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CSSE2010 Introduction to Computer Systems - AVR Project: Battleship
CSSE2010CSSE7201Introduction to Computer SystemsCBattle Game
You are required to modify a program to implement additional features. The program is a basic template of the game “Battleship”
COMP30023 Computer Systems Project 2: Email client
COMP30023Computer SystemsCEmail clientIMAPfetchmail
The aim of this project is to familiarize you with socket programming. Your task is to write a simple email client that downloads and parses email from a standards-compliant IMAP server.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
CIS3110 Operating Systems Assignment 1: Parallel computation using processes
CIS3110Operating SystemsParallel computation using processesC
For this assignment you will write a parallel program that takes a list of file names as input and produces a new set of files, which contain the english alphabet histograms for each of the input files.
CSI3101 Operating Systems - Project 2: CPU Scheduling
CSI3101Operating SystemsCPU SchedulingC
Objective 1: Priority Scheduler • Implement a priority scheduler in xv6 • Requirements – Schedule a process with the highest priority to run
EECS 3221 Operating System Fundamentals - Programming Assignment 2: Multithreading and Synchronization
EECS 3221Operating System Fundamentals
In this assignment we will try to practice the concepts such as: multithreading, synchronization with semaphores, deadlocks and starvation.
CSSE2310/CSSE7231 Computer Systems Principles and Programming - Assignment 3
CSSE2310CSSE7231Computer Systems Principles and Programming
You are to create a program (called uqfindexec) which allows users to run a specified command, or a pipeline of commands, on all files in a given directory.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 4: Raft
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsRaftGORPCReplication
In this series of assignments you'll implement Raft, a replicated state machine protocol. A replicated service achieves fault tolerance by storing complete copies of its state (i.e., data) on multiple replica servers. Replication allows the service to continue operating even if some of its servers experience failures (crashes or a broken or flaky network). The challenge is that failures may cause the replicas to hold differing copies of the data.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 3: MapReduce
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsMapReduce
In this lab you'll build a MapReduce system. You'll implement a worker process that calls application Map and Reduce functions and handles reading and writing files, and a coordinator process that hands out tasks to workers and copes with failed workers.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Assignment 2 - Bank Transactions
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsGOBank Transactions
Correctness of data is very important in real world applications such as banking. An ideal bank should be able to handle millions of requests for various accounts simultaneously, whilst ensuring that all user data is correct.
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