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159731 Studies in Computer Vision - Assignment 3: Video Stabilisation
159731Studies in Computer VisionVideo StabilisationC++OpenCV
Your task for this assignment is to write a program to perform video stabilisation. On stream is a short video shot with no video stabilisation. For this assignment you must write a C++ program using OpenCV to produce a stabilised video. You will need to find cumulative homography matrices for a number of sequential frames
159731 Studies in Computer Vision - Assignment 2: 2D barcode
159731Studies in Computer VisionC++OpenCV2D barcode
Your task is to write a program that reads a colour 2D barcode. The 2D barcodes may be rotated, scaled and slightly distorted and use a simple encoding with 8 colours. The colours are black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, yellow, and white. These colours represent three bits.
FIT5225 Cloud computing and security 2024 SM1 Assignment 1: CloudDetect
FIT5225Cloud computing and securityCloudDetectPython
This project aims to build a web-based system that we call CloudDetect. It will allow end-users to send an image to a web service hosted by Docker containers and receive a list of objects detected in their uploaded image. The project will make use of the YOLO (You Only Look Once) library, a state-of-the- art real-time object detection system, and OpenCV (Open-Source Computer Vision Library) to perform the required image operations/transformations.
ENGN4528 Computer Vision Assignment 2 (CLab2) : Harris Corner Detection
ENGN4528Computer VisionHarris Corner DetectionDeep LearningDeep Neural NetworksPython
The goal of this assignment is to develop and assess proficiency at mid-level image processing, including corner detection, and deep learning techniques, including domain adaptation for deep neural networks.
COMP52615 Computer Vision Assignment: Detection of a badminton court and then players on the court
COMP52615Computer VisionPython
In this assignment, you are asked to implement software for the detection of a badminton court and then players on the court. You are then asked to track the players on the court. Data are provided, read the instructions on how to get hold of the dataset in the dedicated section. Image frames of a video clip of two international badminton matches have been zipped.
MAEG5720 Computer Vision in Practice - Mini-Project2: Panorama
MAEG5720Computer Vision in Practicepanorama
The field of view of the image is limited by your lens. However, we could solve this issue by combining multiple images together to form a panorama. The aim of this assignment is to automatically stitch the images acquired by a panning camera.
Introduction to Computer Vision (ECSE 415) Assignment 5: Segmentation
ECSE 415Introduction to Computer VisionSegmentation
In this section, you will be asked to compute image segmentations by using several basic clustering techniques. Clustering is used to determine the class of each pixel, and the result can be different depending on the feature space. The images for this part are placed under the same dictionary.
CS 6476: Computer Vision - Final Project Overview and Topics List
CS 6476Computer VisionPython
For the final project you will apply knowledge that you have learned in class plus additional research to build a computer vision system that achieves near state-of-the-art results in an area you select.
COMP 4102A Computer Vision: Assignment 1: SVD, Edge Detection and Sticks filter
COMP 4102AComputer VisionEdge detectionSticks filterC++Python
Write a function that finds edge intensity and orientation in an image. Display the output of your function for one of the given images in the handout
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