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Machine Learning Fundamentals Group Assessment: Model comparison
Machine LearningRMSEFeature EngineeringKNNRegression
Background Information Kevin is a professional real-estate manager. In the past, he relied on using a few important features for home valuation. His boss recently asked him to take the initiative to learn to use big data and machine learning algorithms to value home prices in order to better communicate with customers.
EL3147 Digital Signal & Image Processing A Assessment: Non-Destructive Identification of Mechanically Stronger Composite Plates
EL3147Digital Signal & Image ProcessingMatlabDSIPSignal analysisNoise reduction
This assignment is designed to give students an introduction to digital signal and image processing (DSIP) through their applications in ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation of engineering structures. You are required to use the Matlab software package to design and implement a DSIP system to identify a mechanically stronger plate manufactured using composite carbon fibre materials.
Mathematics for Computer Science Project 2: PAs-Modeling and CSI-Prediction
Behavioral modelingCSI-PredictionNMSEPython
The project requires completing one of the following two tasks, and when submitting, include the project code and a report. Various methods such as non-linear regression or deep learning can be employed.
COMP643 Advanced Database Management Assignment 3: QUERYING AND UPDATING THE DOCUMENT DATABASE
COMP643Advanced Database ManagementMongoDBDocument DatabaseNoSQL
MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database that is designed to store large scale data. It is categorised as a NoSQL (Not only SQL) database because the storage and retrieval of data in the MongoDB is not in the form of tables and querying does not have to be done using SQL. Additional learning materials for MongoDB can be found on COMP643 LEARN Page.
EE450 Introduction to Computer Networks - Final Project: Conference booking system
EE450Introduction to Computer NetworksC++Socket ProgrammingTCPUDP
For this project, you will develop a simple conference booking system for two buildings, RTH and EEB, available to students. Students can check the availability of conference rooms and make reservations for the following week. They need to specify the room, day (e.g., Monday, Tuesday), and time (e.g., 4 pm) to reserve a room.
CS200 Concepts for Advanced Computer Usage - Assignment 9 - FileMaker
CS200Concepts for Advanced Computer UsageFileMakerSQLDatabase
This assignment may be done independently or with a partner. If you do work with a partner, please add both or your names, usernames and Student ID numbers to the footer of each layout in the files and name the files with both usernames (username1_username2).
CS200 Concepts for Advanced Computer Usage - Final Project - FileMaker
CS200Concepts for Advanced Computer UsageFileMakerDatabase
Create a many to many database. Proper field definitions and data validation must be used. (you must have at least one date field and a field that is a pop-up menu that will display two different fields
18-213 / 15-613 Computer Systems Summer 2024 Malloc Lab: Writing a Dynamic Storage Allocator
Computer SystemsCMalloc LabDynamic Storage Allocator
In this lab you will write a dynamic memory allocator which will consist of the malloc, free, realloc, and calloc functions. Your goal is to implement an allocator that is correct, efficient, and fast.
EIE4512 - Digital Image Processing - Assignment #1 Histogram Equalization and Matching
EIE4512Digital Image ProcessingPythonOpenCVHistogram Equalization and MatchingSpatial Filtering
A common measure of transmission for digital data is the baud rate, defined as the number of bits transmitted per second. Generally, transmission is accomplished in packets consisting of a start bit, a byte (8 bits) of information, and a stop bit.
DE114102D Creative Programming - Project: Creative 3D App Development - AR
DE114102DCreative ProgrammingCreative 3D App Development - ARARRealityKitAugmented Reality
In this project, you need to create or make use of an existing children book with images. Create AR app that can enhance the user experience of reading the book and show additional relevant information and digital media.