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811312A Data Structures and Algorithms, Spring 2023, Assignment: Most frequently occurring words
In this assignment, you shall find the 100 most frequently occurring words from a large text file. The program shall be implemented in C language.
IT Assignment: Income data analysis for a Sino-foreign company
If you are given 10000 RMB to do a budget plan on buying some software and hardware for the server in the computer lab, please do some investigations and work out a detailed solution.
COMP9321 Assignment - REST API MyCalendar
In this assignment, you are asked to develop a time-management and scheduling calendar service (Google Calendar) for Australians using Flask-Restx.
Python II Assignment: Revenue maximization
Revenue maximization is one of the most prominent problems in economics. Suppose we want to sell a laptop to potential buyer, that has a value (probability) distribution F describing how they value the laptop (this is called the Bayesian setting in the literature)
MUSI11066 Audio Programming Assignment 2: Drone challenge
This assignment is designed to let you experiment creatively with some of the basic audio DSP elements we have covered so far. You will submit a single Juce project that uses the Audio Plug-In template to render audio, although the focus will be on the standalone application build target.
Data Analysis:Data Wrangling and Data Modeling
Various transformation methods are applied to the data to have better-performing data for our machine learning model.
MATH40082 Computational Finance Assignment No. 1: Monte Carlo Methods
The trader has calibrated a specialised risk neutral process for some underlying stock price. Given the current stock is S0, market prices indicate the risk-neutral distribution of the stock price at time t is given by
COMP3310 Computer Networks - Assignment 1- The Last Mile
This assignment is to develop a (short) technical report that deals with a variety of network design aspects relating to building a last-mile network, with the last section making a specific design recommendation for a semi-fictitious rural setting.
Project 1: Filter Design and Filter Banks
FIR FILTER DESIGN 2-WAYS In this problem you will design FIR filters using two different methods discussed in lecture.
CSCI1520 Computer Principles and C++ Programming - Assignment 4: Three Men’s Morris
You will implement a game called Three Men’s Morris. There are two players, 1 and 2, in the game. Each player has three pieces.