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STAT5002 Introduction to Statistics Assignment: Housing Price Analysis
STAT5002Introduction to StatisticsHousing Price AnalysisR
Using the data provided, choose one country and create an informative chart describing housing prices. You may choose the time period to draw data from as well as the country. You may explain the chart in no more than five sentences. What does it mean? What story does it tell about your chosen country and residential price?
MATH1033 STATISTICS Coursework: Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
The data file scottishData.csv contains a sample of the ”Indicator” data that were used to compute the 2020 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), a tool used by government bodies to support policy-making.
ST332 & ST409 Medical Statistics Assignment: Exploratory Data Analysis
ST332ST409Medical StatisticsRPoisson regressionExploratory Data Analysis
Undertake an Exploratory Data Analysis of the crcsurg.RData dataset, in particular identify any covariates which may be potential confounders
FIN3080 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management - Assignment III
FIN3080Investment Analysis and Portfolio ManagementCAPM
Please download daily Closing Index for the CSI 300 index from China Stock Market Series/Stock Trading/Market Index table over 2004/1/1 to 2023/12/31, and finish the following tasks. (a) Manually derive monthly CSI 300 index returns and provide summary statistics on mean, stan- dard deviation, skewness and kurtosis for monthly CSI 300 index returns.
CSE 158, CSE 258, DSC 256, MGTA 461 Web Mining and Recommender Systems, Fall 2023 : Assignment 2
CSE 158CSE 258DSC 256MGTA 461Web Mining and Recommender Systems
Identify a dataset to study, and perform an exploratory analysis of the data. Describe the dataset, including its basic statistics and properties, and report any interesting findings.
STAT3006/7305 Statistical Learning Assignment 4, 2023 High-Dimensional Analysis
STAT3006STAT7305Statistical LearningRStatistics
You should select one classifier for the task of classification, which you have not used in previous assignments. Probability-based classifiers discussed in this course include linear, quadratic, mixture and kernel density discriminant analysis.
STAT 361 Applied Methods in Statistics I (Fall 2023) Assignment 3: Linear regression
STAT 361Applied Methods in Statistics IRlinear regression
Consider the “Savings.txt” data posted. It is an economic dataset collected in 48 different countries. The variable “sr” is ratio of savings (aggregate personal saving divided by dis- posable income).
MATH20811 Practical Statistics: Coursework 1 - Exploratory data analysis and correlation
MATH20811Practical StatisticsExploratory data analysis and correlationR
The data in the file white_wine.csv (Cortez et al, 2009) contain various measurements on white wine variants of the Portuguese Vinho Verde wine. Import the data into R from your default folder using the command
UC Davis - STA 108 Applied Statistical Methods: Regression Analysis - Sample - Q2 Linear Regression Model
Regression AnalysisUC DavisSTA 108
This question is part of the sample final exam of UC Davis - STA 108 Applied Statistical Methods: Regression Analysis
STAT605/STAT405 Data Science Computing Project - Homework 3: Distributed Computing via Slurm and the Statistics High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster
WISCUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonStatistics 405Statistics 605Data Science Computing ProjectR
Use lunchbox only for editing and running Slurm commands that launch and manage jobs. (Do not run computations on lunchbox, as it cannot handle computations from many people.)
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