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COMP636 Software Development: Web App Assessment - Booking Web System
COMP636Software DevelopmentWeb AppPythonFlaskBootstrap
Selwyn Campground have decided that they want to upgrade their internal system from the text- based system to a web-based system. Your task is to develop a small Web Application to help them manage customers, sites, and bookings. You will also write a report. The system will only be used by office staff and does not require any form of login or authentication. Bookings are recorded in the system by making an entry for each night a site is booked.
COMP90041 Programming and Software Development Final Project: Ticket Management System
COMP90041Programming and Software DevelopmentJavaTicket Management System
For this project, we will extend the ticket management system to a real-life Ticket Management System. In your real life, you may use some kind of database. But we will handle and save data using files.
CSSE7030/CSSE1001 Introduction to Software Engineering Assignment 2 Semester 1, 2024: Into The Breach (ish)
CSSE7030CSSE1001Introduction to Software EngineeringPythonInto The Breach
In this assignment, you will implement a (heavily) simplified version of the video game ”Into The Breach”. In this game players defend a set of civilian buildings from giant monsters. In order to achieve this goal, the player commands a set of equally giant mechanical heroes called ”Mechs”.
CIS2343 Object Oriented Systems Development Assignment: Card-G
CIS2343Object Oriented Systems DevelopmentC++Card-GCard Game
You have recently set up your own software development company specialising in developing indie videogames. You are the only employee of your company (like Concerned Ape – google it if you don’t know what we are talking about) and you are responsible for everything from identifying suitable opportunities for games, right through to the design, development, and testing of software.
SCC111 Software Development PART-I SUMMER PROJECT
SCC111SCC121SCC131Software DevelopmentJavaC++
You have a choice of projects to undertake, to be selected from the choices below. You need to pick just one of these projects. Read each of them carefully before choosing which project to undertake. Please note that the projects state which programming language you must use for that project.
SOFT3202: Software Construction and Design 2 Assignment: Test and Monitor Software Development
COMP9202Software Construction and Design 2PythonCoverage TestingWhite-box TestingFuzzer
Software development relies heavily on testing and monitoring to ensure the quality, reliability and performance of the software in production. In this assignment, you will develop a series of tools that can be used to test and monitor software during the software development pipeline.
CSSE7023 Advanced Software Engineering Assignment 2: Extend SheeP Spreadsheet
CSSE7023Advanced Software EngineeringJavaSheeP
In this assignment, you will modify and extend the SheeP spreadsheet application from Assignment 1. You will be provided with an extended version of a working implementation of SheeP in which the GUI is implemented using the Java Swing library. For the first part of this assignment, you will have to implement a new GUI that uses the JavaFX library, without altering the look and feel of the user interface
CSC4001 Software Engineering - Project: Testing and Dataflow Analysis on PIG Programming Language
CSC4001Software EngineeringPIGTesting and Dataflow Analysis
In this project, we introduce a simple programming language called PIG, which will serve as the foundation for all tasks. It is imperative to thoroughly understand the following instructions regarding the PIG programming language before proceeding with the tasks.
CS 2820 Introduction to Software Development - Team Assignment: Channel Analysis
CS2820Introduction to Software DevelopmentWARP System
The project requires you to work in a team of 4, using a modified Agile Scrum process to complete the Channel Analysis component of the WARP system using the tools we have learned this semester
COMP223: Software Engineering Final Project Guideline
COMP223Software Engineering
You (or your group) can develop any kinds new software by using any programming language, by using any libraries or packages as long as it is declared in the documents). The size of software does not have to be big but should be big enough for adapting software development process. The software should run at least demo stages
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