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Computer Graphics - 计算机图形学

计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
CISC/CMPE 454 Computer Graphics - Assignment 1 - Asteroids
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
You will implement parts of the Asteroids game by extending the skeleton code provided in this directory. You may work individually or in groups of two. Graduate students must work individually.
CSCI 420 Computer Graphics Assignment 1: Height Fields
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
This assignment is intended as a hands-on introduction to OpenGL and programming in three dimensions.
159.235 Programming for Computer Graphics - Assignment 3 - A 3D Graphics Scene
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
This assignment covers the concepts of coordinate transformations (in homogeneous coordinates), ray tracing, illumination, shading, and texture mapping. The necessary theory is discussed in the lectures together with programming tips.
CS4410 Computer Graphics - Homework 2 - Visualizes random polygons
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
Write a WebGL program that creates and visualizes random polygons (n-gons). Name your source code hw2.html and hw2.js.
CS4410 Computer Graphics - Homework 1 - Visualizes a random triangle
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
Write a WebGL program that creates and visualizes a random triangle. Name your source code hw1.html and hw1.js.
SWS3005: Real-Time Graphics Rendering (2022) - Assignment 1 OpenGL
计算机图形学Computer GraphicsGraphics Rendering
OpenGL viewing, OpenGL transformations, hierarchical modeling, and animation. You should have learned how to set up the view transformation (camera position and orientation) in OpenGL, how to set up perspective viewing in OpenGL,
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