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6002CEM Mobile App Development - Coursework 2: Designing and Building a Mobile App
You are required to design and build a .NET Maui app that demonstrates your proficiency in the skills that have been taught during the module. The application must be developed using the C# programming language and .NET Maui framework.
6001CEM Project Submission - Final Year Project
Please refer to the ‘report structure document’ (session 2) on the Aula page for general advice about report content and structure. However, the following elements MUST be included with your report
6002CEM Mobile App Development - Assignment Brief - Coursework 1: Individual Report
Introduction of your proposed app idea: a. Background and motivation of your proposed mobile App b. Define what goals the user should be able to achieve in your app (e.g., The user will be able to log in) c. Would your app be free or paid? Explain briefly how you would monetize it to create a source of income in the future.
6003CEM Web API Development Coursework 2 of 2 - API Portfolio
You work for a company that specialises in providing API-backed web applications to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and charities. The company has several clients and a large backlog of projects which need to be completed.
6003CEM Web API Development - Coursework 1 Report - API Feasibility Study
You must produce an API feasibility study report for the client described in the next section. The report should contain the following sections.
CISC/CMPE 454 Computer Graphics - Assignment 1 - Asteroids
You will implement parts of the Asteroids game by extending the skeleton code provided in this directory. You may work individually or in groups of two. Graduate students must work individually.
Computer Systems & Programming - Weekly Programming Exercises: Fibonacci Fish
Following your lab 1 lab notes, attempt C/C++ coding for the following exercise questions. These exercise questions will help you practise coding objectively, in preparation for your coding projects.
ELEC362 Application Development with C++ - Project: Data Processing application
Design and implement a Qt-based GUI application which allows the user to import different datasets, plot them in the application, and allow the user to create a function from a combination of the datasets.
898F3 Programming in C++: The Money Class
Write and then test a Money class, which represents amounts of UK currency. The value is implemented as a single integer value that represents the amount of money as if it were converted to all pennies.
Introduction to Computing with Python - Test: Caesar Cypher
Instructions. You can use any material to solve the test. However, to operate on strings, other than the functions that you implement or that are already defined in the test, you are allowed to use only the following functions: len, range, and enumerate.
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Coursework 2: Workflow Satisfiability Problem
The Workflow Satisfiability Problem is an important problem in access control (information security). It is about organising a workflow in an organisation in such a way that certain security-related constraints are satisfied
Electromagnetics, Antennas and Propagation Assignment No. 1: Finite differences methods
Most real-life electromagnetic problems do not fall into a class that can be solved by analytical methods. For these common situations, we must resort to numerical approximate solutions
Antennas and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Assignment No.2: FDTD algorithm
The Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method is a computational electromagnetic technique for solving for the electric and magnetic fields in arbitrary spatial domains in the time domain.
The (0-1) Knapsack Problem is an optimisation problem. The knapsack problem takes a set of items with their profits and weights, and a weight limit for the knapsack as parameters.
Assignment 3: Steepest Descent Approximation
You are on a hill with your friends hiking. You want to reach the closest valley with a pub as soon as possible as it is getting dark. The fastest way to get down is to examine the ground and walk in the direction of the steepest descent.
Navigation Systems (ENG:5062) Additional Exercise: Robotic Vehicle
A robotic vehicle is shown in Figure 1 below. It moves with constant velocity Vf and can alter trajectory by changing its heading angle ψ.
Data Structure Final Project: Maximize Revenue for NTHU-Bike Company
You are assigned to help the "NTHU-Bike," a bike rental company, to design a rental analysis system to improve its workflow management.
Coursework 1: implement and evaluate machine learning techniques
Your tasks will include data exploration, data pre-processing, machine learning method selection and implementation, and model performance evaluation.
AMS 335/ECO 355 PROBLEM SET 1: Penalty Kicks, Meeting Up and Price Competition
Imagine a kicker and a goalie who confront each other in a penalty kick that will determine the outcome of a soccer game. The kicker can kick the ball left or right, while the goalie can choose to jump left or right
Projet ICE4404P: écrire un compilateur
Ce projet consiste à écrire un compilateur d’un langage très simple en respectant les étapes usuelles et en utilisant les outils du cours
Assignment 2: Persistence of the Ambiguity Aversion Effect
Your task is to replicate the experiment eported by Pulford & Collman (2008) showing the persistence of the ambiguity aversion effect.
MCD4720 Fundamentals of C++ Assignment 2 and 3: Snake and Ladder
This project will be submitted in two parts. Both parts of the assessment are equally important for the successful completion of your project, so it is essential that you understand the requirements of both parts before you start.
Object Oriented Program Design Assessment Task: Custom Program
At this stage you should have enough understanding of object oriented programming to start thinking about creating your own custom program.
Web application Development Project: Northwind sales enterprise
You are required to create a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) web application that will let the user to manage the Northwind sales enterprise.
ECE482 - Introduction to Operating Systems Project 3: User Mode Scheduling in MINIX 3
Two days… Already two days that you have submitted your work on the LemonDB system and still nothing, not even a word or an email. On this cold morning of November you slowly walk to your work under the light rain, lost in your thoughts.
Project: Trace-driven Cache Simulator and Performance Evaluation
You will need to implement a trace-driven cache simulator, and use it to evaluate the performance of different cache architecture features. The project is described in detail in sim.pdf.
COMP1007 Computer Fundamentals - LargeCoursework01: CPU
Throughout COMP1007, we’ve looked at how we can build a CPU from raw digital logic. In this coursework, we’ll put some of the building blocks we have already built together to build some of the major building blocks that you might find in a simple CPU1 using the nand2tetris hardware simulator and hardware description language.
CS 1027 Computer Science Fundamentals II - Assignment 3: Solitaire
A popular single-player card game is solitaire. In the game, there are many stacks of cards: the regular stacks (sometimes referred to as the tableau), and four initially empty foundation stacks that are later built up out of ascending consecutive cards of each suit
MATH36031 Project 2: Problem of a fox chasing a rabbit
In this project, you will investigate the problem of a fox chasing a rabbit by solving differential equations modelling their positions at different times.
CHC5028 Software Development with C/C++ - Coursework: Text adventures
“Text adventures”, now called “interactive fiction”, were among the first type of computer game ever produced. These games have no graphics; the player reads the story of the game in text, and decides what their character will do by typing commands at a prompt.
ECS 50: Computer Organization & Machine-Dependent Programming - Anti-Aircraft Gunner
The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about the use of interrupts, and to write a larger program in assembly language. Both are skills that can come in handy in the future. In order to develop these skills, you are going to design a game similar to one I have seen but can't remember the name of.
Math 104A Computation Homework # 2: Quadrature rules
We have studied some quadrature rules and their theoretical rates of convergence (or error terms). In this homework, you compute and report actual rates of convergence of some quadrature rules when they are implemented for selected integrands.
Analytical and Computational Foundations Coursework 1: Iterative methods
Iterative methods are sometimes useful for finding solutions to certain equations, for instance square-roots and cube roots etc. One early example of such a method was discovered by the ancient Babylonians,
MSBA7021 Prescriptive Analytics Assignment 1: regression model, integer optimization and efficient frontier
La Quinta Motor Inns is a mid-sized hotel chain headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. They are looking to expand to more locations, and know that selecting good sites is crucial to a hotel chain’s success.
CST8209 Web Programming I - Assignment for Practical final: Shopping Website
Using JavaScript you will be: Create and validate form with miscellaneous input types, submit and reset. Manipulate DOM based on user interaction
Algorithm Design and Analysis - Assignment Three: Persistent dynamic set
A persistent dynamic set is a set which maintains past versions of itself as it gets updated. One simple implementation of a persistent dynamic set would be to copy the entire data structure whenever it gets modified, but this approach becomes Θ(n) and may require substantial memory, so instead the data structure just keeps track of changes made.
Algorithm Design and Analysis - Assignment Four: Currency exchange graph
A currency exchange graph is a graph whose n nodes represent different curriencies, and whose directed edges represent exchange rates ruv between those currencies
COMP603 Program Design & Construction - Software Development Project
This semester you will design and develop a software product. You can work individually or in a group of 4 students (max). We strongly recommend you work on the project in a group
CS 3304: Comparative Languages - Project 3 Logical Programming
At some point in your schooling, you may have encountered the concept of diagramming sentences. A diagram of a sentence is a tree-like drawing representing the sentence's grammatical structure, including parts such as the subject, verb, and object.
ECE650 Methods and Tools for Software Engineering - Programming Assignment 1: Parser and Boolean Evaluator
This is the first in a series of assignments that is part of a single large project. The project is to build a SAT solver, and the purpose of this assignment is (1) to build a parser that parses a string representing the combination of a Boolean formula and an assignment;
Python Application Development - Assignment 1: Rational Numbers
Using Jupyter Notebook, develop an object-oriented application that will perform calculations on rational numbers.
DTS202TC Foundation of Parallel Computing - Group Assessment 1: Convert a RBG image to a grey-scale image
The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in C programming and parallel algorithm design. You are expected to write a C serial program to convert a RBG image to a grey-scale image (no parallelism), and provide a parallel algorithm design that may speed up the serial implementation
CHC5049 Database - Coursework 1: SQL and DTD
Due to the current epidemic, a well-known sporting goods store with several branches decided to sell products online to customers without ever interacting in person.
MATH49111/69111 Scientific Computing Projects 2: Neural Networks, Compressed Sensing, Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Revenue Management, and the Gillespie Algorithm
Choose only one project from those in this booklet to complete and hand in. Students on the MSc in Quantitative Finance are encouraged to choose either project 1 or project 4
CSCI-1200 Data Structures - Homework 7: Registration Maps
Ben Bitdiddle has invited you to join his new Rensselaer Center for Open Source (RCOS) team project. He as been inspired by the existing and massively popular YACS (Yet Another Course Scheduler) and QUACS (Questionably Accurate Course Scheduler) projects.
COMP2021: Object-Oriented Programming - Group Project: A Command-Line-Based Interpreter for Simple Programs
The goal of this project is to develop a command-line-based interpreter for programs written in the Simple programming language.
CS 134 Computer Game Design and Programming - Final Project: 3D Lander
In this final project, you will create a substantial portion of a 3D Lander-style game from scratch in C++ using the components you have worked on from pervious assignments including lighting, physics, octree subdivision, particle simulation and more.
CS 134 Computer Game Design and Programming - Project 2: Dynamic Pursuit
For this project, you will continue where you left off in Project 1 to create a physics-based game whose theme is entitled Dynamic Pursuit, inspired by the classic video game, Asteroids.
INFT 3030 Concurrent Programming - Assignment: Multi-player game server
The assignment is intended to give you experience in modelling a concurrent requirement and writing a concurrent program in Java to implement it. The application is a multi-player game server (MPGS).
CMPUT 366 Search and Planning in Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 4: Constraint Satisfaction solver for Sudoku
In this assignment you will implement a Constraint Satisfaction solver for Sudoku. If you aren’t familiar with Sudoku, please review the notes for Lecture 16.
CS3214 Computer Systems Fall 2022 - Project 4: Personal Web and Video Server
The goal of the project is to build a small personal web server that can serve files, stream MP4 video, and provides a simple token-based authentication API.
ECMM462: Fundamentals of Security - Continuous Assessment: Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
For this task you should implement a version of the Feistel structure in Python3. To this end you should complete the template file feistel.py provided on the ELE page.
4CCE1PHC Physical Computing - Assignment: Machine Learning with a Neural Network
In this assignment, you will write code to implement components and functions of a larger C program that implements a simple, artificial neural network (ANN), a kind of machine learning system.
COMS10016 Imperative and Functional Programming - Coursework 2 - Simplify
In this coursework assignment, you will implement a simplifier for symbolic arithmetic expressions involving addition, multiplication and integer exponentiation (xn where n is a non-negative integer).
JEIA2002: Audio and Signal Processing - Assignment: Signal spectrogram, Power spectral density and SIMO system
Plot the signal. Then plot the zoomed-in signal corresponding to the first tone (‘1’) and explain if the signal is periodic and justify your answer.
FINTECH 510: Programming for FinTech - Evaluative Assignment - Efficient Frontier
For this assignment, write a program to find the efficient frontier, or optimal set of portfolios, given a universe of assets and their correlations.
MATH3090 Computational Mathematics - Assignment 2- Euler methods and predator-prey model
Analyze the discretization error of improved Euler’s method in the context of our well-stirred coffee model, i.e., Newton’s cooling model. Denote the time step size as h = T/K.
COMP3811 Computer Graphic - Coursework 1: Basic graphics operations in 2D
Coursework 1 focuses on basic graphics operations in 2D, including manipulating images, drawing lines and triangles, and blitting images.
ELEC4632 Computer Control Systems - Lab 3: Design a control system
In this lab, you are going to design a control system for your identified model of W-T system and simulate it using MATLAB and Simulink.
EE 555 Broadband Network Architectures - Project: Build an SDN controller
The objective of this project is to build an SDN controller that has the capabilities of a router and a switch. SDN stands for Software Defined Networking.
COMS10016: Imperative and Functional Programming - Summative Coursework 02: SKETCH CHALLENGE
The coursework brings together various aspects of the course: file handling, bit manipulation, data structures, dynamic allocation, function pointers, callbacks, and graphics alongside most of the basic C features.
System Programming (Section 3174, 3176) Project #1: Find the minimum number using multi-process
The main goal of this project is to find a minimum value of given integer arrays using multi-process.
MA/CS 321 - Introduction to Numerical Methods - Programming Project 2: Interpolation
For ecological research purposes, a tracking device has been attached to some individuals on a migratory flock. The goal of this project is to construct the migration routes of these birds, by interpolating the signals obtained from the tracking device.
MIS41160: Optimisation in Business - Assignment: Mathematical Programming
You will address Mathematical Programming (specifically, Linear and Integer Linear Programming) problems as described in §§3–5 using the approaches and tools discussed in class, and make
JIT - Building IT Systems - Assignment 2: Our World
This task involves writing a Python program which interrogates an SQLite database and generates HTML documents as its output.
CSI5100 Programming Languages - Homework 2: Scheme Language
Define a Scheme function “allzero” that takes a list of integers, applies a function that converts an integer to true if the integer is zero
Programming for Engineers (II) - Practical 4: Matlab Simulink Toolbox
The goal with the exercises is to get started with some problem solving in Simulink. This is a graphical tool where most of the things also can be done in MATLAB or its other toolboxes
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ - Coursework: Genericity, Containers, Overloading, Pointers and Arrays
First, make sure you have a proper (command line-based) environment to develop and test your code. Use whichever IDE you want but your code MUST work with g++ version >=12.
CS 4163/6523: Introduction to Database Systems - Homework 2
Use the FDs in Problem 1 to decompose the universal relation into 3NF and BCNF using algorithms 15.4 and 15.5 respectively.
Practical 2 Matlab Basics - Vectorisation and Decisions
Write a MATLAB program to evaluate a function f (x, y) for any two user-specified values x and y.
CS1027 Computer Science Fundamentals II - Assignment 4: Minesweeper
Minesweeper is a solitaire computer game in which there are bombs hidden in a grid of cells, and the objective is to clear out all the non-bomb cells without hitting a bomb.
CS3334 Data Structures - Assignment: Hash Table
In this project, you are asked to implement and compare different types of hash algorithms to achieve the operations listed above
ECE220: Computer Systems & Programming - Machine Problem 12: Dancing Turtles
Your task this week is to write a short program to animate a turtle. Towards this end, you must open and read commands from an input file, then execute the commands frame by frame to animate the turtle.
COMP3491 Codes and Cryptography - Coursework 2: Feistel cipher
In this coursework you will explore what makes a good (or bad) Feistel function in a Feistel cipher.
CPT111 Java Programming - Coursework 3 – DNA for Profiling and Disease Detection
DNA carries the genetic information in living beings. Interestingly, it has been used in criminal justice system for profiling work, as well as disease diagnosis in medicine. In this coursework, your task is to develop algorithms for those two purposes.
Analyzing Climate Data
In the tasks 0, 1, and 2, the input will come from the keyboard. In Tasks 3 and 4, the input will come from a file in simplified format: the file contains floating point temperature values, one number per line. The title of the file tells us the city and the year for which measurements are available.
COMP 636: Python and Database Assessment
This code is library management system for Waikirikiri Library. It is used to manage books, borrowers and loans. You are provided with an outline of the program to complete.
CSC2059 Data structures and Algorithms - Practical 5: Lists
Exercise 1. Linked List class expansion. In this project, we will add new member functions into the List class to expand this class
COMP0173 AI for Sustainable Development - Coursework #2 Machine Learning based Data Analysis
Coursework #2 is a data analysis coding-based coursework. You are asked to choose a dataset related to sustainable development and do some machine learning based analysis.
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 6: Applying theory
Answer any one question that we have yet to solve in class or lab, other than the two short discussion questions 21 and 28, i.e., any one of problems 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22-27 and 29-37
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 5: Exchange under incomplete contracts
Consider a situation where a Buyer seeks to purchase goods for resale from n small business Suppliers, but cannot contract on the quality q of the goods provided, and hence may only decide to terminate a relationship if quality is too low
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 4: Social coordination of public outcomes
Consider a classic tragedy of the fishers where two individuals’ actions have negative external effects on each other and also act as substitutes. Assume that individuals lower and Upper are maximizing utility functions
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 3: Social Preferences
A major theme of this class has been how social preferences influence behavior. Consider two students working on a joint project who care about both their own outcomes as well as the outcomes of students that they work with, such that for each individual i receiving payoffs πi while working with individual j receiving payoff πj
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 1: Games and game theory
Suppose table A is the payoff matrix for the row player in a two-person symmetrical game. Indicate restrictions on the relative values of the payoffs in table A that would be sufficient to define the game as a Prisoner’s Dilemma
ECON 601 - Microeconomics: Theory and Applications - Final Exam - Question 2: Evolutionary dynamics
Suppose that two cultural groups, red and blue, have housing preferences that vary as a function of the fraction f ∈ [0,1] of red households in the neighborhood, with each group’s relative valuation / price being given
554.488/688 Computing for Applied Mathematics Fall 2022 - Final Project Assignment - Fannie Mae Loan Performance Prediction Project
The aim of this project is use data collected on a large number of loans in Oct of 2021, to develop prediction models for the number of months payments are made on mortgage loans and for pre- dicting foreclosure of a loan based on information available to FNMA at the time the loan is put on their books.
COMP3911 Secure Computing - Coursework 2: Analysis of Security Flaws
This assignment concerns vulnerabilities in a software application, and how they can be fixed. You should be able to do the work on any machine that has the Java Development Kit installed.
MTM5004 Maritime Data Analytics - Assignment 1 - Exploratory Data Analysis and SQLite
The European Maritime Safety Agency reports carbon dioxide emissions from ships, mrv.emsa.europa.eu , according to the European Community Regulation 2015/757. The data set MRV 2019, provided in the CSV file MRV_2019.csv , contains technical data on vessel fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and technical efficiency.
MAT3300 Homework 4: Mathematical Modeling
With the presence of bid-ask spreads, is there any arbitrage opportunity by trading these options and the risk-free asset? If so, construct one such strategy.
DTS207TC Database Development and Design - Assessment 001: Individual Coursework: Triggers, and Indexing
This assignment aims to gain experience in understanding the internal functionality of different database management systems, including RDBMS, XML, Object-relational databases, and gain experience in designing data warehouses to perform OLAP operations.
CS 2505: Computer Organization I - Project 5: Bomblab
Each pair of students will aempt to defuse their own personalized bomb. Each bomb is a Linux binary executable file that has been compiled from a C program. To obtain your pair’s bomb, one (and only one) of the pair members should point your Web browser to the bomb
CPT109 C Programming and Software Engineering 1 – ASSESSMENT 3: Vehicle Rental Service Information System
This assessment aims to evaluate students’ ability to develop a significant software solution to a real- world problem by working as a member of a team. Your team will be given a vague specification and is expected to deliver a software product in the C programming language
CS584: Natural Language Processing - Assignment 5: Dependency Parsing
Given a sentence “I parsed this sentence correctly” with the transitions, complete the following table. The first three steps are provided in the table, showing the configuration of the stack and buffer, as well as the transition and the new dependency (if has) for the following steps.
Data Analytics and AI for Business - Final Project: Classification techniques,Tree-based methods and Unsupervised (machine) learning techniques.
The midterm project was an introduction to predictive analytics. It was a first dive into the ba.sics of data science. The final project, in a sense, is a replica of the midterm project.
COM102 Programming II - Java - Coursework - Practical Skills Assessment 2: Library Loans
This assignment is concerned with manipulating lists / arrays of objects. You will write a program to store and manage details of library items currently on loan to library users according to the following functional requirements
CSCI-1200 Data Structures — Fall 2022 Homework 10 — Priority Queues for Mesh Simplification
In this assignment we will work with a 2D mesh or graph of vertices, edges, and triangles. At the vertices we store colors loaded from an image in .ppm format. The goal in this assignment is to reduce the total size of the mesh, but still provide a reasonable approximation of the original image.
CSC3100 Data Structures Fall 2022 Programming Assignment II: Special Shortest Path, Median Search Tree, Football Match and Prefix
City C consists of n nodes, representing different places. There are m edges between these nodes. For the edge ei = (ui , vi , wi ), there is a bidirectional(undirected) trail connecting ui and vi with length of wi.
4CCE1PHC Physical Computing - Assignment: Building a Robot Arm
In this coursework, you will build a simple robot arm and control interface capable of basic pick and place tasks. The arm should use three servomotors for actuation, two for moving the arm itself, and one for moving its gripper.
STAT 7008 - Assignment 3: Web Scraping
Crawl some key information about all articles published in 2022 from the website, including year, volume, article content, title, authors and pages.
159.251 - Software Design and Construction - Assignment 2: Custom Appender and Layout Objects for Log4j
Create a project assign251_2 using the Maven project layout, and within this project, create a project that implements custom appender and layout objects for Log4j.
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