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COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms Semester 1, 2024 Assignment 2: POI Search
COMP10002Foundations of AlgorithmsCPOI Search
In Assignment 1, we have extended your algorithmic searching capability to multidimensional numeric data. In this assignment, we will continue to add text searching to your arsenal. We continue using point of in- terest (POI) search as the background application to minimise context switching.
CHC5054 Web Application Development Coursework: Learning Management System
CHC5054Web Application DevelopmentJavascriptSQLLearning Management System
Your task is to develop and test the full stack for a simple web-based Learning Management System designed to facilitate the management, delivery, and tracking of educational courses.
IN3331 Information Systems Development Project: Web-based Library management system
UWE121Information Systems DevelopmentNodeJSJavascript
Task1: Create the data schema Task2: Create Project from Scratch Task3: Build and run a web server using node js Task4: Implement Book Search Functionality (Search by id) Task4.1 Compare the usage of db.all() and db.each() methods in SQLite databases, and clarify when each method is appropriate to use.
1DT038 Computer Architecture 2024 Spring Final Project Part 1: L1 Data Cache
1DT038Computer ArchitectureC++L1 Data CacheGem5
Write C++ program to analyze the specification of L1 data cache
COMP643 Advanced Database Management Assignment 2: Transaction Management and Concurrency Control
COMP643Advanced Database ManagementTransaction ManagementConcurrency ControlDatabase Performance TuningQuery Optimisation
Using the two-phase locking protocol, create a chronological list of locking, unlocking and data manipulation activities that would occur during the complete processing of the transaction described in Q1a.
BISM7255 Business Information Systems Analysis and Design Assignment: Mendix Redx Stocktaking App
BISM7255Business Information Systems Analysis and DesignMendixRedx Stocktaking App
Students are expected to write in their reflective journals about their significant Mendix learning experiences. This means they should reflect on the content, meaning, and value of the experience in learning coding and app development.
FIT2004 - Algorithms and data structures Assignment 2: Open Reading Frame
FIT2004Algorithms and data structuresPythonOpen Reading FrameComplexity
For this assignment (and all assignments in this unit) you are required to document and com- ment your code appropriately. Whilst part of the marks of each question are for documentation, there is a baseline level of documentation you must have in order for your code to receive marks.
CPT204 Advanced OO Programming Coursework 3 Intelligent Rogue Chars
CPT204Advanced OO ProgrammingIntelligent Rogue CharsJava
Intelligent game-playing characters have been used in the game industry to harness the power of graph algorithms to navigate complex virtual environments, strategically analyzing interconnected nodes and edges to optimize their movements and decision- making processes
CHC5223 Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment 2: Binary search tree
CHC5223Data Structures and AlgorithmsBinary search treeJava
You must create a Java class called MemberBST that implements the interface IMemberDB. You must use a binary search tree but it does not need to be self-balancing.
FIT5216: Modelling Discrete Optimization Problems Assignment 3: Train Scheduling
FIT5216Modelling Discrete Optimization ProblemsMiniZincTrain Scheduling
Your job is to build a detailed train timetable from a list of routes and services. The rail network is made up of STOPs. We include a dummy stop dstop which does actually exist to pad arrays. Each stop has a minimal wait time to let passengers get on and off. Each stop has a skip cost which is the cost if we skip the station in order to run the service faster
COMP1110 Structured Programming Assignment 2: Race to the Raft
COMP1110Structured ProgrammingJavaCOMP6710
Race to the Raft is a game in which one to four players cooperate to manoeuvre a clowder of cats off a burning island and onto a raft. The Isle of Cats, which used to be a safe haven for felines far and wide, has fallen to the armies of the evil Lord Vesh. Now, the island is burning, and all the cats that remain must race to the safety of the raft.
CSSE2010 Introduction to Computer Systems - AVR Project: Battleship
CSSE2010CSSE7201Introduction to Computer SystemsCBattle Game
You are required to modify a program to implement additional features. The program is a basic template of the game “Battleship”
G6061 Fundamentals of Machine Learning Assignment: Photo Classification
G6061Fundamentals of Machine LearningPhoto ClassificationImage ClassificationPythonCNN
The data come from photos, and your task is to come up with a machine learning method for classifying the photos according to whether their content is happy or sad. The data you are given for each photo consists of 3456 features. 3072 of these were extracted from a deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) [1], and the remaining 384 are gist features [2]. (You are given all these features as a 1-dimensional array, so you will not be performing any feature extraction on raw images.)
COS20019 Cloud Computing Architecture - Assignment 02 Scalable Cloud Computing Architecture
COS20019Cloud Computing ArchitecturePythonScalable Cloud Computing Architecture
In the cloud project of Assignment 1, you have learnt how to deploy a Photo Album Web Application on a VPC, actually in a EC2 running as a Web Server. However, this is not a highly available environment. In case there are some hardware failure related to that particular EC2 instance running the Web Server. The whole Web Applicaiton will be down and hence cannot be used by the public users.
IERG2080 Introduction to Systems Programming Project: 2D Bitmap Editor
IERG2080Introduction to Systems ProgrammingC2D Bitmap Editor
In this project, you are going to write a simple 2D bitmap editor. You will use a library called ncurses that provides API for direct keyboard inputs, absolute screen coordinates for full-screen outputs, etc.
NCKU Compiler Construction - Homework 2. Syntactic Analysis (Parser)
Compiler ConstructionYACCSyntactic AnalysisParser
作業一已經將程式碼切成很多 Token ● 接下來我們要把 Token 照順序放入 Parser 解析語法 ○ 你可以想像成我們要把這些 Token 組合成一個可以被 "理解" 的句子 ○ 而要創造出一個句子,我們必須要先有語法 ○ 所以現在我們要制訂出一套文法標準
BUSANA7003 Business Analytics Project Final Project: AQR Asset Management
BUSANA7003Business AnalyticsAQR Asset ManagementPythonMachine Learning
You are starting a new job as a Business Analyst at AQR Asset Management, a global investment management firm focused on quantitative investment strategies. Your first task is to analyse the performance of US-listed securities during the COVID-19 market crash.
Computer Security Assignment 3: Quantum Key Exchange (QKE)
Computer SecurityQuantum Key ExchangeQKEBB84Symmetric-key cryptography
Quantum computing manipulates quantum bits (qubits), instead of classical (regular) bits. Qubits are subject to quantum mechanical laws of physics. In this assignment, you’ll implement and test the Quantum Key Exchange (QKE) algorithm. This algorithm is also known as the BB84 algorithm.
EPPD1063: Computer Application LAB TEST 1: Excel
EPPD1063Computer ApplicationExcelWord
By using the formula available in Microsoft Excel, please find the largest and smallest marks for each of the Q, A, M and F columns. Please add new rows in the table with appropriate title for the answer.
MTH208 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS - Coursework II: Approximating the absolute value function
MTH208NUMERICAL ANALYSISApproximating the absolute value function
The objective of this project is to explore and compare various numerical methods (interpolation with various basis or fitting in discrete and continuous cases) for approximating the absolute value function. You may provide basic ideas of each numerical method, give the implementation details and then compare their performance in terms of accuracy, implementation details and computational efficiency (You don’t need to include the code in the report).
STAT5002 Introduction to Statistics Assignment: Housing Price Analysis
STAT5002Introduction to StatisticsHousing Price AnalysisR
Using the data provided, choose one country and create an informative chart describing housing prices. You may choose the time period to draw data from as well as the country. You may explain the chart in no more than five sentences. What does it mean? What story does it tell about your chosen country and residential price?
Project 3: Explore 1 of the given datasets: Breast Cancer, Global IQ Data and Natural Disasters
Data AnalysisMachine LearningR
In Week 9, briefings will be given by your tutors in your Lab class, and then a Video Briefing by your lecturer is in the first ten minutes of the Week 10 Lecture. See a guide to writing a nice report here Download here .
COMP20005 Intro. to Numerical Computation in C - Assignment 2: CSV Column Averages and Graphing Distributions
COMP20005Intro. to Numerical Computation in CCSVCColumn AveragesGraphing Distributions
Scientific, engineering, and financial datasets are often stored in text files using comma separated values (.csv format) or tab separated values (.txt or .tsv format), usually with a header line describing the contents of the columns. The simplest framework for processing such data is to first read the complete set of input rows into arrays, one array per column of data to be manipulated, and then pass those arrays
Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour 2024 Coursework No 2: Technical report
G6042Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive BehaviourAgentsAdaptation mechanismsGenetic AlgorithmBackpropagation
You have to write a technical report describing an investigation related to the topics covered in class. For choosing the specific topic of investigation, you have to make a number of choices described below.
KIT317 Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 3: Weather Prediction
KIT317KIT717Internet of Things and Artificial IntelligencePythonPHP
IoT devices collect data about the real world to help us make better decisions with that data. Raw data isn’t particularly helpful, so we analyse data to try it into more meaningful information. Sometimes we want to use this data not just to tell us about the past, but also to make inferences about the future.
Final Exam: Inverted index and information retrieval with Spark
SparkInverted indexInformation retrieval
Build an inverted index and retrieve relevant documents for the queries. Information retrieval is the science of searching for information in a document or collection of documents. In this assignment you are given a collection of documents and a set of queries. The main tasks for this assignment are:
Machine Learning in Practice Assignment: ML Solutions for Misinformation Detection in Social Media
Machine Learning in PracticePythonExplorationPreparationFeature GenerationClassification
Social media, particularly X (formally known as Twitter), has revolutionized the way information spreads, but it's also an incubator for fake news and misinformation. Misinformation on platform X can evolve from diverse forms and may stem from various sources, whether intentional or not, taking advantage of the platform's viral nature to widen its dissemination
32547 UNIX Systems Programming Assignment: Locale
32547 UNIX Systems ProgrammingPython
In this assignment, you will write a Python program vaguely inspired by Unix command locale. Your Python program will parse a file containing information about language “locales” and “charmaps” and will generate output depending on the command line.
CIS2343 Object Oriented Systems Development Assignment: Card-G
CIS2343Object Oriented Systems DevelopmentC++Card-GCard Game
You have recently set up your own software development company specialising in developing indie videogames. You are the only employee of your company (like Concerned Ape – google it if you don’t know what we are talking about) and you are responsible for everything from identifying suitable opportunities for games, right through to the design, development, and testing of software.
Scripting Languages Assignment 3: Software-based Solution (Script & Video)
Scripting LanguagesShellLog Parser
In this assignment you will be required to write a script that demonstrates the extent to which you have understood the shell script (bash) commands, programmatic techniques and concepts addressed in Modules 1 to 8 inclusive.
CPS2231 Computer Programming Final Year Project: University Activity Management System (UAMS)
CPS2231Computer ProgrammingJavaUniversity Activity Management System
The University Activity Management System (UAMS) project aims to organize the activities in the university in an efficient manner. The UAMS shows the flows between the activity of Attendance, Users, Timeslots, Participants, Activity Type.
SCC111 Software Development PART-I SUMMER PROJECT
SCC111SCC121SCC131Software DevelopmentJavaC++
You have a choice of projects to undertake, to be selected from the choices below. You need to pick just one of these projects. Read each of them carefully before choosing which project to undertake. Please note that the projects state which programming language you must use for that project.
INFS 2042 Data Structures Advanced Assignment 2 - Contact Tracing
INFS 2042Data Structures AdvancedContact TracingJava
To track and reduce the spread of a disease during an epidemic or pandemic situation it is critical that authorities and health experts can trace who has been in contact with whom, when the contact occurred and where. This is known as contact tracing. Efficiently searching potentially millions of people and where they have been will require an efficient way to store and navigate through the data.
ISOM3400 Business Applications Development in Python Assignment 2: Dash app
ISOM3400Business Applications Development in PythonPythonU.S. Presidential Primary Election
In the previous assignment, we have completed scraping information about the 2024 U.S. Presidential Primary Election. This time we will use the extracted data to build an informative and compelling Web dashboard. The final deliverable of this group assignment will be a Dash app implemented with certain basic features. This document will show you the requirement of the assignment
COMP2017 Systems Programming Assignment 3: ByteTide
COMP2017Systems ProgrammingCP2PCOMP9017ByteTide
You are tasked with constructing a P2P File-Transfer program that will allow sending, receiving and detection of anomalous data chunks.
SOFT3202: Software Construction and Design 2 Assignment: Test and Monitor Software Development
COMP9202Software Construction and Design 2PythonCoverage TestingWhite-box TestingFuzzer
Software development relies heavily on testing and monitoring to ensure the quality, reliability and performance of the software in production. In this assignment, you will develop a series of tools that can be used to test and monitor software during the software development pipeline.
ENG5284: Advanced Soil Mechanics 5 Coursework: Cam-Clay model
ENG5284Advanced Soil Mechanics 5Cam-Clay model
The modified Cam-Clay model (MCC model) is a critical state soil model that is widely used in research and engineering design. In this coursework, you will use this model to predict the clay response in triaxial compression tests. You are required to write a computer code to run this model
EBU4201 Introductory Java Programming 2023/24 Mini Project: SuperHeroTT
EBU4201Introductory Java ProgrammingJavaSuperHeroTT
SuperHeroTT is a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) application for children where they can practise their times tables
COMP30023 Computer Systems Project 2: Email client
COMP30023Computer SystemsCEmail clientIMAPfetchmail
The aim of this project is to familiarize you with socket programming. Your task is to write a simple email client that downloads and parses email from a standards-compliant IMAP server.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
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CSSE7023 Advanced Software Engineering Assignment 2: Extend SheeP Spreadsheet
CSSE7023Advanced Software EngineeringJavaSheeP
In this assignment, you will modify and extend the SheeP spreadsheet application from Assignment 1. You will be provided with an extended version of a working implementation of SheeP in which the GUI is implemented using the Java Swing library. For the first part of this assignment, you will have to implement a new GUI that uses the JavaFX library, without altering the look and feel of the user interface
DTS206TC Applied Linear Statistical Models - Coursework: Data Analysis with Linear Statistical Models using R
DTS206TCApplied Linear Statistical ModelsRData AnalysisStatistical ModelRegression
For this coursework, you are required to choose a dataset of your own interest and per- form a regression analysis using R. You will then write a short report documenting your analysis and findings.
BISM7202 Information Systems for Management - Excel Assignment
BISM7202Information Systems for ManagementExcel
This assignment requires you to create a professional business application using Microsoft Excel 2019 / Microsoft Excel 365. The purpose of this assignment is to test the student’s ability to operate and manage business data in spreadsheets.
INFO2222 Computing 2 Usability and Security - Project: Usability Part
INFO2222Computing 2 Usability and SecurityWeb App
During this phase, you are to investigate a chosen user group to determine what they need from your website. To make things easier, you can concern yourself with only a single type of user
CIS3110 Operating Systems Assignment 1: Parallel computation using processes
CIS3110Operating SystemsParallel computation using processesC
For this assignment you will write a parallel program that takes a list of file names as input and produces a new set of files, which contain the english alphabet histograms for each of the input files.
COMP9313 Big Data Management Project 2: Top-k most frequent co-occuring term pairs
COMP9313Big Data ManagementPythonTop-k most frequent co-occuring term pairs
In this problem, we are still going to use the dataset of Australian news from ABC. Your task is to find out the top-k most frequent co-occurring term pairs in each year. The co-occurrence of (w, u) is defined as: u and w appear in the same article headline (i.e., (w, u) and (u, w) are treated equally).
COMP9313 Big Data Management Project 3: Finding Similar News Article Headlines Using Pyspark
COMP9313Big Data ManagementPythonSimilar News Article HeadlinesSpark
In this problem, we are still going to use the dataset of Australian news from ABC. Similar news may appear in different years. Your task is to find all similar news article headline pairs across different years.
COMP282 The C++ Programming Language Assignment: Qt APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT
COMP282The C++ Programming LanguageC++Qt
The Windows deployment tool windeployqt automates creating a deployable folder with the necessary Qt dependencies (libraries, QML imports, plugins, and translations) to run an application. This folder forms an installation tree suitable for Windows desktop applications, facilitating the packaging into an installer.
ITGP2008 INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING - Project: Developing a Turn-Based Battle Game
Your team has been assigned to develop a console or GUI turn-based battle game
COMP9120 Database Management Systems Assignment 2: Database Application Development
COMP9120Database Management SystemsDatabase Application DevelopmentPythonFine Food Kitchen
The objectives of this assignment are to gain practical experience in interacting with a relational database management system using an Application Programming Interface (API) (Python DB-API). This assignment additionally provides an opportunity to use more advanced features of a database such as functions.
CSC3050 Computer Architecture Project 3: Cache Simulation
CSC3050Computer ArchitectureCache SimulationCC++RISC-V
Cache is an important component of a CPU system that has a significant impact on computer performance by reducing memory access times. The focus of this project is to simulate the cache in the RISC-V architecture to give you hands-on experience with the cache system and its role in improving system performance.
INFO1113 / COMP9003 Object-Oriented Programming - Assignment: Tank Game
INFO1113COMP9003Object-Oriented ProgrammingJavaTank GameUML
In this assignment, you will create a game in the Java programming language using the Processing library for graphics and gradle as a dependency manager. In the game, players control tanks which can aim and fire at each other. Players gain score for hitting another player’s tank, causing them to lose health. After all levels are completed, the player with the highest score wins.
MATH4063 Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling - Group Project: Jet Lag
MATH4063Case Studies in Mathematical ModelingJet LagThe Best HospitalBoarding and Disembarking a Plane
Organizing international meetings is not easy in many ways, including the problem that some of the participants may experience the effects of jet lag after recent travel from their home country to the meeting location which may be in a different time-zone, or in a different climate and time of year, and so on. All these things may dramatically affect the productivity of the meeting.
ECS7028U Data Semantics Final Coursework: Semantic data modelling and Ontology design
ECS7028UData SemanticsPythonSemantic data modellingOntologySPARQL
The objective of this min-project is to put your semantic data modelling, ontology design, logic, data validation and rule-based reasoning skills into practice that you have learnt in the lectures and labs.
INFO1110 Introduction to Programming - Assignment: Photonic circuit
INFO1110Introduction to ProgrammingPythonPhotonic circuit
You will be implementing and emulating a (very rough approximation of) a photonic circuit. In a high- level overview, photonic circuits use lasers to emit photons (particles of light) which perform computation through their interactions with other photonic components.
MATH1033 STATISTICS Coursework: Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
The data file scottishData.csv contains a sample of the ”Indicator” data that were used to compute the 2020 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), a tool used by government bodies to support policy-making.
BIOE8510 Advanced Systems Physiology Final Project: Growth Factor Receptors
BIOE8510Advanced Systems PhysiologyRGrowth Factor Receptors
COMP3631 Intelligent Systems and Robotics Project: Turtlebot
COMP3631Intelligent Systems and RoboticsPythonROSTurtlebot
The assignment is set on a spacecraft that is travelling to the Moon from Earth and has been knocked off course by an explosion in one of two modules of the spacecraft. In order to recover the spacecraft, mission control needs to locate the craft which can only be done by finding the current distance of the craft from the Earth and the Moon. Time is limited, the mission control needs to locate the craft within 5 minutes.
FIT2081 Mobile application development - Assignment 3: Event Management App
FIT2081Mobile application developmentEvent Management AppJavaAndroid
In this assignment, you will develop a more comprehensive event management Android application. This application project will be the next phase of the project you implemented as part of Assignment 2.
EEEN10036 C Programming Assignment: Escape From Island
EEEN10036C ProgrammingEscape From IslandC
The objective of this assignment is to write a C program which estimates the probability that an explorer will safely escape from a dinosaur- and volcano-infested island ("Jurassic Island") by taking random walks across it. As well as calculating the probability of escape, the mean and standard deviation of the path lengths should be determined for each starting cell.
Data 474: Final Project
Data ScienceMachine LearningStatistical LearningVisualizationRegressionClassification
Each team will identify a real data set for which there are interesting questions to answer by finding hidden pattern in data. Then different statistical learning approaches are applied to find the best way to answer these questions. Each team typically consists of 3 students. a team format is strongly encouraged.
PROG2003: CLOUD SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Assessment 1: File Types and Counts
PROG2003CLOUD SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENTHTMLJavaFile Types and CountsCloud9 app
Assume that you are a cloud developer at Southern Cross University and tasked to develop a website that counts and displays the number of different types of files stored in an AWS cloud storage bucket (i.e., S3 bucket).
PSYC30013 2024 RMHI/ARMP Problem Set 2
PSYC30013Research Methods for Human InquiryR
For this assignment, we're going to go back to meet up with LFB and Foxy and hear their story. As you'll recall, a few weeks ago they, Doggie, and Flopsy went on a mission to Otherland to steal some of their data. The mission was successful but LFB and Foxy went missing! In your assignment we get to see what happened to them
Assignment 3: LDA Topic Modeling
LDATopic ModelingPython
LDA is a popular topic modeling algorithm widely used in the fields of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences. In the field of political communication, topic modeling is often applied for analyzing politicians Twitter/X posts, identitying thematic patterns or topics revolving around their posts
MTH5001: Introduction to Computer Programming - Final Report Project: Arc Diagrams
MTH5001Introduction to Computer ProgrammingArc DiagramsPython
In this project you will investigate properties of arc diagrams, particularly so-called crossings and nestings.
COMP282 Assignment Card Game
COMP282Data Structures & AlgorithmsC++QTCard Game
Create a basic GUI card game using C++ with Qt and organise the game structure using OOP methods. Royalty-free card images will be available for you to download from the COMP282 Canvas page for you to use in the application if you choose. These will consist of 52 PNG images of standard playing cards.
CSC8016: Advanced Concurrent Programming Coursework: Forum platform
CSC8016Advanced Concurrent ProgrammingJavaForum platformThread
We want to implement a forum platform (Blog), where users are opening topic threads for discussions (createNewTopicThread) and posting some comments (addPostToThreadId). When a topic thread is opened, there might be no messages available.
Data Communications and Networking Assignment 2: Chat Application
Data Communications and NetworkingC++Chat ApplicationSocket Programming
A chat application allows users to interact or communicate by texting, audio, and video. It can be useful for social or commercial activities. In this assignment, students are required to write a Chat Program based on Windows Socket Programming C++.
CS615 Deep Learning Assignment 3 - Learning and Basic Architectures Spring 2024
CS615Deep LearningLearning and Basic ArchitecturesPythonGradient DescentLogistic Regression
In this assignment we will implement backpropagation and train/validate a few simple architectures using real datasets.
CS615 Deep Learning Assignment 1 - Forward Propagation Spring 2024
CS615Deep LearningPythonForward Propagation
In this first assignment we’ll begin designing and implementing the modules we’ll use in our deep learning architectures. In addition, we’ll start getting used to importing datasets.
CS615 Deep Learning Assignment 4 - Exploring Hyperparameters Spring 2024
CS615Deep LearningPythonHyperparametersClassifierAdaptive Learning Rate
In this assignment we will explore the effect of different hyperparameter choices and apply a multi–class classifier to a dataset.
CS615 Deep Learning Assignment 2 - Objectives, Gradients, and Backpropagation Spring 2024
CS615Deep LearningPythonObjectivesGradientsBackpropagation
In this assignment we’ll implement our output/objective modules and add computing the gradients to each of our modules.
CSI3101 Operating Systems - Project 2: CPU Scheduling
CSI3101Operating SystemsCPU SchedulingC
Objective 1: Priority Scheduler • Implement a priority scheduler in xv6 • Requirements – Schedule a process with the highest priority to run
Assignment 2: Content Analysis and Regression
Linear RegressionPythonComputational content analysisNLP
For this assignment, you need to test a hypothesis using multiple linear regression. Before doing that, you also need to use computational content analysis and NLP techniques to create new variables that you will use as a predictor in the regression model.
COMP701 Nature Inspired Computing Assignment 1 Part 2: Ant Colony Optimization
COMP701Nature Inspired ComputingPythonAnt Colony Optimization
The aim is to solve the travelling salesman problem (TSP) that you have been given in Part 1 f the assignment using Ant Colony Optimization. Provide experimental evidence to support your answers to the following questions.
MDS5130/IBA6205 Advanced Time Series Analysis Project: Horse Racing
MDS5130IBA6205Advanced Time Series AnalysisR
In this project, we will analysis a dataset about horse racing. Let’s have a brief introduction of horse racing. In a particular game, there are 14 horses racing. Before a particular time tfinal, people are allowed to bet which horse can win the game. Let bi(t) be the total amount betting on horse i at time t.
COMP232 Cyber Security - Assignment 3: Verification of security protocols and Linux Firewall Exploration
COMP232Cyber Security
Using installation of Seed Labs in the University labs (or on your own computer) perform Task 1 of MD5 Collision Attack Lab
COMP1212 Computer Processors - Coursework: Feistel cipher
COMP1212Computer ProcessorsHack AssemblyFeistel cipher
The Feistel cipher is a symmetric block cipher encryption framework which is the basis of many modern day encryption algorithms. In this coursework you will implement a Feistel cipher system as a software implementation in Hack Assembly.
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EECS 3221 Operating System Fundamentals - Programming Assignment 2: Multithreading and Synchronization
EECS 3221Operating System Fundamentals
In this assignment we will try to practice the concepts such as: multithreading, synchronization with semaphores, deadlocks and starvation.
KXO206 Database Management Systems - Assessment Task 1 - Database Maintenance Report
KXO206Database Management SystemsDatabase MaintenanceSQL
The Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade, founded in November 1956, serves as the oldest local branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).
KIT305 KIT607 Mobile Application Development - Assignment 2 - Android Application
KIT305KIT607Mobile Application DevelopmentKotlinJava
You must create a native Android application (i.e. you cannot use Flutter or other Cross-Platform tools for this assignment). Your native application must be written in Kotlin.
CSSE2310/CSSE7231 Computer Systems Principles and Programming - Assignment 3
CSSE2310CSSE7231Computer Systems Principles and Programming
You are to create a program (called uqfindexec) which allows users to run a specified command, or a pipeline of commands, on all files in a given directory.
ACS6124 Multisensor and Decision Systems Assignment: Part I - Multisensor Systems
ACS6124Multisensor and Decision SystemsMultisensor SystemsMatlab
This project concerns the accurate estimation of aircraft position, airspeed body components and attitude with an integrated system consisting of inertial measurement units (IMUs), the global positioning system (GPS)
FIN 450F Financial Technology: Methods and Practice - Final Exam
FIN 450FFIN 550FFinancial Technology: Methods and PracticeConsumer credit sub-projectPythonR
In this exercise, you will analyze Robinhood investor holding behavior and its effect on the stock market.
Visual Analytics Coursework Specification: Exploratory analysis of census data in England and Wales
Visual AnalyticsPython
The task you are asked to carry out for the coursework is to design, construct, and evaluate an exploratory analysis of a complex dataset using both information visualisation and data projection. This dataset should be based on census data for England and Wales. You should design the visualisation to address some socio-economic issues that is important to you.
CSCI 572: Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines - HW: LLMs, vectors, RAG
CSCI 572CS572Information Retrieval and Web Search EnginesLLMRAGvector DB
We are going to use vector-based similarity search, to retrieve search results that are not keyword-driven. The (three) steps we need are really simple: install Weaviate plus vectorizer via Docker as images, run them as containers specify a schema for data, upload data/knowledge (in .json format) to have it be vectorized run a query (which also gets vectorized and then sim-searched), get back results (as JSON)
COMP1047 Systems and Architecture - Coursework Part-2: Computer Networks
COMP1047Systems and ArchitectureComputer NetworksTCPUDP
This project provides insights on analyzing network performances such as delay, throughput, and packet drops of your designed network. It presents an experimental methodology to obtain an estimate of average delay, throughput, and packet drops for packets of variable payload size. You are required to use the TWO transport layer protocols, the TCP and UDP as we studied in Week-3 class.
COMP1921 Programming Project - Assignment 2 – Project Code Maze Game
COMP1921Programming ProjectMazeCMaze Generator
You will now implement the maze game, using test driven development to create a defensively designed program following a given specification.
COMP1039: Programming Paradigms Coursework 2: Farmer Crosses River Puzzle
COMP1039Programming ParadigmsHaskellFarmer Crosses River Puzzle
A farmer with his wolf, goat, and cabbage come to the edge of a river they wish to cross. There is a boat at the river’s edge, but, of course, only the farmer can row it. The boat also can carry only two things (including the rower) at a time.
COMP1721 Object-Oriented Programming Coursework 2: Baccarat
COMP1721Object-Oriented ProgrammingJavaBaccarat
Your task is to implement a simulation of the card game Baccarat—specifically, the simpler ‘punto banco’ variant of the game. To assist you, we have provided three Java classes: Card , CardCollection and CardException
Algorithmic Game Theory Summative Assignment: Nash equilibria and Auction
Algorithmic Game TheoryAuctionLoad Balancing
Two players, Player 1 and Player 2, take turns removing 1 or 2 cards from a stack of 6 cards, i.e., each of them, every time their turn comes, pick 1 or 2 cards to remove. Player 1 starts the game. Whoever picks the last card wins 1 unit of payo↵ from the other player
FCP Summative Assessment: Opinion dynamics
PythonDefuant Model
Opinion dynamics aims to understand how views spread through a population- how long does it take for everyone to like a certain song or settle on a side in a political debate? Simple models of opinion dynamics can be developed using ODEs, or as discrete models on a grid.
Assignment 10 Problem 1: Chess
In this assignment, we’ll be implementing a simplified version of the game of chess. There are two “sides” in a game of chess — the “white” team and the “black” team. In this assignment, we’ll be using the terms “clear” ( ♔ ) and “filled”( ♚ ) instead, because that’s how they show up in our output
CSE233 DATABASE THEORY - Problem Set #2: Relational calculus
CSE233DATABASE THEORYRelational calculusSQL
Recall the movie database in Problem 1 of the previous home- work, and the query List the theaters showing only movies by Hitchcock. Express this query in nr-Datalog
CAN202 Analogue and Digital Communications I Coursework: Periodic triangular wave and Soundtrack
CAN202Analogue and Digital Communications IMatlab
In the second part of the assignment, we will scramble the frequency components of a piece of soundtrack that somehow disguise the sound, and then we descramble and restore the soundtrack
ACS341 Machine Learning Coursework Assignment: Household energy consumption
ACS341Machine LearningHousehold energy consumptionPythonPipeline
Accurately predicting household energy consumption allows local power distribution companies to better forecast energy trends and perform demand management1. Power system demand management has gained heightened importance as the world transitions towards renewable energy2
ELEC211 Introduction to the ARM Microprocessor Experiment 26
ELEC211Introduction to the ARM MicroprocessorARMAssembly
To explore the basic features of the ARM Cortex M0 microprocessor.
159731 Studies in Computer Vision - Assignment 3: Video Stabilisation
159731Studies in Computer VisionVideo StabilisationC++OpenCV
Your task for this assignment is to write a program to perform video stabilisation. On stream is a short video shot with no video stabilisation. For this assignment you must write a C++ program using OpenCV to produce a stabilised video. You will need to find cumulative homography matrices for a number of sequential frames
Project: Improving Classification through Self-supervised Learning
Self-supervised LearningClassificationPythonMelanoma Classification
While melanoma is the least common type of skin cancer, it tragically accounts for 75% of deaths from the disease, making it the deadliest form. Despite this, over 100,000 new cases of melanoma are expected in 2020, with nearly 7,000 people losing their lives to it. Just like with other cancers, early and accurate detection is crucial for effective treatment
159731 Studies in Computer Vision - Assignment 2: 2D barcode
159731Studies in Computer VisionC++OpenCV2D barcode
Your task is to write a program that reads a colour 2D barcode. The 2D barcodes may be rotated, scaled and slightly distorted and use a simple encoding with 8 colours. The colours are black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow, and white. These colours represent three bits.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 4: Raft
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsRaftGORPCReplication
In this series of assignments you'll implement Raft, a replicated state machine protocol. A replicated service achieves fault tolerance by storing complete copies of its state (i.e., data) on multiple replica servers. Replication allows the service to continue operating even if some of its servers experience failures (crashes or a broken or flaky network). The challenge is that failures may cause the replicas to hold differing copies of the data.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 3: MapReduce
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsMapReduce
In this lab you'll build a MapReduce system. You'll implement a worker process that calls application Map and Reduce functions and handles reading and writing files, and a coordinator process that hands out tasks to workers and copes with failed workers.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Assignment 2 - Bank Transactions
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsGOBank Transactions
Correctness of data is very important in real world applications such as banking. An ideal bank should be able to handle millions of requests for various accounts simultaneously, whilst ensuring that all user data is correct.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Exercise 1: Weather Stations
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsGOWeather Stations
There are `k` weather stations around the world. Your task is to compute the current average temperature across these stations every `averagePeriod` seconds. We will provide a function that queries the temperature data at a given weather station and returns the current temperature. The function makes RPC calls across the network to the weather stations.
661985 Safety Critical Systems - Coursework: Portfolio for Safety-Directed Design of a Brake-By-Wire System for Car
Safety Critical SystemsDynamic Reliability AnalysisElectronic StabilityPythonMarkov Models
The Portfolio explores the iterative design of a Brake-By-Wire (BBW) system for cars. This is Part 2 of the assignment and continues this exploration with dynamic reliability analysis, considering adaptation of the system to prevent skidding for electronic stability purposes. Part2 is worth 60% of the Portfolio. You will analyse this architecture using Markov Models
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 4C: Raft based Distributed Lock Service
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsRaft based Distributed Lock ServiceRaftGO
The goal of this assignment is to see how you can use Raft to build a real world application.This involves working with Client and Server side code, which interacts with Raft under the hood. You will have to apply commands according to the application logic and update its state.
Optimization 2 Project 3 - Reinforcement Learning PopOut
Reinforcement LearningPopOutPython
You work for a board game company. Your company is considering using RL to find good playing strategies actions when playing the game. Your company is very new to RL, so your boss wants you to explore RL on a simple game first. You will do this for a variation of Connect-4, called PopOut.
COMP643 Advanced Database Management Assignment 1: Prescription Management System
COMP643Advanced Database ManagementPrescription Management SystemERSQL
South Island Scenic Tours (SIST) is a company in Christchurch that provides guided tours to groups of visitors to Christchurch area. Over the years, the number of tourists coming to Christchurch has grown and SIST has found it difficult to manage various information related to the tours
COMP3310 Computer Networks - Assignment 2: Indexing a Gopher
COMP3310Computer NetworksIndexing a GopherCJavaPython
An Internet Gopher server was one of the precursors to the web, combining a simple query/response protocol with a reasonably flexible content server, and a basic model for referencing and describing resources on different machines. The name comes from the (Americanised) idea to “go-for” some content... and also the complexity of their interconnected burrows1.
Math128A Numerical Analysis - Final Project: Modified zero-in for root-finding
Math128AMA128ANumerical AnalysisModified zero-in for root-findingRoot Finding
We would like to find a root of the equation f(x)=0, for x∈R given an initial interval [a, b] with f (a) · f (b) < 0. with a combination of two methods ▶ bisection method, for its reliability ▶ inverse quadratic interpolation (IQI) method, for its higher order of convergence.
MTHS2008 Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Process Engineers - COURSEWORK 2: DOUBLE NUMERICAL INTEGRATION AND FINITE
MTHS2008Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Process EngineersMathematical ModellingDOUBLE NUMERICAL INTEGRATIONPython
Using (on Moodle) as a template, write a module containing a function plot_region(a,b,y1,y2,n) to create a figure containing the plot of the region of integration for the double integral
COMP90015: Distributed Systems - Assignment 1 Multi-threaded Dictionary Server
COMP90015Distributed SystemsMulti-threaded Dictionary ServerJava
Using a client-server architecture, design and implement a multi-threaded server that allows concurrent clients to search the meaning(s) of a word, add a new word, and remove an existing word. This assignment has been designed to demonstrate the use of two fundamental technologies that have been discussed during the lectures:
Computer Architecture - Project 1: MIPS simulator
Computer ArchitectureMIPS simulator
In this project you will create a simple MIPS simulator which will perform the following two tasks: Load a specified MIPS text file1 and generate the assembly code equivalent to the input file (disassembler). Please see the sample input file and disassembly output. Generate the instruction-by-instruction simulation of the MIPS code (simulator).
ENGI1331 Computing and Problem Solving for Engineers: Project 3 - Problem 3 Sample Calculations
ENGI1331Computing and Problem Solving for EngineersSample CalculationsMatlab
I is the moment of inertia of the cross section, R is the reaction force on the beam at the left end, 𝜃 is the clockwise rotational angle of the beam at the left end, and E is the Young’s modulus of the beam’s material. I, R, 𝜃 and E are all geometry- or material-based constants. E is found in a table (MaterialElasticity.mat), and the other values are found with the following (already derived) equations
COMP90015: Distributed Systems Assignment 2: Distributed Shared White Board
Cloud ComputingDistributed SystemsJavaCOMP90015
Develop a white board that can be shared between multiple users over the network. The system must be implemented in Java, but you can choose the technology (e.g., it can be even Sockets) you want to use to build your distributed application
BX2019 Accounting Information Systems - Assignment - MYOB Project
BX2019Accounting Information SystemsMYOBGST
In this assignment, you are to create a business profile and record day to day transactions including GST and payroll transactions by using MYOB Business EssentialsTM. This project also involves the preparation of common financial statements and a GST return.
DSAA(B)2024 Project:Seam-Carving
In this project,you are required to implement seam-carving algorithm to do resize on imagefiles. To illustrate seam-carving,first see the above images.The left image is the original.The right image is the image shrinked by seam-carving. It is obvious that the algorithm isn't doing a simple resize as the shape of "important"objects in the image (surfing people)remains the
Project One: Train Speed Profile Based on Train Longitudinal Dynamics
Train Longitudinal DynamicsTrain operation modelTrain Speed Profile
During the operation of a train, various kinds of friction will occur between the train and the outside world, thereby consuming the energy of train traction. During the same journey, different driving strategies used by trains often result in different energy and time consumption