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COMP90054 AI Planning for Autonomy - Assignment 3: Pacman Project
DPST1091 Programming Fundamentals - Assignment 1 - CS Carpark
CS Carpark is a carpark management system for your very own carpark business! It will model all the typical comings and goings you would expect in a carpark, including parking cars into car spaces, calculating parking fees and more!
159.336 Assignment 1: Dialer application
For this assignment you need to write a simple dialer application for Android to make phone calls.
159.336 Assignment 2: Gallery application
For this assignment you need to write a simple gallery application for Android to view all the photos that are stored on the device.
Web app development: Baseball
Create a web app using statistics from the American sport, baseball
PA1_ A General Mass Unit Converter
In this project, you will develop a command-line tool to convert a quantity of mass in one unit type to the equivalent quantity in some other unit type, where the input and output unit types are chosen from among six possibilities, three in the metric system (grams, kilograms, metric tonnes) and three in the US customary system (ounces, pounds, and tons).
KIT308 Multicore Architecture and Programming: Assignment 2 - SIMD
The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience at writing a program using SIMD programming techniques.
EECS 281 Data Structures and Algorithms: Project 1 - Puzzle Solver
EECS281Games™ is developing a puzzle game that they want to bring to the market. They’ve already built the engine and designed thousands of maze levels, but they realized that they’re not sure how to solve many of them! What’s worse, they think some of them may be unsolvable!
COMSM0109 Advanced Computer Architecture - Processor Assignment
This assignment will introduce you to how superscalar processors really work. The idea is to investigate such processors by: 1. developing a program to simulate processor behaviour, and 2. performing some experiments which highlight the behaviour of various architectural features when fed suitable example programs.
COMP4620/8620 - Advanced Topics in AI: Decision-making under Uncertainty in Robotics
Specifically, in this assignment, you need to develop a motion planning method and its implementation for a simplified version of the above wheelchair and analyse its performance.
CS 7638 - Robotics AI Techniques - Meteorites Project
In this project, Earth is threatened by a shower of meteorites falling in your location. It is your task to receive sensor readings of the locations of these meteorites, predict where each of the meteorites will be one tenth of a second later using Kalman Filters (KFs), and finally, destroy each meteorite threating Earth before it hits the ground by firing your laser turret at it.
CS427 MP1 Java and Build System Basics
The best way to learn software engineering is to practice software engineering in the actual software development process. Therefore, in this and the following MPs, you will work with a real-world project named Jsoup to learn basic concepts, methodologies, and techniques in software engineering.
SEED Labs - Packet Sniffing and Spoofing Lab
The learning objective of this lab is for students to gain the first-hand experience on an interesting variant of buffer-overflow attack; this attack can bypass an existing protection scheme currently implemented in major Linux operating systems. A common way to exploit a buffer-overflow vulnerability is to overflow the buffer with a malicious shellcode
SEED Labs - Return-to-libc Attack Lab
The learning objective of this lab is for students to gain the first-hand experience on an interesting variant of buffer-overflow attack; this attack can bypass an existing protection scheme currently implemented in major Linux operating systems. A common way to exploit a buffer-overflow vulnerability is to overflow the buffer with a malicious shellcode
Assignment 1.1: Monster Battles
In this assignment you'll be working on many of the features of the Monster Battles game, which should also test you on your ability to apply the concepts covered in the first 4 weeks of Fundamentals of Algorithms.
INFS6012 Digital Information Infrastructure - Individual Assignment: Krazy Kidz Kookies
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills of how to create a workflow application to address a sales order scenario using SAP Build Process Automation.
159.735 Assignment 5: Quantum warp drive engine
You have been commissioned to help design a new quantum warp drive engine. Since this engine is designed to drive spaceships through hyper- space, you will need to deal with spatial dimensions greater than 3.
159.735 Assignment 4: Modelling Gravitational Lensing on a GPU
Gravitational (micro)lensing occurs when a foreground star (the lens) passes along the line-of-sight of a background star (the source). A consequence of Einstein’s theory of general relativity is that light rays do not always travel in straight lines.
CSSE1001/CSSE7030 Assignment 2: Fancy Sokoban
Sokoban is a simple game in which a player tries to push crates onto goal locations in a grid. In assignment 2, you will create a slightly modified text-based version of Sokoban, in which the player may also need to collect potions in order to be able to push all crates to goal locations within an allocated number of moves. Your implementation will follow the Apple Model-View Controller (MVC) structure mentioned in lectures.
FIT2095 e-Business software technologies Assignment 2: EMA data persistent
Due to a large number of events and categories, Monash's IT department started to think of the need to store their data persistently. Two more issues have emerged: the IT department cannot host the application locally on-premise
COMP90015 Distributed Systems 2023 Assignment 2 - Distributed Tic-Tac-Toe
In this assignment, you will build a distributed Tic-Tac-Toe gaming system using Java. This system will not only allow multiple players to connect and play but also facilitate real-time chatting between players.
Coin Puzzle
Juldys is exploring a dungeon. She has reached a mysterious room, where she finds n coins scattered on the floor, each with unique symbols on both sides. Juldys likes shiny things (and she particularly likes money) so she quickly picks up the coins.
INFO1112 A1 - Just a friendly reminder
In this assignment, you'll be creating a basic application called "Jafr" (short for "Just a friendly reminder"). This application helps multiple users manage their tasks and meetings on a Unix-like OS
CERTIFIED SECURITY BY DESIGN Project 2 Requirements: Functional Programming
This project continues developing your capabilities to develop professional-level results capable of convincing a knowledgeable reviewer of your competence.
PROG2002 WEB DEVELOPMENT II Assessment 1: Client-side of website
This assessment aims to develop a client-site website using JavaScript, DOM, events, and Web storages to make the website more dynamic. The assessment will be further improved in Assessment 2 by incorporating the admin-site website .
CS 1027B: Computer Science Fundamentals II Assignment 3 - National Park Bike Paths
The management of a National Park wants to improve the accessibility for visitors by building bike paths by creating a new National Park aro und the current Pyramid Creek Falls Provincial Park in British Columbia
COMPSCI 761 - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence - 22S2 Assignment 1: Game of Fifteen and Search Algorithms
This assignment consists of two problems presented in a puzzle game context. For the first problem, you will be implementing a path search problem along with common search algorithms and evaluating their properties.
COMP4500/7500 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures - Assignment 1: SNI, directed graph, Strongly connected components and Secret Finder
Creating your SNI. In this assignment you are required to use your student number to generate input. Take your student number and prefix it by “98” and postfix it by “52”. This will give you a twelve digit initial input number.
FIT3176 Individual Assignment 1: NoSQL database design - Document-Oriented
Monash Travel Agency (MTA), headquartered near Monash University Clayton Campus, is a new and popular travel initiative from Monash University. MTA offers a wide range of travel services, including transportations, hotel reservations, activity itineraries, and more for Monash Staff and Students required to travel domestic and international locations
CSE 214 Data structures Homework 1: Abstract Data Types
Write a fully-documented class named LongInteger that stores a long integer in an array of integers. Each element of the array contains one digit of the long integer. There are different options to store the long integer
Object Oriented Programming Coursework for Endterm: Otodecks
In this course, we have developed a basic DJ application called Otodecks. For the end of term assessment, you are tasked with developing the application further by adding a custom deck control Component and a music library Component, then integrating them into a new GUI layout of your own design
CSCI-561 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Homework 1: 3D Travelling-Salesman Problem
This is a programming assignment in which you will apply AI search/optimization techniques to a 3D Travelling-Salesman Problem (TSP) such as the one shown in Figure 1. Conceptually speaking, the space of traveling is a set of “cities” located on some grid points with (x, y, z) locations in which your AI agent has to travel
Australian Rain Data Problem Statement
This dataset contains about 10 years of daily weather observations from many locations across Australia. Predict next-day rain by training classification models on the target variable RainTomorrow .
Data Science Job Change Problem Statement
A company which is active in Big Data and Data Science wants to hire data scientists among people who successfully pass some courses which conduct by the company. Many people signup for their training. Company wants to know which of these candidates are really wants to work for the company after training or looking for a new employment because it helps to reduce the cost and time as well as the quality of training or planning the courses and categorization of candidates
CSSE7610 Concurrency: Theory and Practice - Assignment 1 Mutual exclusion
Peterson’s mutual exclusion algorithm is based on Dekker’s algorithm but is more concise because it collapses two await statements into one with a compound condition.
CS 6475: Computational Photography - A2: Pyramid Blending
In this assignment, you will be putting together a pyramid blending pipeline that will allow you to combine separate images into a seamlessly blended image. The technique is based on the Burt & Adelson paper A Multiresolution Spline With Application to Image Mosaics. You are required to use your own unique images and design a custom mask that best supports your image blend.
K6312 INFORMATION MINING & ANALYSIS - Take-home Assignment I: Linear regression
In this task, you need to develop linear regression model to predict students grade. The data is from the first week lab. Through the task, you will be asked to try different features sets and different training size and compare their prediction performances.
INFS7410 Project - Part 1: Classical information retrieval methods
In this project we will consider the problem of open-domain passage ranking in answer to web queries. In this context, users pose queries to the search engine and expect answers in the form of a ranked list of passages (maximum 1000 passages to be retrieved).
Programming Assignment 3: Drawing Balls From an Urn
You have an urn. Initially there are R red balls and B blue balls in the urn. You would like to randomly draw a ball from an urn, for exactly N times
INFT 3030 Concurrent Programming - Assignment: Multi-player game server
The assignment is intended to give you experience in modelling a concurrent requirement and writing a concurrent program in Java to implement it. The application is a multi-player game server (MPGS).
COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals Assignment 1- Synchronization
In Stylish Hair dressing Salon , there are K barbers. Each time , a barber takes a minimum of T1 units of time and a maximum of T2 units of time to service one customer .
Assignment 2: Weather data aggregation and distribution
To gain an understanding of what is required to build a client/server system, you are to build a system that aggregates and distributes weather data in JSON format using a RESTful API.
ECON7310 Elements of Econometrics Research Project 1: Wage Estimation Using R
Use the cps09mar.csv dataset to estimate the effect of education on earnings. Data description and variable definitions can be found in the document cps09mar description.pdf
COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals - Assignment 1 - CS Defence
This assignment will test your ability to create, use and manipulate 2D arrays and structs to solve problems. To do this, the map used in the game has been implemented as a 2D array of tiles.
COMP3013 Mobile Application Development - Assignment 1 MovieBuddy App
For this assignment, you are required to create a simple MovieBuddy as an Android App. There should be a list of Cinemas and an inventory of the existing Movies. The app has a home screen that includes one or more decorative images and options (e.g. button, menu items, tabs etc.).
FIT2099 Assignment 1: Designborne
In this assignment, we will be developing the “Designborne” game, inspired by the games such as Dark Souls, Elden Ring and Bloodborne. We may use several similar names (characters, items, locations) and concepts.
FIN551 - Python Programming - End-of-Course Assessment
An analyst has a simple trading strategy. She believes that if the price of a stock is below (above) the floor (ceiling) price, the stock is under - (over -) valued and such instances are the best time to long (short) the stock.
COMP2041 Software Construction - Assignment 1: Pigs
Your task in this assignment is to implement Pigs, a subset of the version control system Git.
COMP2041 Software Construction - Assignment 2: Sheepy
Your task in this assignment is to write a POSIX Shell Transpiler.
NIT3213 Mobile Application Development Assignment 2- An iOS Passport Application
This assignment requires you to develop a simple Android application that uses many Activities, which are related using Intents. To write the application you will need to use the Android Studio
NIT3213 Mobile Application Development Assignment 1 - Mobile Timetabler Android Application
This assignment requires you to develop a simple Android application that uses many Activities, which are related using Intents. To write the application you will need to use the Android Studio
CSC3100 Data Structures Assignment 3: Graph Spanning Tree
You need to answer the number of methods to select edges differently to generate minimal spanning tree of this graph G.
CMP3753M Project Assessment 3: Dissertation
This is Assessment 3 and is an individual assignment. The assessment takes the form of a dissertation and a pre-recorded video demonstration of your artefact .
CS 380 Artificial Intelligence Assignment: Othello
In this assignment, we will use the minimax algorithm to make an AI agent that plays the game of Othello. You are given the code to represent the board, handle the placement of pieces, and determine whether the game is over
Web Assignment Restaurant / Customer tracker.
A web application containing the necessary database, WebForms and MVC Views has already been created for you. Your task is to complete several pages: 1. WebForms/A_Traditional/Index.aspx and Details.aspx
[2022] COMP2041/9044 Software Construction - Assignment 2: Slippy
Your task in this assignment is to implement Slippy. Slippy stands for [S]ed [L]anguage [I]nterpreter in [P]ure [PY]thon. A subset of the important Unix/Linux tool Sed.
[2022] SMU - QF633 C++ for Financial Engineering - Course Project: Cryptocurrency Tick Data
Complete the FitSmiles function in VolSurfBuilder.h. It groups the market tick data by expiry date, pass the data of each expiry to the FitSmile function in the smile model to fit the model to the market data, and calculate the fitting error
QF633 C++ for Financial Engineering - Course Project: Cryptocurrency Tick Data
Complete the FitSmiles function in VolSurfBuilder.h. It groups the market tick data by expiry date, pass the data of each expiry to the FitSmile function in the smile model to fit the model to the market data, and calculate the fitting error
QF633 C++ for Financial Engineering - Assignment 3: Order Manager
An order manager is a class which manages all the open orders, i.e. order with open_qty > 0. The order manager should keep the records in a std::vector in a sorted manner
QF633 C++ for Financial Engineering - Assignment 4 - L3 Book Buidling
During the lecture, we have discussed the implementation of Add, Delete and Replace operations. In addition to the above three, there’s another common type of order update message, i.e. the Order Execution Update. It is used to inform a order with given order_id is executed by exec_qty
DPST1092 Computer Systems Fundamentals Assignment 1: Othello in MIPS
Create a new directory for this assignment called othello, change to this directory, and fetch the provided code by running these commands
DPST1092 Computer Systems Fundamentals Assignment 2: a file archiver
There are a vast number of archive formats: on *nix-like systems, tar is common; whereas on Windows, Zip is common. Wikipedia's list of archive formats is a marvellous rabbit-hole to explore. In this assignment, you will be implementing rain, a file archiver for the drop format.
COMP1521 Computer Systems Fundamentals Assignment 2: a file archiver
A file archive is a single file which can contain the contents, names and other metadata of multiple files. These can make backup and transport of files more convenient, and can often make compression more efficient. We often refer to tools that can create or manipulate these as file archivers.
COMP2521 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Exercise: Recursion
The greatest common divisor, or GCD, of two integers a a and b b is the largest integer that divides both a a and b b with no remainder. For example, the GCD of 16 16 and 28 28 is 4 4 because 16 = 4 × 4 16=4×4 and 28 = 4 × 7 28=4×7, and there is no larger integer than divides both.
COMP1521 Computer Systems Fundamentals - Assignment 1: Pacman in MIPS
pacman.c is an implementation of Pacman, a classic arcade game. An example game of Pacman can be seen to the right. A game of Pacman takes place on a 2D grid, as the player tries to collect dots while avoiding ghosts!
DPST1091 Programming Fundamentals - Assignment 2 - CS ToDo
Tower Defence is a specific genre of games that boomed in the late 2000s. Many innovative games were created under this genre that pushed new and exciting ideas!
DPST1091 Programming Fundamentals - Assignment 1 - CS Defence
Tower Defence is a specific genre of games that boomed in the late 2000s. Many innovative games were created under this genre that pushed new and exciting ideas!
COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals - Assignment 2 - Carriage Simulator
This assignment will test your ability to create, use, manipulate and solve problems using linked lists. To do this, you'll be implementing a train as a linked list of carriages.
PROG2005 Programming Mobile Systems Assignment 1: TypeScript App and Angular App
This assignment requires you to develop an application using TypeScript for Part 1 and Angular for Part 2 to demonstrate your knowledge of the TypeScript language and Angular framework.
PROG2003 Cloud Systems Development - Assignment 1: Cloud9 app
Your task is to create a website that prints how much of the storage has been used for each student folder in an S3 bucket . To make the website dynamic, you need to create a Cloud9 app that would work as a “backend ” for the website.
Coursework 2: 2D Led Array
In this task, we assume that an 8×8 LED array is controlled by 2 words specified in led_array. Each bit in this memory space controls the on/off state of one LED with 1 turns on an LED and 0 turns off an LED.
CSCI-UA.0002 Introduction to Computer Programming - Assignment 09: Email Service
For this assignment you will be writing 2 programs which should be saved independently. The filename you should use for each program is outlined in the sections below .
CS380 Artificial Intelligence: Rubik's Cube
In this part, we will write the code needed to represent a single 2×2×2 Rubik's Cube state and to compute the possible following cube states after moving a slice.
CS380 Artificial Intelligence: Rubik's Cube II
In the previous part, we implemented key components of a solver for 2×2×2 Rubik's Cube.In this part, we continue with this implementation and significantly extend it to find puzzle solutions using various methods.
JC1503 Object-Oriented Programming
In this programming assignment, you will design and implement a Task Scheduler in Python, which is a program that helps manage and prioritise tasks for efficient and timely completion.
Intro to Java Project 4: Casino Night
Now that we know how to make Objects, we can use them to make programs that would have been very complicated otherwise. In this assignment, you will create a class that represents a single playing card (the Card class), and another class that represents a deck of playing cards (the Deck class).
G0302 Web Site Design - Coursework: Science is Fun
This assignment will focus to evaluate the students’ ability to implement web pages using HTML and CSS. It is intended to elevate the students’ knowledge and skills in desi gning a web site.
48024 Programming 2 Assignment 2: NBA
There are two menu layer s in the application . The main menu (AssociationView .fxml) has two sub-menu s, the team menu (Explore TeamsView.fxml ) and the season menu (SeasonView.fxml ). The main menu and the team menu share the same layout but ha ve different functions.
MATH70099 Big Data Statistical Scalability with PySpark - Assessed Coursework 2: Borel Distribution and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
Consider a sequence of IID discrete random variables X1;X2;:::such that XiBorel (q), denoting a Borel distribution with parameter q2(0;1). The distribution has the following PMF
Introduction to Python Programming Assignment 2: Implementing a Library Management System using OOPs
Assignment 2: Implementing a Library Management System using OOPs concepts
CT60A9600 Discrete Models and Methods 2: Renewable Energy Plant System (REPS)
Your group has been hired by a renewable energy company to design and build a renewable energy plant system. The goal of the project is to create a functional and efficient power plant that harnesses renewable energy sources to generate electricity for local communities
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Project: COVID-19 Infection Analysis and Prediction
The goal of this project is to process this dataset using artificial intelligence methods in order to help the community to better understand the spread of the COVID-19 infection.
ITEC3040 Introduction to Data Analytics Assignment 1
A commercial real estate company evaluates vacancy rates, square footage, rental rates, and operating expenses for commercial properties in a large metropolitan area in order to provide clients with quantitative information upon which to make rental decisions.
Math 9 Spring 2023 Final Project Description: Approximation of Pi
In this final project, the major aim is to approximate the digits of pi with different numerical methods. Throughout the quarter, we have learned many different ways: 1) through numerical integral, for example ∫$ √1 − 𝑥! = ", 2) infinite series as appeared in Homework 3
OOP Project VIII, 2023 Summer: Optional Problem 2 - STL Allocator Memory Pool
STL provides you a default std::allocator, but you can implement your own to replace it. For example, you can design a memory pool to speed up the dynamic allocation of a large number of small blocks (e.g., 8 bytes, 16 bytes, ...), and to reduce memory fragmentation.
Monte Carlo Integrator and Simpsons Integrator
You may use the classes providing random number generators that will be or were developed during the lecture, e.g., • RandomNumberGeneratorFrom1D • MersenneTwister
Java Coursework: Student score management program design
In the following time you will be required to write an educational management system in JAVA to your individual ability. This task will count for 20% of the final grade for this course and a higher code check rate will be considered as the task not being completed.
UM-SJTU JI VG101 - Lab Demo Project 1: Gravity Simulator
Gravity exists between all objects. According to Newton's Second Law , a force applied to an object will change its acceleration, affecting its velocity and position indirectly .
COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 1 - Reward-based learning agents
In this assignment, you are asked to implement a modified version of the temporal-difference method Q-learning and SARSA. Additionally, you are asked to implement a modified version of the action selection methods softmax and ϵ-greedy.
COMP9517 Computer Vision Lab 2: SIFT Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and RANSAC: Random Sample Consensus Algorithm
A well- known algorithm in computer vision to detect and describe local features in images is the scale -invariant feature transform (SIFT). Its applications include object recognition, mapping and navigation, image stitching, 3D modelling, object tracking, and others
Computing Methods Homework 1: ice cream cone, lottery game, ideal gas equation
In the triangle shown a = 10 cm, b = 14 cm , and γ = 25°. Define a, b, and y as variables, and then: Calculate the length of c by substituting the variables in the Law of Cosines.
Computing Methods Homework 2: Iteration, Taylor Series Expansion, Sine Table and Surface Mesh
One numerical method for calculating the cubic root of a number, √𝑃3 is in iterations. The process starts by choosing a value 𝑥1 as a first estimate of the solution. Using this value, a second, more accurate value 𝑥2 can be calculated with 𝑥2=(𝑃𝑥12+2𝑥1)/3
Wirtschaftsinformatik Technologien und Anwendungen - Aufgabenzettel 4: PHP Datenbank
Zur Bearbeitung der unten stehenden Aufgaben benötigen Sie PHP, PostgreSQL sowie einen ApacheServer. Sie können den von uns bereitgestellten WITA-Server verwenden, auf dem die genannten Komponentenbereits vorhanden sind
Web Fundamentals - Web Design and Computer Graphics Practical Exercise 4: HTML Structure
Web Fundamentals at SoftUni Web Design and Computer Graphics Practical Exercise 4: HTML Structure
Bayesian Network for Supply Chain Disruption Analysis: Risk of supply chain disruption
Given the observed events, construct a BN assessing risk of supply chain disruption including standard types of event nodes, like T rigger, Risk Event, Control, Consequence, Mitigator.
COMP9313 Big Data Management Project 1: Term Weight Computation
Detecting popular and trending topics from news articles is important for public opinion monitoring. In this project, your task is to perform text data analysis over a dataset of Australian news from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) using MRJob.
Cloud Computing (COMM034) Coursework: Monte Carlo method
To demonstrate your understanding of how to critically explain, and construct, a Cloud application using multiple services across Cloud providers, involving user-specifiable scaling.
COMP9517 Computer Vision Assignment: Otsu Thresholding, Isodata Thresholding and Triangle Thresholding
The first technique is called Otsu thresholding (named after the inventor). It defines the optimal threshold as the one that minimises the intra -class variance or, equivalently, maximises the inter- class variance of the pixel values in the two classe
Project Three: Blackjack
In this project, we will implement a simplified version of the card game called Blackjack, also sometimes called 21. It is a relatively simple game played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. There are two participants, a dealer and a player. The player starts with a bankroll, and the game progresses in rounds called hands.
Computer Programming Project Task 5: Call yourself a method!
In this chapter, you will be tasked with implementing methods. Method invocation in the IJVM can be a bit tricky, as it has some strange behaviour that is left over from the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).