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COMP643 Advanced Database Management Assignment 2: Transaction Management and Concurrency Control
COMP643Advanced Database ManagementTransaction ManagementConcurrency ControlDatabase Performance TuningQuery Optimisation
Using the two-phase locking protocol, create a chronological list of locking, unlocking and data manipulation activities that would occur during the complete processing of the transaction described in Q1a.
COS20019 Cloud Computing Architecture - Assignment 02 Scalable Cloud Computing Architecture
COS20019Cloud Computing ArchitecturePythonScalable Cloud Computing Architecture
In the cloud project of Assignment 1, you have learnt how to deploy a Photo Album Web Application on a VPC, actually in a EC2 running as a Web Server. However, this is not a highly available environment. In case there are some hardware failure related to that particular EC2 instance running the Web Server. The whole Web Applicaiton will be down and hence cannot be used by the public users.
EPPD1063: Computer Application LAB TEST 1: Excel
EPPD1063Computer ApplicationExcelWord
By using the formula available in Microsoft Excel, please find the largest and smallest marks for each of the Q, A, M and F columns. Please add new rows in the table with appropriate title for the answer.
Project 3: Explore 1 of the given datasets: Breast Cancer, Global IQ Data and Natural Disasters
Data AnalysisMachine LearningR
In Week 9, briefings will be given by your tutors in your Lab class, and then a Video Briefing by your lecturer is in the first ten minutes of the Week 10 Lecture. See a guide to writing a nice report here Download here .
Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour 2024 Coursework No 2: Technical report
G6042Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive BehaviourAgentsAdaptation mechanismsGenetic AlgorithmBackpropagation
You have to write a technical report describing an investigation related to the topics covered in class. For choosing the specific topic of investigation, you have to make a number of choices described below.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
BISM7202 Information Systems for Management - Excel Assignment
BISM7202Information Systems for ManagementExcel
This assignment requires you to create a professional business application using Microsoft Excel 2019 / Microsoft Excel 365. The purpose of this assignment is to test the student’s ability to operate and manage business data in spreadsheets.
MATH4063 Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling - Group Project: Jet Lag
MATH4063Case Studies in Mathematical ModelingJet LagThe Best HospitalBoarding and Disembarking a Plane
Organizing international meetings is not easy in many ways, including the problem that some of the participants may experience the effects of jet lag after recent travel from their home country to the meeting location which may be in a different time-zone, or in a different climate and time of year, and so on. All these things may dramatically affect the productivity of the meeting.
MTH5001: Introduction to Computer Programming - Final Report Project: Arc Diagrams
MTH5001Introduction to Computer ProgrammingArc DiagramsPython
In this project you will investigate properties of arc diagrams, particularly so-called crossings and nestings.
KXO206 Database Management Systems - Assessment Task 1 - Database Maintenance Report
KXO206Database Management SystemsDatabase MaintenanceSQL
The Shanghai Council for the Promotion of International Trade, founded in November 1956, serves as the oldest local branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).
COMP1047 Systems and Architecture - Coursework Part-2: Computer Networks
COMP1047Systems and ArchitectureComputer NetworksTCPUDP
This project provides insights on analyzing network performances such as delay, throughput, and packet drops of your designed network. It presents an experimental methodology to obtain an estimate of average delay, throughput, and packet drops for packets of variable payload size. You are required to use the TWO transport layer protocols, the TCP and UDP as we studied in Week-3 class.
Algorithmic Game Theory Summative Assignment: Nash equilibria and Auction
Algorithmic Game TheoryAuctionLoad Balancing
Two players, Player 1 and Player 2, take turns removing 1 or 2 cards from a stack of 6 cards, i.e., each of them, every time their turn comes, pick 1 or 2 cards to remove. Player 1 starts the game. Whoever picks the last card wins 1 unit of payo↵ from the other player
CSE233 DATABASE THEORY - Problem Set #2: Relational calculus
CSE233DATABASE THEORYRelational calculusSQL
Recall the movie database in Problem 1 of the previous home- work, and the query List the theaters showing only movies by Hitchcock. Express this query in nr-Datalog
BX2019 Accounting Information Systems - Assignment - MYOB Project
BX2019Accounting Information SystemsMYOBGST
In this assignment, you are to create a business profile and record day to day transactions including GST and payroll transactions by using MYOB Business EssentialsTM. This project also involves the preparation of common financial statements and a GST return.
160.212 Discrete Mathematics Assignment 2
160212Discrete Mathematics离散数学Partial OrderPermutation
Let N be the set of all divisors of 60, and let P ={a∈N|4≤a≤30}. Let ≼ be the partial order defined by a ≼ b if and only a divides b. (a) Draw the Hasse diagram of (P, ≼). (b) For every pair (a,b) of numbers in P evaluate the least upper bound, lub(a,b), or say it does not exist (DNE). Present the values in the form of a table. (c) Use your answer to (b) to explain why (P, ≼) is not a lattice.
BISM 7255 - UML ASSIGNMENT - SEMESTER 1-2024 A Digital Solution for Dance Academy Sydney
BISM7255A Digital Solution for Dance Academy SydneyBusiness Information Systems Analysis and DesignUML
The Dance Academy Sydney is a studio in Sydney that provides adults of any age a place to experience dance in a positive environment. In a term, different dance workshops are offered every week covering a range of different styles, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Tap. A workshop is a two-and-half-day or three-day course focused on a particular dance style.
COS20019 Cloud Computing Architecture Assignment 1 - Part B Photo Album website
COS20019Cloud Computing ArchitecturePhoto Album websiteAWSPHP
Creating and deploying Photo Album website onto a simple AWS infrastructure
ST117 Introduction to Statistical Modelling 2024 Final project assignment for WR
ST117Introduction to Statistical ModellingEDAexploratory data analysisR
Your written report will be a summary of a real-world data analysis project using the UK ECN repository introduced in the last lecture in Week 10 of Term 2. The assignment is released in two phases. The first phase (released along with Log3) is detailed below. The second phase will be released along with Log4.
INFO5001 Application Modeling and Design Assignment 7 Reports
INFO5001Application Modeling and DesignJava
Create a SupplierReport and SupplierSummary classes and add implement a report with the following columns: - Supplier Name, - Total Sales, - Loyalty score (Number of different customers who picked suppliers products divided by number of all customers)
CS200 Concepts for Advanced Computer Usage - Final Project - FileMaker
CS200Concepts for Advanced Computer UsageFileMakerDatabase
Create a many to many database. Proper field definitions and data validation must be used. (you must have at least one date field and a field that is a pop-up menu that will display two different fields
1DV721 System Administration Assignment #1 Flow Analysis
1DV721System AdministrationComputer Networks
You have been hired by LNU. Co. Ltd. as a System Administrator for doing a network re- design. They already have a network that is operational with around one thousand users. You will start with performing several analyses in the existing network depicted
DTS205TC High Performance Computing - Assessment 2 - Lab Report
DTS205TCHigh Performance Computing
In a hierarchical storage system, the cache hit rate has a significant impact on program performance. Different cache strategies will result in different cache hit ratios. Now, we have recorded 2 datasets, containing CPU access requests to memory for a period of time.
INFT2060: Applied AI Assessment Item 2: You Only Look Once (YOLO)
INFT2060Applied AIYou Only Look Once
Student groups research a specific AI model and document their findings in form of a written report.
CS 440: Programming Languages Assignment: Big-step semantics
CS 440Programming LanguagesRacketBig-step semantics
We wish to add Boolean negation to IMP, via the ! operator. Write down inference rules to describe the big-step semantics of this operator
CS 440: Programming Languages Assignment: Axiomatic Semantics
CS440Programming LanguagesAxiomatic SemanticsRacket
Derive the weakest precondition P such that the Hoare triple { P } C { x > 0 } is valid. You must show your work in steps, deriving the weakest assertion required before each step of the program. Use relational, logical, and arithmetic operators as needed.
CS 440: Programming Languages Assignment: Lambda Calculus
CS 440Programming LanguagesLambda Calculus
For each of the following lambda calculus expressions, (a) draw the corresponding abstract syntax tree – following the conventions used in lecture, and (b) circle all the free variables in the AST.
160212 Discrete Mathematics Assignment 1
160.212Discrete MathematicsTruth tableBinary Relation
Use the known equivalences listed in Table 1.6 of page 7 of the Study Guide to show p → (q ∨ ∼r) and ∼p ∧ r ∧ ∼qare logically equivalent
CS275 Automata and Formal Language Theory Coursework Part 2
CS275Automata and Formal Language TheoryFormal LanguageJava
Use the powerset construction to find a deterministic automaton accepting the same language as the following non-deterministic one. Do not include unreachable states or dead ends
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks Assignment
COMP9334Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and NetworksMarkov chain
Assuming that you are the administrator of an interactive computer system. The computer system consists of a 2-core CPU1 and a disk. During an observation time of 1800 seconds, you obtained the following measurements from the system
Software Architecture & Design Assignment 5: Software Design
Software Architecture & DesignSoftware DesignUML
To create your design, you should follow the same approach that we present in the P3L2 lesson. That is, analyze the requirements (provided above) to identify and refine (1) classes, (2) attributes, (3) operations, and (4) relationships in your design.
ACP Assignment 2 Specifications (Essay)
This assignment has been designed to see your understanding of overall patterns, technology, and application in the microservice / cloud area.
CS6501 Cloud System Reliability - Project
CS6501Cloud System Reliability
As a core component of this course, each student is required to complete a mini course project. The project offers students the opportunity to delve deeper into a specific topic related to cloud system reliability, applying the theories and principles learned in class to a practical situation in real-world.
NET1014 NETWORKING PRINCIPLES Group Assigment: LAN topology
NET1014NETWORKING PRINCIPLESLAN topologyComputer Networks
This assignment aim is to allow students to design and configure a LAN topology by applying basic principles of wired and wireless network, together with configuration of network devices (including routers & switches) by using Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool. Students are also expected to be able to design their IP addressing scheme with subnetting to segment their network.
CNET 600 Enterprise Networking - FINAL PROJECT: Network topologies
CNET 600Enterprise NetworkingComputer Networks
Consider an Ethernet network with three hosts, Host A, Host B, and Host C as shown in Figure 1. No machine is configured as an IP router, and there is no IP router on this network. Assume that the IP addresses and subnet masks are as shown in the figure
INFR09051 Informatics Large Practical (ILP) CW2 Specifications (Essay)
Informatics Large PracticalINFR09051ILPPizzaDronz
Your experience implementing the requirements either defined in CW1 or additional ones discovered later during implementation for the PizzaDronz app. This is supposed to be a classical “Lessons Learned” phase most projects have and is usually used to reflect on what was easy, good, hard and worth improving
DDA4210 Advanced Machine Learning - Assignment 1: Bias-variance decomposition, gradient boosting and recommendation systems
DDA4210Advanced Machine LearningBias-variance decompositiongradient boostingrecommendation systemsPCA
Derive the bias-variance decomposition for the squared error loss function. That is, show that for a model fS trained on a dataset S to predict a target y(x) for each x
COMP201: Software Engineering I - Assignment 1.1: Requirements Engineering
COMP201Software Engineering IRequirements Engineering
This assignment is mainly about “Requirements Engineering” and will consist of various stages to produce parts of a requirements document for a given scenario based on a “proposed building security system” detailed on page 2.
MATH60005 Optimisation - Coursework 1: Unconstrained Optimisation
Find the stationary points of f and classify them according to whether they are saddle points, strict/nonstrict local/global minimum/maximum points
FA23 CSGY6083B Principles of Database Systems - Assignment 2: CLEAR and FEEL
CSGY6083BPrinciples of Database SystemsCLEARFEEL
CLEAR ( Continuous Learning of Education and Administration Research) of a university has undertaken a project to consolidate people’s data from Human Resources and Students Affair departments. In this effort, CLEAR is developing a database design with following considerations,
COSC2500 Numerical Methods in Computational Science 2013 Projects
COSC2500Numerical Methods in Computational Sciencemathematical modelling
A typical project would involve the mathematical modelling of some system of interest, the numerical solution of the mathematical model, and discussion of the results (for example, what the results mean, comparison with experimental results, other computational results, and so on).
CS 6290: High-Performance Computer Architecture Project 3: cache coherence and performance of multi-core processors
CS 6290High-Performance Computer ArchitectureParallel ApplicationIPC
This project is intended to help you understand cache coherence and performance of multi-core processors. As with previous projects, for this project you will need VirtualBox and our project virtual machine
EECS595: Natural Language Processing Homework 4: Probabilistic Context Free Grammar and Dependency Parsing
EECS595Natural Language Processing
This exercise is to get you familiar with dependency parsing and the Stanford CoreNLP [1] toolkit. You may also need to consult the inventory of universal dependency relations. You have two options to complete this exercise.
FIT9137 Introduction to computer architecture and networks - Assignment 3: Core network emulation
FIT9137Introduction to computer architecture and networksComputer Networks
For this assignment you will use the core network emulator to complete a series of tasks on an individual core configuration file that is generated for you
EBUS3030 Business Intelligence - Assignment: Best Salesperson
EBUS3030Business IntelligenceBest Salesperson
This assignment is not just about the data – it is HOW the data resulting from your analytics will support the business, i.e., provide intelligence to the business to help management (your client) make strategic and operational decisions.
IAB320 Business Process Improvement - Assignment 2 Analysis of Business Processes
IAB320Business Process ImprovementAnalysis of Business Processes
Working in groups of at most four (4) students, you are asked to redesign the Health Insurance Claims Handling process of 360-Degree Insurance as described in Section 3 and verify if the redesign will be beneficial
ITECH2004 DATA MODELLING - Assignment 2 Advanced Database Design and Implementation
The company for whom you are developing this system wants people to visit local walks that are considered to have touristic appeal. For instance in Melbourne there are several tourism guide books and websites that detail walks that interested tourists can use to explore sites of local interest.
BUS 440 Database Management - Project 1: Tucker Electronics
BUS 440Database ManagementSQL
Tucker Electronics, LLC. needs to keep track of their office, electronic, and computer inventory to reduce costs, manage reorder points, and better track item locations within their facilities. They need to track which buildings contain what products and be able to contact the manager of each building to verify inventory and reorder products, when necessary
CMPSC 448: Machine Learning and AI Homework 3: Perceptron, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Hard Support Vector Machines and Soft Support Vector Machines
PSUPennsylvania State UniversityCMPSC 448CMPSC448Machine Learning and AIPerceptron
As we discussed in the lecture, the Perceptron algorithm will only converge if the data is linearly separable, i.e., there exists a linear classifier that can perfectly classify the training data.
SNA PS1-2023 : Network
In this first summative assessment, we ask you to present and study a network that you will create yourself
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW5 : Weakest Preconditions 1 & 2; Domain Predicates
IITIllinois Institute of TechnologyCS 536CS536Science of ProgrammingWeakest Preconditions
For each of the statements below, assume σ satisfies the precondition and give the meaning function requirement and the equivalent logical description. If not specified, S could be deterministic or nondeterministic. If S is deterministic, it could be helpful to use the phrase M(S,σ)={τ}.
Homework 5: CAPM Model
FinanceRisk Management
The Security Market line (SML) of an asset relates the excess return of an asset to the excess return of the market portfolio. It says that the risk premium of a security j is proportional to the risk premium on the market portfolio
COMP9417 - Machine Learning Homework 0: Revision - Calculus, Probability, Linear Algebra
UNSWCOMP9417Machine LearningCalculus Probability Linear Algebra
The goal of this homework is to review some important mathematical concepts that are used regularly in machine learning, and which are assumed knowledge for the course.
MBAX 6843 Supply Chain & Operations Analytics - Homework 2: Sales & Operations Planning + Waiting Line Analysis
University of ColoradoMBAX 6843MBAX6843Supply Chain & Operations AnalyticsSales & Operations Planning + Waiting Line AnalysisR
The Mantell Company makes softballs and baseballs. In order to make each type of ball, leather, nylon, wood chips and machine time and labor are needed
COMP07012 CCNA1: Introduction to Networks - Practical Test: Configure the devices in a small network
UWSUniversity of the West of ScotlandCOMP07012CCNA1: Introduction to Networks
In this Assessment you will configure the devices in a small network. You must configure a router, switch and PCs to support both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 2: Expressions, States Satisfaction, State Updates
IITIllinois Institute of Technology Expressions States Satisfaction State Updates
Let b be a two-dimensional array. Is the expression b[ 0 ] + b[ 2 ] [ 3 ] legal or illegal according to the syntax we're using. If illegal, why? If legal, what is the type of the resulting expression?
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 6: Substitution // Forward Assignment, sp
IITIllinois Institute of Technology States Satisfaction State UpdatesSubstitution // Forward Assignment sp
For Problems 1 – 4, Let p ≡ x – y < f ( a ) ∨ ∀ x . x ≥ a * y → ∃ y . f ( x – y ) > a + y * z and calculate the sub- stitutions below. Show some detail if you want partial credit for a wrong answer. Just do the syn- tactic calculations. Don't do any arithmetic or logical simplifications.
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 4: Sequential Nondeterminism // Hoare Triples 1 & 2
IITIllinois Institute of Technology States Satisfaction State Updates spSequential Nondeterminism
First, let's work on what what a typical loop iteration does over an arbitrary state σ={x=β,y=δ}. Assume β≥2 and calculate the two states we can be in after a single iter- ationoftheloop. I.e.,whataretheτ where〈DO,σ〉→3〈DO,τ〉?
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 1: Propositional & Predicate Logic
IITIllinois Institute of Technology States Satisfaction State Updates spPropositional & Predicate Logic
Perform various syntactic operations and checks on propositions and predicates. Describe the difference between syntactic and semantic equivalence.
CS 536: Science of Programming - HW 3: Syntax, Operational Semantics, Denotational Semantics, Runtime Errors
IITIllinois Institute of Technology States Satisfaction State Updates spPropositional & Predicate Logic
Translate the program below into our programming language. a. m=x=0;y=1;while(m++<n){y=++x;y*=x;};m=m*m b. m=n;p=y=1;while(––m<n){p=p*(y++);}
CS 4163/6523: Introduction to Database Systems - Project 1: Using SQL to create, populate, and query a database
CS 6523Introduction to Database SystemsSQLUniversity of TulsaUS
You will use a MySQL DBMS, installed on our university server, to create, populate and query a relational database.
COMPSCI 351 : Fundamentals of Database Systems S1 C – Lab 01: Three-Schema Architecture, DDL and SQL
University of AucklandCOMPSCI 351Fundamentals of Database SystemsThree-Schema Architecture DDLSQL
What are the advantages of using a database solution as compared to the traditional file storage mechanism? What is the role of DBMS to a database system?
Mini-Project 2: Network Address Identification, Network Summary, Interesting Security Findings, Identifying External Shadow IT
NCSUNetwork Address Identification Network Summary Interesting Security Findings Identifying ExternalIPv6
The goal of this project is to learn how to perform an audit on a network with the intention to discover interesting characteristics and phenomena.
COMP8410 Data Mining - Essay on the ethics and social impact of a data mining project
COMP8410Data Miningethics and social impact of a data mining projectEssay
You are to write a well-researched essay that critically evaluates the ethics and social impact of a data mining project.
COMP6741: Algorithms for Intractable Problems - Assignment 2: Nonblocker
UNSWCOMP6741Algorithms for Intractable ProblemsNonblocker
This assignment is an individual assignment. For the solutions to this assignment, you may rely on all theorems, lemmas, and results from the lecture notes.
COMPSCI 351 : Fundamentals of Database Systems S1 C - Lab 02: MySQL DBMS
University of AucklandCOMPSCI 351Fundamentals of Database Systems DDLPython
In this question, we use a programming interface to directly access the created databases of the MySQL DBMS.
Computer Science 350 Automata and Formal Languages Assignment 1: Automata
CS350Automata and Formal LanguagesAutomata
Automata and Formal Languages
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks - Assignment: CPU Throughput, Markov Chain, Database
Markov Chain DatabaseCOMP9334Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and NetworksAustraliaUNSW
Assuming that you are the administrator of an interactive computer system. The computer system consists of a multi-core CPU and a disk. During an observation time of 1800 seconds, you obtained the following measurements from the system
EECS116/CS122A Introduction to Data Management - Homework 7 - MySQL
CS122AIntroduction to Data ManagementMySQLSQLUSUCI
In this homework, we are going to create a database and tables using MySQL, and import the data into tables.
Assignment #04: Building Custom Application AMI using Packer
MySQLVPCInfrastructure as CodeUSNEUNortheastern University
Use Amazon Linux 2 as your source image to create a custom AMI using Packer.
Assignment #05 Infrastructure as Code w/Terraform
Infrastructure as CodeUSNEUNortheastern UniversityCloud ComputingDB Security
In this assignment, you will update the Terraform template for the application stack to add the following resources
Assignment 2: Part 1. SQL - Chinook Database
Carleton UniversityDatabaseSQLChinook Database
Write an SQL query that returns all the Genres' names and the number of associated tracks (ie. count up the tracks for each Genre). Name the column that contains the count of genre tracks NumGenre. Order the results highest to lowest by NumGenre
COMP3310 Computer Networks - Assignment 1- The Last Mile
Network DesignLast Mile NetworkAustraliaANUCOMP3310
This assignment is to develop a (short) technical report that deals with a variety of network design aspects relating to building a last-mile network, with the last section making a specific design recommendation for a semi-fictitious rural setting.
IT Assignment: Income data analysis for a Sino-foreign company
ExcelIncome data analysisHong KongUIC Hong Kong
If you are given 10000 RMB to do a budget plan on buying some software and hardware for the server in the computer lab, please do some investigations and work out a detailed solution.
COMM048 Information and Network Security - Coursework
SYN Flooding AttackDigital CertificationKerberosWEPSnortcomputer worm
Make use of two virtual machines one of which plays the role of the target server and the other one the role of the attacker. Use scapy to craft a TCP SYN packet and let the attacker send it to the target server.
EventLite: From requirements to mock-ups
MockFlowUKUniversity Of Manchester
We are going to build EventLite, a web application to create, list, search and manage events that are going on in Manchester.
COMP2123 Data Structures and Algorithms - Assignment 1 s1 2023
The University of SydneyCOMP2123Data Structures and Algorithms
We want to build a stack for elements having a colour attribute (e.g., blue, red, orange, etc). We say that a bunch of consecutive positions in the array for a monochromatic stretch if all the elements stored in those positions have the same colour.
CPSC 418 Homework 3: Bitonic sequences, Oddly Bitonic, Work-Span and Dynamic Programming, Bisection Width
Oddly BitonicWork-Span and Dynamic ProgrammingBisection WidthCPSC 418CS418Parallel Computation
In class, we presented the bitonic sorting algorithm, and made the simplifying assumption that N , the number of values to sort was a power of two. What if N is some other integer?
COMP3910 – Combinatorial Optimisation - Coursework 2: Modelling Strong Formulations
Combinatorial OptimisationModellingStrong FormulationsUKUniversity of Leeds
Present an ILP, without explaining how it is derived. If the model uses some numbers which are calculated based on the problem input, then present the formulae (no need to explain).
At-Home Activity 4: Joining Spatial Data using QGIS
Spatial Data
It is sometimes necessary to combine data from different tables into one, for mapping, analysis or querying. In standard databases, this is called a join, and involves specifying a column in a table that the two tables to be joined have in common. In this activity, you will use QGIS to do attribute joins as for a standard database, and you will also do spatial joins.
Assignment 1: Kaggle and the Catalogue of US Cybersecurity Breaches
KaggleCybersecurity Breaches
Kaggle is a remarkable web-based, data science resource which contains a a huge number of different data sets and tutorials on tools. (Highly recommended.) One particular data set is the Catalogue of Cyber Security Breaches
Gestión de Tráfico y Calidad de Servicio
Computer Networks
Se tiene un tipo de fuente generadora de paquetes en tiempo discreto para la que p = [p0 , p1 , p2 , p3 , p4 , p5 ] = [0.25, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05, 0], donde pi es la probabilidad de que la fuente genere i paquetes en una ranura. La duración de una ranura es de 4 ms y lalongitud del paquete 800 bits.
FIT3175 2023 S1 Assessment 2 Brief: Storyboarding
Designing and developing an application or website can be costly in terms of time and money. To avoid wasting a lot of these resources on a final product that does not meet the user’s needs or has usability problems, it is worth creating storyboards and low-fidelity prototypes
MA1608 Midterm Assignment
Elements of Applied MathematicsUKBrunel University London
An isosceles triangle ABC with the base BCis inscribed into a downward parabola. The vertex A coincides with the parabola vertex, and the vertices BandCare located at the opposite branches of the parabola
Comp2022/2922 A2 - CFLs and non-regularity
Comp2022Comp2922Models of ComputationCFLs and non-regularity
You’re honing your skills for the world championship of popular card game Magic: the Gathering. Your goal is to draw through all the cards in your deck, and to this end, you’ve included lots of cards that help you draw more cards. However, if you get unlucky, with some deck orderings you’ve found that this is impossible. You’re interested in determining which deck orderings can be won, and which can’t.
351/751 Database Systems Lab 07: Transactions, Deadlocks and Crash Recovery
COMPSCI 751COMPSCI 351Fundamentals of Database SystemsNew ZealandUniversity of Auckland
Transactions, Phenomena. Say for each of the following schedules: does the schedule contain phenomena or any other violation of the locking rules of the common scheduler?
Theories of Computation: Summative Assignment 3: CLIQUE problem and polynomial bounds
CLIQUE problemCLIQUE ReductionSAT
An undirected graph G consists of vertices and edges, and its sizeis the number of vertices. For example, here are two undirected graphs of size 4. A clique in G is a set of vertices with any two distinct vertices appearing in the list are related by an edge.
FINT B338F Assignment 1: E-payment solutions
HKMUE-payment Systems Cryptocurrencies and Cyber Security
In this individual assignment, you are required to evaluate existing e-payment solutions for a business of your choice and design a new one to improve its operations.
CS 6290 High-Performance Computer Architecture - Project 0: Simulator
Georgia Institute of TechnologyGatechCS 6290High-Performance Computer ArchitectureVirtualboxMIPS
This project is intended to help you set up and use the simulator for the other three projects, and also to help you understand the importance of branch prediction a little bit better.
COMP5416/4416 Assignment 1: DNS, Tit-for-Tat algorithm, Nash Equilibrium and Wireshark Experiment
COMP4416Advanced Network TechnologiesDNSNash EquilibriumWiresharkTit-for-Tat algorithm
In this question, we consider the Tit-for-Tat algorithm in a P2P system. As shown in the figure below, A and B are communicating with their top-4 partners in a P2P system. In this scenario, each peer sends chunks to those four peers currently sending her chunks at highest rate.
CSCI 2244 Randomness and Computation Fall 2023 - PS3: Binomial Coefficients, Random Variables and The Paradox of an Urn at Noon
CSCI 2244Randomness and ComputationBinomial CoefficientsRandom VariablesThe Paradox of an Urn at NoonPython
General Instructions. The purpose for having these problem sets is to enhance your mathematics and programming skills when it comes to the probability theory. These problems may be quite challenging, so discussions with classmates are encouraged
UML ASSIGNMENT - BISM 7255: A Digital Solution for Gymnastic House
BISM7255Business Information Systems Analysis and DesignUMLA Digital Solution for Gymnastic House
The assignment asks you to create a collection of UML diagrams (eight diagrams) that visually represent a business application for the Gymnastic House.
The term project component of the course requires you to leverage the Raspberry Pi. The project involves multiple deliverables to ensure that you are making sustained progress on your term project throughout the semester.
Crypto-Systems & Data Protection (ES94N-15, 3rd attempt): Cryptosystem Report
Crypto-Systems & Data ProtectionComputer Securitycryptographic
You have been hired as a security consultant by a government agency. They need a robust and secure communication system to protect sensitive information exchanged between their field agents and headquarters. Your task is to propose a cryptosystem that meets their security requirements,
FUQUA - Data Infrastructure - HW1: SQL
FuquaData InfrastructureSQL
First, let’s perform some simple “sanity checks” on the data. (Note: it is always a good idea to perform sanity checks when working with a new dataset.) Count the total number of records in the lone table, health, and include the output.
BTM 382 Database Management - Assignment 1: Database Integrity
BTM382Database ManagementDatabase IntegrityEntity IntegrityReferential IntegritySQL
ROBCOR is an aircraft charter company that supplies on-demand charter flight services using a fleet of four aircraft. Aircrafts are identified by a unique registration number. Therefore, the aircraft registration number is an appropriate primary key for the AIRCRAFT table.
CISC7021 - Applied Natural Language Processing - Assignment 1: 𝑛-gram language models
CISC7021Applied Natural Language Processing𝑛-gram language modelsSRILM
In this assignment, we will prepare 𝑛-gram language models and evaluate the test set's perplexity. We will learn how to create a language model using the language model toolkit SRILM
CS101 Algorithms and Data Structures Fall 2023 Homework 2
Algorithms and Data Structures
We have a hash table of size M with a uniformly distributed hash function. n elements are stored into the hash table. Which of the following statements are true?
CS 6290: High-Performance Computer Architecture - Project 2: Out-of-order processors
CS 6290CS6290High-Performance Computer ArchitectureOut-of-order processors
This project is intended to help you understand caches and performance of out-of-order processors
System Administration: Assignment 1: NAT
System AdministrationVMWare
In VMWare Workstation 17, there are three different settings for the virtual network adaptor: bridged network, NAT network, and host-only network. What are their differences?
MTH 208: Written Homework 3: LS simplex algorithm
LS simplex algorithmLOP
unless stated otherwise, when asked to “solve the LOP” you need to use the LS simplex algorithm, show your initial and final tableau, and list the sequence of pivots used in i → j form. If a problem is infeasible you need to show it by either providing a certificate of infeasibility or solving the auxiliary problem.