alice are competitive word-search puzzle solvers. However, even to the best of Bob's abilities, he was never able to find words in the puzzles faster than Alice. As Bob's friend and amazing programmer, you have decided to help him out by creating a solver for word-search puzzles
MA1MPRNU: Mathematical Programming Assignment 1: Ideal gas la, the van der Waals equatio, The Fourier series
The Fourier series is a series representation of a periodic function in terms of sines and cosines.
MEC104 Experimental, Computer Skills and Sustainability: MATLAB Assignment
A mass m is suspended by three cables attached at three points B, C, and D, as shown in Figure 1. Let T1, T2, and T3 be the tensions in the three cables AB, AC, and AD, respectively. If the mass m is stationary, the sum of the tension components in the x, in the y, and in the z directions must each be zero.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 3 - Record Manager
In this assignment you are creating a record manager. The record manager handles tables with a fixed schema. Clients can insert records, delete records, update records, and scan through the records in a table.
CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - Assignment 2 - Buffer Manager
You should implement a buffer manager in this assignment. The buffer manager manages a fixed number of pages in memory that represent pages from a page file managed by the storage manager implemented in assignment 1.
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