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COMP30023 Computer Systems Project 2: Email client
COMP30023Computer SystemsCEmail clientIMAPfetchmail
The aim of this project is to familiarize you with socket programming. Your task is to write a simple email client that downloads and parses email from a standards-compliant IMAP server.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
Data Communications and Networking Assignment 2: Chat Application
Data Communications and NetworkingC++Chat ApplicationSocket Programming
A chat application allows users to interact or communicate by texting, audio, and video. It can be useful for social or commercial activities. In this assignment, students are required to write a Chat Program based on Windows Socket Programming C++.
COMP1047 Systems and Architecture - Coursework Part-2: Computer Networks
COMP1047Systems and ArchitectureComputer NetworksTCPUDP
This project provides insights on analyzing network performances such as delay, throughput, and packet drops of your designed network. It presents an experimental methodology to obtain an estimate of average delay, throughput, and packet drops for packets of variable payload size. You are required to use the TWO transport layer protocols, the TCP and UDP as we studied in Week-3 class.
COMP3310 Computer Networks - Assignment 2: Indexing a Gopher
COMP3310Computer NetworksIndexing a GopherCJavaPython
An Internet Gopher server was one of the precursors to the web, combining a simple query/response protocol with a reasonably flexible content server, and a basic model for referencing and describing resources on different machines. The name comes from the (Americanised) idea to “go-for” some content... and also the complexity of their interconnected burrows1.
EE450 Socket Programming Project: Dormitory Booking System
EE450Socket ProgrammingCDormitory Booking System
Dormitory Reservation Systems are key for managing student housing efficiently. They help organize room bookings, make finding and booking rooms easier, speed up the booking process, and give useful information for making decisions
COMP SCI 3001 - Computer Networks & Applications Assignment 2: Reliable Transport: Alternating Bit
COMPSCI3001CS3001Computer Networks & ApplicationsAlternating Bit
You've been hired by "Net Source", a company specialising in networking software. Their programmer, Mue, who was working on an implementation of the Alternating Bit protocol has caught the flu and the implementation must absolutely be finished in the next week. Most of the implementation is complete and Mue left comments for parts still to be completed. As the code isn't finished, Mue hasn't completed testing yet.
1DV721 System Administration Assignment #1 Flow Analysis
1DV721System AdministrationComputer Networks
You have been hired by LNU. Co. Ltd. as a System Administrator for doing a network re- design. They already have a network that is operational with around one thousand users. You will start with performing several analyses in the existing network depicted
COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications Assignment: Simple Transport Protocol (STP)
COMP3331COMP9331Computer Networks and ApplicationsSTPSimple Transport ProtocolPython
For this assignment, you are to implement a reliable transport protocol over the UDP protocol. We will refer to the reliable transport protocol that you will be implementing in this assignment as Simple Transport Protocol (STP).
Packet Switching practice: Route Lookup
Packet SwitchingRoute LookupC
Introduce the students to the next hop search problem (route lookup) in a CIDR router, as well as with its complexity, in a practical scenario.
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