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COMP2003J: Data Structures and Algorithms 2 - Assignment 1: AVL & Splay Trees
AVLSplay TreesCOMP2003JData Structures and Algorithms 2UCD
This assignment is intended to give you experience implementing AVL and Splay trees. It is also a good exercise to gain experience about how generics, inheritance and object references work in Java.
Data 102 Data, Inference, and Decisions - Homework 5: Simulation Study of Bandit Algorithms
Data102Data Inference and DecisionsBandit AlgorithmsPython
In this problem, we evaluate the performance of two algorithms for the multi-armed bandit problem. The general protocol for the multi-armed bandit problem with K arms and n rounds is as follows: in each round t = 1,...,n the algorithm chooses an arm At ∈ {1,...,K} and then observes reward Xt for the chosen arm. The bandit algorithm specifies how to choose the arm At based on what rewards have been observed so far.
COMP610 Data Structures and Algorithms: Assignment 1: Linked List & Bracket Evaluator
Linked ListBracket EvaluatorThreadsJavaCOMP610AUT
The purpose of this question is to utilise a linked list to create an application to efficiently evaluate whether opening and closing bracket and brace pairs match up inside any given string in O(n) time, where n is the length of the string.
5QQMN534: Algorithmic Finance Coursework: Resampling Returns Data and Strategy Analysis
5QQMN534Algorithmic FinanceStrategy AnalysisPython
You are a research analyst for AlphaMasterFOF a ‘fund of funds’. This is a type of fund that invests in other hedge funds. Your fund is considering investing in a strategy that has been trading for several years. The live performance record of the strategy is in the file ‘Strategy_returns.xlsx’.
COMP9024 Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment : Web Crawler, Page Rank and Dijkstra's algorithm
COMP9024Data Structures and AlgorithmsCWeb CrawlerPage RankDijkstra's algorithm
As we have mentioned in lectures, the Internet can be thought of as a graph (a very large graph). Web pages represent vertices and hyperlinks represent directed edges. With almost 1.1 billion unique websites (as of February 2024), and each website having multiple webpages, and each webpage having multiple hyperlinks, it can understandably be a very difficult job to remember the URL of every website you want to visit.
ST2195 Programming for data science Coursework Project - Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm
ST2195Programming for data scienceMarkov ChainMonte Carlo algorithmR scriptMetropolis-Hastings algorithm
In this part, you are asked to work with the Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm, in particular the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm.
159201 Algorithms & Data Structures Assignment 3: Router Simulation
159201Algorithms & Data StructuresRouter SimulationC++
A router reads packages from input ports and writes them to output ports based on their address. Input and output ports are numbered 0 . . . 255. During each cycle, an arbitrary number of packages arrives at the input queues.
COMP212 Assignment: Ring of Rings Network
COMP212Distributed SystemsLCRLeader ElectionJavaDistributed Algorithms
This assignment requires you to design and implement in Java a distributed algorithm for leader election in a ring of rings network and then to experimentally validate its correctness and evaluate its performance.
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