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Visual Analytics Coursework Specification: Exploratory analysis of census data in England and Wales
Visual AnalyticsPython
The task you are asked to carry out for the coursework is to design, construct, and evaluate an exploratory analysis of a complex dataset using both information visualisation and data projection. This dataset should be based on census data for England and Wales. You should design the visualisation to address some socio-economic issues that is important to you.
Algorithmic Game Theory Summative Assignment: Nash equilibria and Auction
Algorithmic Game TheoryAuctionLoad Balancing
Two players, Player 1 and Player 2, take turns removing 1 or 2 cards from a stack of 6 cards, i.e., each of them, every time their turn comes, pick 1 or 2 cards to remove. Player 1 starts the game. Whoever picks the last card wins 1 unit of payo↵ from the other player
COMP34612: Computational Game Theory Group Project: 2-person Stackelberg pricing games
COMP34612Computational Game TheoryStackelberg pricing games
Your task is to create a program that stimulates playing repeated 2-person Stackelberg pricing games as the leader, under conditions of imperfect information.
ECO1500H1F Financial Economics I - Empirical Projects: Equity Premium Predictability
ECO1500H1FFinancial Economics IEquity Premium Predictability
Collect monthly data for the US equity premium, defined as the S&P 500 return that includes dividends net of the treasury bill rate.
EN MI Homework 1 Search
Machine LearningArtificial IntelligencePythonSearchManhattan heuristic
In this homework assignment, you will be working with Python 3 and modifying the search.py file within the provided search.zip archive. Your task is to implement two functions: aStarSearch and manhattanHeuristic
STAT 361 Applied Methods in Statistics I (Fall 2023) Assignment 3: Linear regression
STAT 361Applied Methods in Statistics IRlinear regression
Consider the “Savings.txt” data posted. It is an economic dataset collected in 48 different countries. The variable “sr” is ratio of savings (aggregate personal saving divided by dis- posable income).
STAT155 Game Theory - Homework 4: Simple Near-Optimal Auctions, Multi-Parameter Mechanism, Spectrum Auctions and Stable Matching
UC BerkeleySTAT155Game TheorySimple Near-Optimal AuctionsMulti-Parameter MechanismSpectrum Auctions
Consider a combinatorial auction in which bidders can submit multiple bids under different names, unbeknownst to the mechanism.
[2021] Economics 482 Game Theory and Economics - Midterm Exam - Q1 Nash equilibrium
Game Theory and EconomicsMidterm ExamNash equilibriumDominant ActionRutgersThe State University of New Jersey
This question is part of the Economics 482 Game Theory and Economics, midterm exam 2021 Spring, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
AMS 335/ECO 355 PROBLEM SET 1: Penalty Kicks, Meeting Up and Price Competition
Stony Brook UniversityAMS 335ECO 355ECO355AMS335Game Theory
Imagine a kicker and a goalie who confront each other in a penalty kick that will determine the outcome of a soccer game. The kicker can kick the ball left or right, while the goalie can choose to jump left or right
CSCI 1440/2440 Introduction to Game Theory - Homework 5: Posted-Price Mechanisms
USCSCI 1440CSCI 2440Introduction to Game TheorySocial WelfareSponsored Search Aucktion
Bids are collected. A reserve price is chosen by removing an arbitrary bidder j from the auction, and setting the reserve price to be j’s bid. The auctioneer then allocates the good to the bidder with the highest bid iff their bid is at least this reserve, and charges the winner, if any, the greater of the second-highest bid and the reserve price.
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