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ITP4523M Internet & Multimedia Applications Development - Group Project - Web Application
In this project, students are asked to build a web application which provide different functions for salesperson and manager, and apply software development skills to develop a website which is user-friendly, interactive, robust, and easy to maintain.
CHC5028 Software Development with C/C++ - Coursework: Text adventures
“Text adventures”, now called “interactive fiction”, were among the first type of computer game ever produced. These games have no graphics; the player reads the story of the game in text, and decides what their character will do by typing commands at a prompt.
CE235 Computer Security - Assignment 2: Blockchain and Mining with Proof-of-work for Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In the Bitcoin system Bitcoins are mined through proof-of-work mechanism. Bitcoin miners are given technical puzzles to solve. There is only one puzzle at any time with a given difficulty level, which is set by the system administrator.
CMPUT 328 Visual Recognition - Assignment 5: Generative Models (VAE and Diffusion Models)
The main objective in this assignment is to implement and evaluate two of the most popular generative models, namely Variational Auto-Encoders (VAE) and Diffusion Models. Our goal is to implement each of these models on the FashionMNIST dataset and see how such models can generate new images.
COMP3322 Modern Technologies on World Wide Web - Assignment Four: Big Cities
Write an express.js program and name it index.js. This program provides the API to get data about big cities from a MongoDB server.
CMPT 125 Intro. To Computing Science & Programming II Spring 2023 Assignment 4: Extend Talklib
In this question you are going to extend the program you made in Assignment 2&3 by providing more functionalities. You are also again going to write your own main function so the program runs. In addition, you are going to implement everything in C++.
CPTS 360 Systems Programming: Lab Assignment 5 Building a Web Proxy
A Web proxy is a program that acts as a middleman between a Web browser and an end server. Instead of contacting the end server directly to get a Web page, the browser contacts the proxy, which forwards the request on to the end server. When the end server replies to the proxy, the proxy sends the reply on to the browser.
CMPT 489 Compiler Technology - SIMD Parallel Processing - Final Project: Program Synthesis
In Phase I, you need to implement a top-down enumerative synthesizer in synth.core.TopDownEnumSynthesizer.
MAEG5720 Computer Vision in Practice - Mini-Project2: Panorama
The field of view of the image is limited by your lens. However, we could solve this issue by combining multiple images together to form a panorama. The aim of this assignment is to automatically stitch the images acquired by a panning camera.
CSC4005 Parallel Programming - Project 4 Parallel Programming with Machine Learning
In this project, you will have the opportunity to gain insight and practice in using OpenACC to accelerate machine learning algorithms. Specifically, you will be accelerating softmax regression and neural networks (NNs).