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Final Exam: Inverted index and information retrieval with Spark
SparkInverted indexInformation retrieval
Build an inverted index and retrieve relevant documents for the queries. Information retrieval is the science of searching for information in a document or collection of documents. In this assignment you are given a collection of documents and a set of queries. The main tasks for this assignment are:
COMP9313 Big Data Management Project 2: Top-k most frequent co-occuring term pairs
COMP9313Big Data ManagementPythonTop-k most frequent co-occuring term pairs
In this problem, we are still going to use the dataset of Australian news from ABC. Your task is to find out the top-k most frequent co-occurring term pairs in each year. The co-occurrence of (w, u) is defined as: u and w appear in the same article headline (i.e., (w, u) and (u, w) are treated equally).
COMP9313 Big Data Management Project 3: Finding Similar News Article Headlines Using Pyspark
COMP9313Big Data ManagementPythonSimilar News Article HeadlinesSpark
In this problem, we are still going to use the dataset of Australian news from ABC. Similar news may appear in different years. Your task is to find all similar news article headline pairs across different years.
CS350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems - Project 3: MapReduce
CS350Fundamentals of Computing SystemsMapReduce
In this lab you'll build a MapReduce system. You'll implement a worker process that calls application Map and Reduce functions and handles reading and writing files, and a coordinator process that hands out tasks to workers and copes with failed workers.
CS7280 Special Topics in Database Management - Project 3: Big Data Analytics
CS7280Special Topics in Database ManagementDatabasePySparkHadoopBig Query
The main purpose of this project is to become familiar with Big Data platform, including Hadoop system, MapReduce programming, and cloud based big data solutions (e.g., Google Big Query).
EBIS 4043 Big Data Analysis and Applications - Individual Assignment II
EBIS 4043Big Data Analysis and ApplicationsR
The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that you are picking up the R based analytics skills (Please do not use other tools to generate the answers!) that have been introduced in this class and check your ability.
95702 Distributed Systems For Information Systems Management - Project 5: Distributed Computation
95702Distributed Systems For Information Systems ManagementDistributed ComputationJava
Big data infrastructures support distributed computation through services such as MapReduce and Spark. Both of these approaches exemplify the principle of spatial locality by moving computation close to data. These data are then processed in parallel.
DTS303TC Big Data Security and Analytics - Coursework 2 - Project: Data Cryptography and Access Control
DTS303TCBig Data Security and AnalyticsPython
Cryptography includes a set of techniques for scrambling or disguising data so that it is available only to someone who can restore the data to its original form
[2022] UCI - BANA 295: Big Data Management Systems-Assignment 4 - Strict Consistency
MapReduceBig Data Mangement SystemUCI
This question is part of BANA 295: Big Data Management Systems-Assignment 4 (University of California Irvine)
INT303 Big Data Analytics - Final Exam: Question 7: Recommender Systems
INT303Big Data AnalyticsHadoopRecommender Systems
Consider a dataset containing information about movies: genre, director and release decade. We also have information about which users have seen each movie. The rating for a user on a movie is either 0 or 1.
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