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BISM7255 Business Information Systems Analysis and Design Assignment: Mendix Redx Stocktaking App
BISM7255Business Information Systems Analysis and DesignMendixRedx Stocktaking App
Students are expected to write in their reflective journals about their significant Mendix learning experiences. This means they should reflect on the content, meaning, and value of the experience in learning coding and app development.
FIT2081 Mobile application development - Assignment 3: Event Management App
FIT2081Mobile application developmentEvent Management AppJavaAndroid
In this assignment, you will develop a more comprehensive event management Android application. This application project will be the next phase of the project you implemented as part of Assignment 2.
KIT305 KIT607 Mobile Application Development - Assignment 2 - Android Application
KIT305KIT607Mobile Application DevelopmentKotlinJava
You must create a native Android application (i.e. you cannot use Flutter or other Cross-Platform tools for this assignment). Your native application must be written in Kotlin.
FIT2081 Mobile application development - Assignment: Events Management App
FIT2081Mobile application developmentEvents Management AppJavaAndroid
In this assignment, you will develop a more comprehensive event management Android application. This project will equip you with the skills to build such an application. This app will enable users to create, edit, and manage their events. Users will be able to categorize their events.
IMSE2113 Information Systems Assignment 2 Building A Barcode-enabled Android App for Displaying Product Information
MAUIAndroidIMSE2113Information Systems
This assignment aims to provide students with a hands-on experience in designing and building a mobile app for displaying food product information by scanning the barcode label on the food packaging.
Assignment 2 Building A Barcode-enabled Android App for Displaying Product Information
C#AndroidDatabaseWeb API
In a department store, abarcode label affixed to a product's packaging or container serves various purposesfor users, such as inventory checking,payment, and product information inquiry. To support these functionalities, product information associated with a specific barcode must be created and managed using an information system that incorporates a database
Mobile Technologies Assignment: UC Bruce Campus Map for Events - Android Mobile App
Mobile TechnologiesAndroid Mobile AppJava
Implement an Android mobile app for adding events and activities at University of Canberra and display them on UC Bruce Campus map. The user enters an event name to the app then adds activities on the campus for this event
PROG2005 PROGRAMMING MOBILE SYSTEMS - Assessment 3: Programming project - Ionic
In this assessment, you will dive deep into the world of mobile application development. Through this project, you'll get hands-on experience with the Ionic framework, crucial for building modern, responsive mobile apps.
DTS205TC High Performance Computing - Assessment 2 - Lab Report
DTS205TCHigh Performance Computing
In a hierarchical storage system, the cache hit rate has a significant impact on program performance. Different cache strategies will result in different cache hit ratios. Now, we have recorded 2 datasets, containing CPU access requests to memory for a period of time.
PROG2005 PROGRAMMING MOBILE SYSTEMS - Programming project - TypeScript and Angular
PROG2005PROGRAMMING MOBILE SYSTEMSTypescriptJavascriptAngularMobile Development
This assessment is crafted to deepen your understanding of TypeScript and Angular by engaging you in the development of applications that are relevant to Web and mobile systems programming
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