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Computer Security Assignment 3: Quantum Key Exchange (QKE)
Computer SecurityQuantum Key ExchangeQKEBB84Symmetric-key cryptography
Quantum computing manipulates quantum bits (qubits), instead of classical (regular) bits. Qubits are subject to quantum mechanical laws of physics. In this assignment, you’ll implement and test the Quantum Key Exchange (QKE) algorithm. This algorithm is also known as the BB84 algorithm.
FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security - S1 2024 Assignment 3 - Networks
FIT1047Introduction to computer systemsComputer SecurityComputer Networks
Students will record data from a real-world wireless network and demonstrate that they can analyse it, identify its properties and potential issues. Students also need to analyse Internet traffic and identify servers, clients and protocols used.
COMP232 Cyber Security - Assignment 3: Verification of security protocols and Linux Firewall Exploration
COMP232Cyber Security
Using installation of Seed Labs in the University labs (or on your own computer) perform Task 1 of MD5 Collision Attack Lab
Computer Security SEED Labs 1: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Lab
Computer SecurityTransport Layer Security (TLS) LabPythonProxy
The objective of this lab is to help students understand how the TLS works and how to use TLS in programming. The lab guides students to implement a pair of TLS client and server programs, based on which students will conduct a series of experiments, so they can understand the security principles underlying the TLS protocol
CE235 Computer Security - Assignment 2: Blockchain and Mining with Proof-of-work for Bitcoin
NWUCE235Computer SecurityBlockchainBitCoinPython
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In the Bitcoin system Bitcoins are mined through proof-of-work mechanism. Bitcoin miners are given technical puzzles to solve. There is only one puzzle at any time with a given difficulty level, which is set by the system administrator.
CE235 Computer Security Assignment One: Implementation of Monoalphabetic and Autokey Ciphers
CE235Computer SecurityImplementation of Monoalphabetic and Autokey CiphersPython
The aim of Assignment One is to write a Python program, which will implement the Monoalphabetic cipher and the Autokey cipher. The introduction of the Monoalphabetic cipher and Autokey cipher can be found from the lecture notes.
[2019] COMPSCI5077 Enterprise Cyber Security (M) - Question 2 Data Protection Regulations
GlasgowEnterprise Cyber SecurityExam
The company are yet to appoint a data protection officer and the management team are concerned about some of the design decisions from the perspective of data protection. Critique the ActivSystem from the perspective of FOUR principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
[2019] COMPSCI5077 Enterprise Cyber Security (M) - Question 3 Redundant Data
GlasgowEnterprise Cyber SecurityExam
The management want to make efficient use of infrastructure and avoid storage of redundant data and reduce the flow of data over their internal network. Devise and describe an appropriate solution that reduces redundant data in the given context.
FINT B338F Assignment 1: E-payment solutions
HKMUE-payment Systems Cryptocurrencies and Cyber Security
In this individual assignment, you are required to evaluate existing e-payment solutions for a business of your choice and design a new one to improve its operations.
CSCI 4174/CSCI 6708 Network Security: Assignment NO. 4 - Playfair substitution cipher and Matrix transposition cipher
Dalhousie UniversityCSCI 4174CSCI 6708Network SecurityPlayfair substitution cipherMatrix transposition cipher
Write a program to simulate Playfair substitution cipher
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