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COMP636 Software Development: Web App Assessment - Booking Web System
COMP636Software DevelopmentWeb AppPythonFlaskBootstrap
Selwyn Campground have decided that they want to upgrade their internal system from the text- based system to a web-based system. Your task is to develop a small Web Application to help them manage customers, sites, and bookings. You will also write a report. The system will only be used by office staff and does not require any form of login or authentication. Bookings are recorded in the system by making an entry for each night a site is booked.
FIT1050 Web Fundamentals 2024 Website Development and Report: Build a Website Homepage
FIT1050Web FundamentalsJavascriptCSSCodeStitch
CodeStitch is a modular system of HTML, CSS and JavaScript components, known as "stitches", that can be combined and customised to quickly build complex webpages.
CHC5054 Web Application Development Coursework: Learning Management System
CHC5054Web Application DevelopmentJavascriptSQLLearning Management System
Your task is to develop and test the full stack for a simple web-based Learning Management System designed to facilitate the management, delivery, and tracking of educational courses.
IN3331 Information Systems Development Project: Web-based Library management system
UWE121Information Systems DevelopmentNodeJSJavascript
Task1: Create the data schema Task2: Create Project from Scratch Task3: Build and run a web server using node js Task4: Implement Book Search Functionality (Search by id) Task4.1 Compare the usage of db.all() and db.each() methods in SQLite databases, and clarify when each method is appropriate to use.
COS20019 Cloud Computing Architecture - Assignment 02 Scalable Cloud Computing Architecture
COS20019Cloud Computing ArchitecturePythonScalable Cloud Computing Architecture
In the cloud project of Assignment 1, you have learnt how to deploy a Photo Album Web Application on a VPC, actually in a EC2 running as a Web Server. However, this is not a highly available environment. In case there are some hardware failure related to that particular EC2 instance running the Web Server. The whole Web Applicaiton will be down and hence cannot be used by the public users.
KIT317 Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence - Assignment 3: Weather Prediction
KIT317KIT717Internet of Things and Artificial IntelligencePythonPHP
IoT devices collect data about the real world to help us make better decisions with that data. Raw data isn’t particularly helpful, so we analyse data to try it into more meaningful information. Sometimes we want to use this data not just to tell us about the past, but also to make inferences about the future.
PROG2003: CLOUD SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Assessment 1: File Types and Counts
PROG2003CLOUD SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENTHTMLJavaFile Types and CountsCloud9 app
Assume that you are a cloud developer at Southern Cross University and tasked to develop a website that counts and displays the number of different types of files stored in an AWS cloud storage bucket (i.e., S3 bucket).
COMP284 Scripting Languages Assignment 2: JavaScript
COMP284Scripting LanguagesJavaScript
The JavaScript program implements a simple game that consists of three stages, setup, play and end. During the play stage the game proceeds in rounds. The game is played on a grid with 10 x 10 cells. It involves a spaceship that is controlled by the user, a couple of roboc spaceships that are controlled by the computer (that is, your program), asteroids, and (inially inacve) mines.
COS20019 Cloud Computing Architecture Assignment 1 - Part B Photo Album website
COS20019Cloud Computing ArchitecturePhoto Album websiteAWSPHP
Creating and deploying Photo Album website onto a simple AWS infrastructure
COMP3334 Computer Systems Security Project: End-to-end encrypted chat web application
COMP3334Computer Systems SecurityEnd-to-end encrypted chatWeb ApplicationPython
Your job is to implement an end-to-end encrypted chat web application and secure various aspects of the website.
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