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MTH208 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS - Coursework II: Approximating the absolute value function
MTH208NUMERICAL ANALYSISApproximating the absolute value function
The objective of this project is to explore and compare various numerical methods (interpolation with various basis or fitting in discrete and continuous cases) for approximating the absolute value function. You may provide basic ideas of each numerical method, give the implementation details and then compare their performance in terms of accuracy, implementation details and computational efficiency (You don’t need to include the code in the report).
COMP20005 Intro. to Numerical Computation in C - Assignment 2: CSV Column Averages and Graphing Distributions
COMP20005Intro. to Numerical Computation in CCSVCColumn AveragesGraphing Distributions
Scientific, engineering, and financial datasets are often stored in text files using comma separated values (.csv format) or tab separated values (.txt or .tsv format), usually with a header line describing the contents of the columns. The simplest framework for processing such data is to first read the complete set of input rows into arrays, one array per column of data to be manipulated, and then pass those arrays
Math128A Numerical Analysis - Final Project: Modified zero-in for root-finding
Math128AMA128ANumerical AnalysisModified zero-in for root-findingRoot Finding
We would like to find a root of the equation f(x)=0, for x∈R given an initial interval [a, b] with f (a) · f (b) < 0. with a combination of two methods ▶ bisection method, for its reliability ▶ inverse quadratic interpolation (IQI) method, for its higher order of convergence.
MTHS2008 Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Process Engineers - COURSEWORK 2: DOUBLE NUMERICAL INTEGRATION AND FINITE
MTHS2008Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Process EngineersMathematical ModellingDOUBLE NUMERICAL INTEGRATIONPython
Using template_question_1a.py (on Moodle) as a template, write a module containing a function plot_region(a,b,y1,y2,n) to create a figure containing the plot of the region of integration for the double integral
COMP20005 Intro. to Numerical Computation in C Assignment 1: Medal winners
COMP20005Intro. to Numerical Computation in CCMedal winners
Imagine that the University of Melbourne has won the rights to host the first International Lecturing Olympics in 2024, and that a program is needed to read the judges’ (that is, students’) scores for each class given by each academic contender, and from them determine the medal winners.
COMP328: High Performance Computing - Continuous Assessment: Laplace solver - Partial differential equation
COMP328High Performance ComputingLaplace solverOpenMPThreadsParallel Computing
In this assignment, you are asked to implement a numerical method for solving a partial differential equation. This document explains the operation in detail, so you do not have to have studied calculus.
DTS304TC Machine Learning Coursework - Assessment Task 1: Heart Disease Classification with Machine Learning
DTS304TCMachine LearningPythonClassification
In this coding assessment, you are presented with the challenge of analyzing a dataset that contains patient demographics and health indicators to predict heart disease classifications. This entails solving a multi-class classification problem with five distinct categories, incorporating both categorical and numerical attributes.
COMP2421 Numerical Computation - Coursework: Differential Equations
COMP2421XJCO2421Numerical computationPythonDifferential Equations
In this coursework, you will use software libraries to explore different numerical schemes and you will analyse the methods and results.
COSC2500 Numerical Methods in Computational Science 2013 Projects
COSC2500Numerical Methods in Computational Sciencemathematical modelling
A typical project would involve the mathematical modelling of some system of interest, the numerical solution of the mathematical model, and discussion of the results (for example, what the results mean, comparison with experimental results, other computational results, and so on).
COMP5911M Advanced Software Engineering Coursework 1: Matrices and PictureAppPlus
COMP5911MAdvanced Software EngineeringJavaMatricesPictureAppPlus
A matrix is an array of numbers indexed by rows and columns. Matrices are widely used in computer graphics and numerical science. One common operation is to put a matrix into row echelon form, in which entries below the leading diagonal are set to zero.
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