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Machine Learning Fundamentals Group Assessment: Model comparison
Machine LearningRMSEFeature EngineeringKNNRegression
Background Information Kevin is a professional real-estate manager. In the past, he relied on using a few important features for home valuation. His boss recently asked him to take the initiative to learn to use big data and machine learning algorithms to value home prices in order to better communicate with customers.
1122 Introduction to AI Assignment 3: Solve the assignment problem using local and global search algorithms
Introduction to AICC++Search Algorithm
So far, we have learned lots about search. A common problem with many real-world applications is the assignment problem, which can be defined as follows. Given a set of agents 𝒜, a set of tasks M, and a profit function F: 𝒜 × M → R, assignment problem is to find an assignment for each agent to a unique task such that the total profit is maximized. Write a program to solve the assignment problem using local and global search algorithms.
Algorithm Assignment 2: Different Approaches to the Multicolored Clique Problem
Multicolored Clique ProblemBranch-and-BoundHill Climbing AlgorithmSimulated Annealing algorithm
The Multicolored Clique Problem (MCP) is defined as follows: Given an undirected graph where each vertex is assigned one of k colors, find a maximum clique (complete subgraph) where all vertices have different colors.
COMP3023 Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Programming Assignment: Maximum contiguous array problem
COMP3023Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsCDivide-and-conquerDynamic programming
Lecture 2 introduces a divide-and-conquer algorithm for the maximum contiguous array problem. In this programming assignment, you need to design and implement a dynamic programming algorithm under the following requirements.
COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms Semester 1, 2024 Assignment 2: POI Search
COMP10002Foundations of AlgorithmsCPOI Search
In Assignment 1, we have extended your algorithmic searching capability to multidimensional numeric data. In this assignment, we will continue to add text searching to your arsenal. We continue using point of in- terest (POI) search as the background application to minimise context switching.
FIT2004 - Algorithms and data structures Assignment 2: Open Reading Frame
FIT2004Algorithms and data structuresPythonOpen Reading FrameComplexity
For this assignment (and all assignments in this unit) you are required to document and com- ment your code appropriately. Whilst part of the marks of each question are for documentation, there is a baseline level of documentation you must have in order for your code to receive marks.
CPT204 Advanced OO Programming Coursework 3 Intelligent Rogue Chars
CPT204Advanced OO ProgrammingIntelligent Rogue CharsJava
Intelligent game-playing characters have been used in the game industry to harness the power of graph algorithms to navigate complex virtual environments, strategically analyzing interconnected nodes and edges to optimize their movements and decision- making processes
CHC5223 Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment 2: Binary search tree
CHC5223Data Structures and AlgorithmsBinary search treeJava
You must create a Java class called MemberBST that implements the interface IMemberDB. You must use a binary search tree but it does not need to be self-balancing.
Computer Security Assignment 3: Quantum Key Exchange (QKE)
Computer SecurityQuantum Key ExchangeQKEBB84Symmetric-key cryptography
Quantum computing manipulates quantum bits (qubits), instead of classical (regular) bits. Qubits are subject to quantum mechanical laws of physics. In this assignment, you’ll implement and test the Quantum Key Exchange (QKE) algorithm. This algorithm is also known as the BB84 algorithm.
Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour 2024 Coursework No 2: Technical report
G6042Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive BehaviourAgentsAdaptation mechanismsGenetic AlgorithmBackpropagation
You have to write a technical report describing an investigation related to the topics covered in class. For choosing the specific topic of investigation, you have to make a number of choices described below.
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