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ITP4523M Internet & Multimedia Applications Development - Group Project - Web Application
In this project, students are asked to build a web application which provide different functions for salesperson and manager, and apply software development skills to develop a website which is user-friendly, interactive, robust, and easy to maintain.
CHC5028 Software Development with C/C++ - Coursework: Text adventures
“Text adventures”, now called “interactive fiction”, were among the first type of computer game ever produced. These games have no graphics; the player reads the story of the game in text, and decides what their character will do by typing commands at a prompt.
44100113: COMPUTER NETWORKS FALL 2023 Assignment: Socket Programming - FTP Server and Client
Your modified UDP programs must be placed in udp directory. Leave the filenames without any change. For the question in UDP part, write a plain text file in English or Chinese.
COMP3611 Machine Learning - Assessment: Gaussian Distribution, PCA and Predict Cancer Mortality Rates in US counties
Consider some continuous random variables generated from an unknown distribution stored in 'clean_data.npy'. Fit a univariate Gaussian distribution to this data and estimate the mean and variance of the Gaussian distribution using the maximum likelihood estimator.
Concurrent Programming Assignment: Connected components problem on undirected graphs
In this assignment you will create two concurrent implementations of connected components problem on undirected graphs. The goal of this assignment is to utilise multiple processor cores and accelerate the computation. You will also provide explanations of why these algorithms are correct using the theory of concurrent programming.
CS320 Concepts of Programming Languages Fall2023 - Project Part 1
Stack-oriented programming languages utilize one or more stack data structures which the programmer manipulates to perform computations. The specification below lays out the syntax and semantics of such a language which you will need to implement an evaluator for, taking a program and evaluating it into an OCaml value.
COMP4142 E-PAYMENT AND CRYPTOCURRENCY Project Specification: UTXO blockchain platform.
Have an in-depth understanding on how the blockchain system works. Be able to write a UTXO (unspent transaction output) blockchain platform.
CS3483 Multimodal Interface Design Assignment: Handpose model
In the assignment, you are required to use p5.js and the ml5.js Handpose model to develop an interface for viewing and interacting with an image. These actions are performed by using fingertip detection and keyboard operations.
CSI 2110 Data Structures and Algorithms - P2: Paris Metro: Exploring the Paris Subway Network
The objective of this assignment is for you to get practice applying several graph algorithms in a relatively complex graph. For this, we will use the subway (metro) of the City of Paris
MIE250: Fundamentals of object oriented programming - Project 5: Traveling salesman problem
This project builds upon the previous project, where a program was built to load and store many graphs and test solutions to the traveling salesman problem (TSP) using a simple nearest-neighbor heuristic
TCSS 422 Operating Systems - Assignment 2: Parallel Matrix Multiplier
The purpose of this assignment is to implement a multi-threaded C program that uses a shared bounded buffer to coordinate the production of NxM matrices for consumption in matrix multiplication
16-782: Planning and Decision-Making in Robotics Homework 3: Symbolic Planning
In this homework, you will implement a generic symbolic planner. We have provided the code for reading an environment description from a file by using regular expressions and generating the cor- responding environment object. Your job is to write a planner that gets an environment object as an input and outputs a sequence of actions to go from the start to the goal.
CS6300 Software Development Process - Individual Project: txter
In this project, you will be developing a Java application, txter, using an agile, test-driven development process across multiple deliverables. For this assignment you will use version 19 of the Java Development Kit.
ISOM 3029 Computer Programming Using C++ 2023/2024 Assignment 2: Financial Analysis System
Write a C++ program that helps a company to perform financial analysis on Net Profit Ratio (NPR), Current Ratio (CR), and Return On Assets (ROA).
Project 3: ALU Implementation using Verilog
In project 3, you are required to implement an important computation unit in CPU, the Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), using Verilog language. You are going to implement the functionality of ALU module by yourself. To reduce the learning curve, a poorly written template will be given.
Wildlife Island Project
You are the manager of a newly formed wildlife island. Your task is to grow and maintain a diverse collection of animals while ensuring their well-being and managing your resources effectively.
MATH20621 Programming with Python - Coursework 3: Nine Men's Morris
Nine Men's Morris is a two-player game played with counters on a board. It was popular in mediæval England, but has been played for over 2000 years. The game board consists of 16 lines, as follows:
Coursework 3: WHILE Language Parser
You are asked to implement a parser for the WHILE language and also an interpreter.
CS 2210 Programming Project: Code Generator
Your task is to write a code generator, the final phase of your compiler. It produces (target) assembly code for the MIPS R2000 architecture. It takes as input the augmented AST and symbol table produced by the previous phases of your compiler. The generated code will be executed using SPIM S20, a simulator for the MIPS R2000.
6CCS3AIN Artificial Intelligence Reasoning and Decision Making - Coursework: Packman
This coursework exercise asks you to write code to create an MDP-solver to work in the Pacman environment that we used for the practical exercises.
CS5001 Intensive Foundations of Computer Science - Project: MasterMind
Mastermind (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastermind_(board_game)) is a coding-breaking board game for two players. The “secret code” is a set of 4 colors chosen out of a possible 6 colors, where the player needs to guess which colors are in which positions in the 4-color secret code
COMP 348 Principles Of Programming Languages - ASSIGNMENT 3: Clojure programming
It’s time to try a little functional programming. In this assignment, you will have a chance to gain experience with the Clojure programming language
Financial Analytics and Linear Regression Group Assignment
This group assignment consists of three parts: the first two parts are related to the initial lecture, "Financial Analytics," and the third part is associated with the third lecture, "Linear Regression."
COMP3023 Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Programming Assignment: Graph
Write a program that can return any three of the following four artifacts from a given weighted undirected graph
COMP7503 Multimedia Technologies Programming Assignment
This assignment is composed of two parts: a) Programming Part, and b) Written Part. The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with the concepts of multimedia systems, through the realization of Smart City Use Case(s)
COM1003 Java Programming - Programming Assignment 2: Dinosaur
ou must write a program to read in information from a file and use it to display a picture. As in the earlier assignment, there are various increasingly difficult versions of this task each with an associated maximum number of marks that can be obtained but this time each task does not directly include the previous one although each version builds on skills you could develop in doing a simpler version.
Assignment: Ray Tracer
For this assignment, you will be building a Ray Tracer using C/C++, Python, or Java. The choice of which of these languages is up to you, but keep in mind that language-specific support is not provided
iOS Mobile Application Development: MetUCD
In this SwiftUl project assignment, you will create a mobile app called MetUCD that allows users to check the current weather for a location of their choice by dropping a pin on a map.
EBIS 4043 Big Data Analysis and Applications - Individual Assignment II
The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that you are picking up the R based analytics skills (Please do not use other tools to generate the answers!) that have been introduced in this class and check your ability.
INT401: Fundamentals of Machine Learning Fall Semester Assignment 1: Feature Generation
Text categorization is the task on classifying a set of documents into categories from a set of predefined labels. Texts cannot be directly handled by our model
Assignment: Extended depth of field image
Write a Java application program whose main method is in the file named EDoF.java that computes an extended depth of field image.
Project: Single-player Sudoku
In this project, you are going to make a single-player Sudoku Game in C programming language with additional features.
Multicore Processors: Architecture & Programming Projects
Project 1: Parallel Computational Model • Survey of parallel computational models currently available (e.g. PRAM, BSP, logP,...).
CS3026/CS4096 Operating Systems - Assessment 02 - Virtual Disk
In this assessment, you will implement a simple file system that allows you to manage files and directories in a virtual in-memory disk. The file system is to be based on simplified concepts of a File Allocation Table (FAT)
CE235 Computer Security Assignment One: Implementation of Monoalphabetic and Autokey Ciphers
The aim of Assignment One is to write a Python program, which will implement the Monoalphabetic cipher and the Autokey cipher. The introduction of the Monoalphabetic cipher and Autokey cipher can be found from the lecture notes.
CSC3100 Data Structures Fall 2023 Programming Assignment 3: Node Distance, Price Sequence
You are given a tree with n nodes, where each edge in the tree has a corresponding weight denoting the length of each edge. The nodes in the tree are colored either black or white. Your task is to calculate the sum of distances between every pair of black nodes in the tree.
INFT 3030 Concurrent Programming - Assignment: Multi-player game server (MPGS)
This document defines the requirements for the assignment in Concurrent Programming. The assignment is intended to give you experience in modelling a concurrent requirement and writing a concurrent program in Java to implement it. The application is a multi-player game server (MPGS).
LMU Projekt 1: SAT Solving
Encoding the N-Queens Puzzle into SAT Formulas. In this exercise, you will learn how to encode the N-Queens puzzle into SAT formulas. The N-Queens problem involves placing N chess queens on an NxN chessboard,
COMP2021: Object-Oriented Programming - Group Project: A Command-Line Task Management System
This project aims to develop a command-line-based task management system (TMS) that will enable its users to define, query, and modify the simple tasks they need to complete.
COMP528 Multi-Core and Multi-Processor Programming - Assignment 1: The Travelling Salesman Problem
In this assignment, you are asked to implement 2 algorithms for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Cmput 455 Search, Knowledge and Simulation - Assignment 4: Ninuki
In this assignment, you develop your own player for the game of Ninuki.
CHC6072: Software Analysis and Testing - Coursework Specification: Analysis and Testing of a Web Application
In this coursework, you are required to work individually as a software quality assurance and testing engineer to perform testing and analysis of a given web-based application, and to develop test suites for automated regression testing of the application
AMATH 481/581: Scientific Computing - Homework 4: Initial-boundary value problem
In this problem, you will solve the PDE using the method of lines as discussed in class. For all parts, use a second order central difference scheme with ∆x = 0.125 (i.e., 25 total grid points) to discretize uxx.
SP Assessed Exercise 2 Concurrent Dependency Discoverer
Large-scale systems developed in C and C++ tend to include a large number of .h files, both of a system variety (enclosed in < >) and non-system (enclosed in “ ”). The make utility and Makefiles are a convenient way to record dependencies between source files, and to minimize the amount of work that is done when the system needs to be rebuilt.
CS 6400: Database Systems Concepts and Design - Team Project: BuzzCars
An anonymous Georgia Tech alumnus has decided to go into the business of selling used cars. While she’d like to eventually have a full website like most car dealerships, she’s decided for now that she’d just like a simple application so that she can update her inventory when buying and selling, keep track of financial information, and allow customers visiting her showroom to search her inventory
CS 61B Data Structures - Project 3: BYOW
In Project 3, you will create an engine for generating explorable worlds. This is a large design project that will require you and one partner to work through every stage of development from ideation to presentation.
EF4323 Algorithmic Trading Project
In this project, we simulate the algorithmic trading business model, where a small group of proprietary traders tries to attract outside institutional investment by marketing their trading strategies and performance
DSCI 551 Foundations of Data Management - Project: Sample Database System
The system should support a data model, which can be relation (as in MySQL) or JSON (as in Firebase and MongoDB), or any other model of your choice. Users of the system will structure their data using the model provided by the system.
CS465/CS565: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 1: Search
In this project, your Pacman agent will find paths through his maze world, both to reach a particular location and to collect food efficiently. You will build general search algorithms and apply them to Pacman scenarios.
CS465/CS565: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Project 3: Ghostbusters
Pacman spends his life running from ghosts, but things were not always so. Legend has it that many years ago, Pacman's great grandfather Grandpac learned to hunt ghosts for sport. However, he was blinded by his power and could only track ghosts by their banging and clanging.
CSE 158, CSE 258, DSC 256, MGTA 461 Web Mining and Recommender Systems, Fall 2023 : Homework 3 - Play prediction
Although we have built a validation set, it only consists of positive samples. For this task we also need examples of user/item pairs that weren’t played.
CSE 158, CSE 258 Web Mining and Recommender Systems, Fall 2023 : Homework 4 - Text Mining
Using the Steam category data, build training/test sets consisting of 10,000 reviews each. Code to do so is provided in the stub.1 We’ll start by building features to represent common words
CSE 158, CSE 258, DSC 256, MGTA 461 Web Mining and Recommender Systems, Fall 2023 : Assignment 2
Identify a dataset to study, and perform an exploratory analysis of the data. Describe the dataset, including its basic statistics and properties, and report any interesting findings.
CSE 158, CSE 258, DSC 256, MGTA 461 Web Mining and Recommender Systems, Fall 2023 : Assignment 1: Video Game Prediction
In this assignment you will build recommender systems to make predictions related to video game reviews from Steam.
EEEN30141 Concurrent Systems - Assignment: Synchronisation
In this part of the assignment, the focus is on synchronisation – specifically designing and implementing synchronisation objects for the start of the race and for the baton exchange.
IS3240 Advanced Business Programming in Python - Project: Web Application
We are in the digital age where technology have been pervasive in both our daily life and work. The pandemic has further accelerated the technological advances in order to adapt past business models into the new era
Introduction to Computer Vision (ECSE 415) Assignment 5: Segmentation
In this section, you will be asked to compute image segmentations by using several basic clustering techniques. Clustering is used to determine the class of each pixel, and the result can be different depending on the feature space. The images for this part are placed under the same dictionary.
ECO1500H1F Financial Economics I - Empirical Projects: Equity Premium Predictability
Collect monthly data for the US equity premium, defined as the S&P 500 return that includes dividends net of the treasury bill rate.
CSCI-561 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence - Homework 3: Temporal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence
This homework explores the applications of Temporal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. In general, the solution for a temporal reasoning task involves taking a sequence of actions/observations on an Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP Environment)
CS 6476: Computer Vision - Final Project Overview and Topics List
For the final project you will apply knowledge that you have learned in class plus additional research to build a computer vision system that achieves near state-of-the-art results in an area you select.
CS 7638: AI for Robotics - Indiana Drones Project (SLAM)
Hello Indiana Drones! We unconvered the location of an invaluable piece of ancient treasure - the likes of which we have never seen before. Unfortunately, the treasure is located in a dense and dangerous jungle - making a typical safari impossible. That’s where you come in!
DTS202TC Fundamentals of Parallel Computing - Assingment 1: Rotate a grayscale image
The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience in C programming and parallel algorithm design. You are expected to write a C serial program to rotate a grayscale image (without parallelism), and provide a parallel algorithm design that speeds up the serial implementation.
CPTS 360 Systems Programming in Unix/Linux: Lab Assignment 4 Introduction to Linux Kernel Programming
Kernel programming has some particularities that can make it more difficult to debug and learn. In this section we will discuss a few of them.
CSCU9X5 UX Design Assignment: Web-based multimedia application
You have to develop a web-based multimedia application and a prototype version of it. This prototype application must be constructed with HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript technologies
CHC5049 Database Coursework 1: Define Data Application
A leading multinational corporation with a diverse portfolio of businesses is seeking to enhance its data management and integration capabilities by developing a comprehensive online platform to manage employee and organization information.
C162 Flight Mechanics: Calculation of V1 (rejected takeoff speed) for an Airbus A380 taking off from SFO
Calculate the maximum rejected takeoff speed (also known as V1) and the corresponding position the farthest along the runway from where an Airbus A380 with maximum takeoff weight can still safely come to a full standstill before it runs over the end of runway 28R at San Francisco International Airport
IFB104 Building IT Systems - Take-Home Task 1: Bubble Charts
One of the most basic functions of any IT system is to process a given data set to produce some form of human-readable output. This task requires you to produce a visual image based on data stored in a list.
For i.i.d. Rayleigh fading and QPSK transmission with orthogonal STBC. 1) Plot the symbol error rate (SER) as a function of SNR (from 0 to 20 dB) for a MIMO channel with M transmit antennas and N receive antennas: • M=1,N=4(nocoding)
COMPSCI2024 Networks & Operating Systems Essentials 2 (NOSE 2) Assessed Exercise 2: Scheduling
The aim of this exercise is for you to apply the knowledge you have acquired on events, waiting queues, processes, and process scheduling and dispatching to implement and discuss scheduling algorithms (NOSE2 ILOs 10 and 9).
CSE 167 Computer Graphics - Assignment 3: 3D OpenGL Rendering
As you can probably tell from the previous homeworks, rendering requires computing interactions between millions of pixels and billions of triangles. This leads to significant challenges in performance, especially when we want to interact with the content in real-time. To make things really fast, pioneers in computer graphics came up with the solution to use domain-specific hardware to speedup rendering
COMP2396 Object-oriented Programming and Java Assignment 4: GUI for Big Two card game
This assignment tests your understanding of GUI and event-handling, and their implementations in Java. You are going to design and implement a GUI for the Big Two card game you developed in assignment 3
Data Structures and Algorithms 1 (2023) CA Exercise 2: Baking Information System
The objective of this CA exercise is to create an application for storing and retrieving information on baked goods (e.g. cakes, breads, biscuits, etc.) and the ingredients/components (e.g. flour, eggs, sugar, etc.) that comprise them. The application should include both hashing and sorting functionality, and provide a graphical user interface.
SEG2105 Introduction to Software Engineering - Android Project: GCC Cycling Mobile Application
The purpose of this project to expand on the theoretical work, allowing students to gain practical experience implementing the concepts learned in class. This project is also designed to allow students to learn how to work with their colleagues and develop mobile applications.
BUAI 411A GROUP PROJECT PART 2: MultiSales Company
Based on the following model of the problem for the MultiSales Company, write a Python program in Spyder to create an EXCEL spreadsheet model
CSCI 2021 Machine Architecture and Organization - Project 4: Memory Allocator
In this project, you will implement a simple memory allocator built around doubly-linked lists. This exercise is related to some of the final topics covered in lecture and will also give you greater insight into how the C library functions malloc and free work as well as why frequent allocation is generally slow and can degrade the performance of your code.
ECM2414 Software Development CA 1 Continuous Assessment: Card playing simulation
Server API is based on HTTPS and JSON. Clients send messages to the server following the API, and handle responses from the server.
Programmieren II - Praktikum 2: Sudoku, Game of Live
In diesem Praktikum soll vor allem der Anfang des Programmierens geübt werden: 1. Mehrdimensionale Arrays und Strings 2. Entwicklung von etwas komplexeren Algorithmen
Information Security Project 6: EECDSA P-256
표준문서 NIST FIPS 186-4에 명시된 ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) 전자서명 기법을 타원곡선 P-256 상에서 구현한다.
MIS223 Java Programming - Assignment 1: "Cart" OOP Application
In this assignment you are required to produce a Java code which simulates a checking out process at CUEB Supermarket. This is an object-oriented application so you have to create a number of classes that will be used in your application.
System Programming (CSE4009 - 24448) - Project 2 - WL-Aware GC
Implementation of a new (WL-aware) GC mechanism Evaluation of the modified GC mechanism (in terms of the device lifetime)
ST1(4483) Mid Term Assignment COLT3 2023
A Landscaping company has mentioned that for every 5 square meter of area, one roll of 2.5 meter of Artificial turf and six hours of labour will be required. The company charges $50.00 per hour for labour. Write a GUI program that asks the user to enter the Landscaping area in sq meter and the price of the one Artificial turf roll.
95702 Distributed Systems for Information Systems Management - Project 4: Mobile to Cloud application
The goal of this task is to develop an idea for your application and to demonstrate the feasibility of using a 3rd party API and a database-as-a-service.
95702 Distributed Systems For Information Systems Management - Project 5: Distributed Computation
Big data infrastructures support distributed computation through services such as MapReduce and Spark. Both of these approaches exemplify the principle of spatial locality by moving computation close to data. These data are then processed in parallel.
Assignment: Heat diffusion
As you are aware, microprocessors are prone to heating up. In 2023, the most powerful pro- cessors absorb more than 200 Watts and dissipate it as heat. Evacuating this heat is a critical issue: if not managed well, the rise in temperature will destroy the processor.
Parser Project 2: Symbol Table
This project will be an extension on the previous project (building a parser). In this lab, you will implement a symbol table class, add support for new data types, implement the type checking of operations, and implement support for declaration statements.
5CCS2PEP Practical Experiences Of Programming: PEP C++ Tasks
For Part 1 tasks you will code using some of the basic building blocks of C++: vectors, functions, and classes.
COMP319: Software Engineering II Assignment 1: Space Invaders
This design task requires you to produce a class design for a game of space invaders, see Figure 1. The class design is to be submitted as code only (no UML is required).
COMP 340 Operating Systems - HW2: Bounded Buffer Problem
There are 3 generators and each produces a unique kind of material independently. All these materials are stored in an input buffer with size 10 before they are forwarded to the operators
Dengue fever is an illness spread by the bite of mosquitos infected with one of the dengue viruses. Symptoms are usually flu-like but can worsen to severe dengue (dengue hemorrhagic fever), a life-threatening condition. Dengue fever is a nationwide and year-round threat in Malaysia
INFR09051 Informatics Large Practical (ILP) CW2 Specifications (Programming Task)
As you read through the ILP Course Specification you have gained an idea what the ILP requirements, specifications and demands are all about. As CW1 was mainly focused on getting you started and setup, CW2 now is the real implementation of the PizzaDronz service.
CSE 30: Computer Organization and Systems - Assignment 6: Floating Point
At the peak of time where pirates and bounty hunters are in the air. Porco Rosso makes his rounds in the vast ocean to capture any air pirates that disturb the peace near Adriano hotel.
CSC1034 Programming Portfolio 1 Assessment 2: Stock management and purchasing system.
In this assignment, you will implement a simple stock management and purchasing system
MATH36031 Problem Solving by Computer - Project 2: Differential equations modelling
In this project, the dynamics between a fox and a rabbit will be investigated, by solving differential equations modelling their positions at different times
Omics Data Analysis, Assignment 4: Protein coding genes prediction
Suppose we have just got an assembled yeast genome sequence from sequencing project, and we want to predict all protein coding genes using Augustus.
COMP1038 Programming and Algorithms Coursework 1: Calculator
You must submit a single C source code file containing all your code for this exercise. This file must be called calculator.c and must not require any other files outside of the standard C headers which are always available. The first line of the file should be a comment which contains your student ID number, username, and full name, of the form:
COM668 Final Year Project
The concept proposal task results in a brief draft report that should propose a software development challenge to be addressed during the module. The proposal should: briefly describe the proposed concept; define the aim of the project; identify any resources required
CSE 320 Systems Fundamentals II - Homework 4 Debugger
The goal of this assignment is to become familiar with low-level Unix/POSIX system calls related to processes, signal handling, files, and I/O redirection. You will implement a simplified debugger program program, called `deet`, which is capable of managing and performing some basic debugging operations on a collection of target processes.
ENGN2912B Scientific Computing in C++ - Assignment 03: Prime Numbers, String and Expressions parser
This assignment contains two problems. First, we will implement a simple command-line application that calculates and displays prime numbers. Second, we will implement a `String` class capable of storing strings of variable lengths and use this class to write a function that parses mathematical expressions and computes their result.
MATH08068 Facets of Mathematics: Cubic Curves
For each question, you should provide explicit computations for solving the problems. Whenever appropriate, you should also provide theoretical justification for your results, quoting lemmas, theorems, etc from the lectures, tutorial worksheets and/or references
CSC108 Introduction to Computer Programming - Assignment 2: Bridges
In Assignment 2, you will work with an open dataset that contains information about bridges in Ontario. You can complete the whole assignment with only the concepts from Weeks 1 up to and including Nested Lists and Loops from Week 7 of the course.