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CSSE2010 Introduction to Computer Systems - AVR Project: Battleship
CSSE2010CSSE7201Introduction to Computer SystemsCBattle Game
You are required to modify a program to implement additional features. The program is a basic template of the game “Battleship”
IERG2080 Introduction to Systems Programming Project: 2D Bitmap Editor
IERG2080Introduction to Systems ProgrammingC2D Bitmap Editor
In this project, you are going to write a simple 2D bitmap editor. You will use a library called ncurses that provides API for direct keyboard inputs, absolute screen coordinates for full-screen outputs, etc.
32547 UNIX Systems Programming Assignment: Locale
32547 UNIX Systems ProgrammingPython
In this assignment, you will write a Python program vaguely inspired by Unix command locale. Your Python program will parse a file containing information about language “locales” and “charmaps” and will generate output depending on the command line.
COMP2017 Systems Programming Assignment 3: ByteTide
COMP2017Systems ProgrammingCP2PCOMP9017ByteTide
You are tasked with constructing a P2P File-Transfer program that will allow sending, receiving and detection of anomalous data chunks.
COMP30023 Computer Systems Project 2: Email client
COMP30023Computer SystemsCEmail clientIMAPfetchmail
The aim of this project is to familiarize you with socket programming. Your task is to write a simple email client that downloads and parses email from a standards-compliant IMAP server.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
CSSE2310/CSSE7231 Computer Systems Principles and Programming - Assignment 3
CSSE2310CSSE7231Computer Systems Principles and Programming
You are to create a program (called uqfindexec) which allows users to run a specified command, or a pipeline of commands, on all files in a given directory.
CSCI2525 Assembly Language and Computer Organization - Final Project: Connect Three in Assembly
CSCI2525Assembly Language and Computer OrganizationAssembly
Develop a the game of Connect Three in Assembly. This game will be menu- driven, the gameboard will be made of ASCII characters, and it will have options for player vs. player, player vs. computer, and computer vs. computer.
COMP3334 Computer Systems Security Project: End-to-end encrypted chat web application
COMP3334Computer Systems SecurityEnd-to-end encrypted chatWeb ApplicationPython
Your job is to implement an end-to-end encrypted chat web application and secure various aspects of the website.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security Assignment 2 - Processes and MARIE Programming
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsnetworks and securityProcesses and MARIE ProgrammingAssembly
Processes and programs are what makes computers do what we want them to do. In the first part of this assignment, students will investigate the processes running on their computers. The second part is about programming in MARIE assembly language. This will allow students to demonstrate their comprehension of the fundamental way a processor works.
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