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Recommender System 推荐系统

推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
HW4: implementing item-based CF with cosine
推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
First, run recommenderDemo.ipynb and be familar with the code and data. Second, implement item-based CF with cosine
Midterm: Recommender System for Movies
推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
In this project, you will implement a recommender system for your classmates, professor and TAs based on the movie survey we have conducted.
[2022] UNSW - COMP9727 Recommender Systems - Assignment 1 Recommendation Algorithm Implementation
推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
Introduction In this assignment, you will be required to manually implement a few recommendation algorithms in Python as well as answer some corresponding questions individually.
COMPSCI 753 Algorithms for Massive Data - Semester2 2021- Final Exam - Q4 Recommender Systems
推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
A recommender system generates a ranked list of items for a specific user u as (p3, p10, p5, p7, p1, p9, p2, p4, p6, p8). The ranked list contains all items that haven’t been purchased by the user in the training data. Apply the basic user-based collaborative filtering (without considering bias) with cosine similarity. Give the top-1 recommended item to user u2.
INT303 Big Data Analytics - Final Exam: Question 7: Recommender Systems
推荐系统RecommenderRecommender System
Consider a dataset containing information about movies: genre, director and release decade. We also have information about which users have seen each movie. The rating for a user on a movie is either 0 or 1.
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