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Numerical Computing 数值计算

Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
Electromagnetics, Antennas and Propagation Assignment No. 1: Finite differences methods
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
Most real-life electromagnetic problems do not fall into a class that can be solved by analytical methods. For these common situations, we must resort to numerical approximate solutions
Math 104A Computation Homework # 2: Quadrature rules
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
We have studied some quadrature rules and their theoretical rates of convergence (or error terms). In this homework, you compute and report actual rates of convergence of some quadrature rules when they are implemented for selected integrands.
MA/CS 321 - Introduction to Numerical Methods - Programming Project 2: Interpolation
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
For ecological research purposes, a tracking device has been attached to some individuals on a migratory flock. The goal of this project is to construct the migration routes of these birds, by interpolating the signals obtained from the tracking device.
BIT001計算機程式設計語言 - Projects: 股價下載器, 基礎數值分析與可視化
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
建立一個圖形介面應用。運行後,在輸入某港股編號後,點擊下載按鈕可以從 YahooFinance 網站下載該港股最近60個交易日的股價。
MATH3204 Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimisation (S2-2022): Assignment 02
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
In this question, you will study one of the reasons why forming the matrix-inverse explicitly is so much frowned upon.
MATH3204 Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimisation (S2-2022): Assignment 01
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
Let Pn denote the space of polynomial of degree at most n with real coefficients. Find the matrix representation of the differential operato
[2022] USC - CS455: Introduction to Programming - HW1 C++ Square Root and Random Distribution
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
The assignment is to write code for numerically finding a number's square root. The built-in math library function sqrt() can already do this, of course - but this is assigned to you as a problem so you can gain coding experience.
[2021] Imperial College London - Principles of Programming - Q1 - Numerical Derivative
Numerical ComputingNumerical Methods数值计算Numerical
This question is part of the 2021 final exam of Principles of Programming, Imperial College London.
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