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INFO1113 / COMP9003 Object-Oriented Programming - Assignment: Tank Game
INFO1113COMP9003Object-Oriented ProgrammingJavaTank GameUML
In this assignment, you will create a game in the Java programming language using the Processing library for graphics and gradle as a dependency manager. In the game, players control tanks which can aim and fire at each other. Players gain score for hitting another player’s tank, causing them to lose health. After all levels are completed, the player with the highest score wins.
COMP4610/8610 Computer Graphics - Computer Lab Assignment 3: Mesh Processing
COMP4610COMP8610Computer GraphicsMesh ProcessingC++
All homework assignments must be completed individually. We encourage you to discuss the assignments with other students. However, you should not share any of your codes with anyone else. Each student is responsible for implementing the assignment on their own
COMP4610 Computer Graphics Assignment 1: OBJ Mesh and Spatial Transformations
COMP4610COMP8610Computer GraphicsC++MeshSpatial Transformations
In order to perform geometric transformations of a rigid body in 3D space, we often use 4x4 homogeneous matrices. Write down any 4x4 matrix which represents a rigid Euclidean transformation and prove that your specific 4x4 matrix is indeed a rigid Euclidean transformation
COMP3811 Computer Graphics CW2: Projective 3D graphics pipeline
COMP3811Computer GraphicsProjective 3D graphics pipelineTexturingTracking camerasOpenGL
This coursework covers the projective 3D graphics pipeline, which is fundamental to real-time rendering applications.
Assignment: Ray Tracer
Ray TracerJavaPythonComputer Graphics
For this assignment, you will be building a Ray Tracer using C/C++, Python, or Java. The choice of which of these languages is up to you, but keep in mind that language-specific support is not provided
CSE 167 Computer Graphics - Assignment 3: 3D OpenGL Rendering
CSE 167Computer Graphics3D OpenGL RenderingGPUOpenGLC++
As you can probably tell from the previous homeworks, rendering requires computing interactions between millions of pixels and billions of triangles. This leads to significant challenges in performance, especially when we want to interact with the content in real-time. To make things really fast, pioneers in computer graphics came up with the solution to use domain-specific hardware to speedup rendering
COMPSCI 3GC3 Computer Graphics Fall 2023 - Assignment 2: Blendshapes for Face Expressions
COMPSCI 3GC3Computer GraphicsBlendshapes for Face ExpressionsOpenGLC++
In assignment 2, we will load meshes described in obj file format, render them in OpenGL and use blendshapes for creating various facial expressions.
COMP3811 Computer Graphics - Coursework 1: Basic graphics operations in 2D
University of LeedsCOMP3811Computer GraphicBasic graphics operations in 2DC++
Coursework 1 focuses on basic graphics operations in 2D, including manipulating images, drawing lines and triangles, and blitting images.
COMP5911M Advanced Software Engineering Coursework 1: Matrices and PictureAppPlus
COMP5911MAdvanced Software EngineeringJavaMatricesPictureAppPlus
A matrix is an array of numbers indexed by rows and columns. Matrices are widely used in computer graphics and numerical science. One common operation is to put a matrix into row echelon form, in which entries below the leading diagonal are set to zero.
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