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Natural Language Processing (NLP) 自然语言处理

Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
COMP5046 Natural Language Processing - Assignment 1: Predict the length of a Wikipedia article
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
In this assignment, we will explore ways to predict the length of a Wikipedia article based on the first 100 tokens in the article.
COMP SCI 7417 Applied Natural Language Processing - Assignment - Classifier and Distributional Semantics
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
In this question, you will be investigating the distributional hypothesis: words which appear in similar contexts tend to have similar meanings.
[2021] CS3002 Artificial Intelligence - Final Exam - Q7: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
This question is part of the CS3002 Artificial Intelligence, final exam May 2021, Brunel University London
Word Representation in Biomedical Domain
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
BERT introduces a new language model for pre-training named Masked Language Model (MLM). The advantage of MLM is that the word representations by MLM will be contextualised.
HDAG Interview Take Home Assignment - Data Analytics
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
This take-home assignment is meant to evaluate your background and fit for a role within HDAG.
NLP with Representation Learning, Fall 2022 - Homework 1: N-Gram Models, Additive Smoothing, Interpolation Smoothing, Backoff and Neural Networks
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
In this section, you will implement a basic n-gram model with no smoothing. The core challenge in doing this is counting the number of occurrences of different n-grams in the training data.
CS584: Natural Language Processing - Assignment 5: Dependency Parsing
Natural Language ProcessingNLP自然语言处理
Given a sentence “I parsed this sentence correctly” with the transitions, complete the following table. The first three steps are provided in the table, showing the configuration of the stack and buffer, as well as the transition and the new dependency (if has) for the following steps.
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