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COMP30023 Computer Systems Project 2: Email client

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COMP30023 Project 2 Email client CourseNana.COM

Weight: 15% of the final mark 1 Project Overview

The aim of this project is to familiarize you with socket programming. Your task is to write a simple email client that downloads and parses email from a standards-compliant IMAP server. CourseNana.COM

Writing network code relies on conformance to standards, and so part of this project is to look up the relevant standards (Requests for Comments, RFCs). You may also refer to online tutorials; if you do, then please mention them in the comments of your code. CourseNana.COM

Your email client must be written in C or, if you get prior permission, in Rust. Submissions that do not compile and run on a cloud VM may receive zero marks. CourseNana.COM

Blue text in this document is hyperlinked to resource material. 2 Project Details CourseNana.COM

Your task is to design and code a simple email client. CourseNana.COM

2.1 Program execution / command line arguments CourseNana.COM

The program should be be launched using the command: CourseNana.COM

<username> -p <password> [-f <folder>] [-n <messageNum>] [-t] <command> <server_name> CourseNana.COM

Where <command> may be one of: retrieveparsemime, or list.
The options beginning with “-” can occur in any order, including between and/or after the 2 positional arguments.

The arguments in square brackets are optional. All assessed output must be printed to stdout. CourseNana.COM

If you want to output debugging information, use stderr2.2 Logging on CourseNana.COM

Version 4rev1 of the IMAP protocol is specified in RFC 3501 and the below just describes one possible way that it can be used to implement this project. CourseNana.COM

The basic steps to retrieving an email are: CourseNana.COM

  • Create an IPv6 socket (or fall back to IPv4 if IPv6 is not supported) on port 143 (or a TLS socket on port CourseNana.COM

    993 if you are doing the extension task and -t was specified) to the host named on the command line. CourseNana.COM

  • Log in to the IMAP server using: CourseNana.COM

tag LOGIN usernamepassword
where username and password are as specified on the command line. CourseNana.COM

Each command is prefixed with an identifier, or tag (such as A01). The tags should all be different within one session. These are used for the server to report errors or completion of commands. CourseNana.COM

Each line ends with the standard internet end-of-line sequence \r\n (not the standard C end-of-line). CourseNana.COM

If this succeeds, you will receive a string starting with the tag, followed by a single space, (a case-insensitive) OK, and another single space. For more details, refer to the responseresponse-done, and response -tagged rules of the formal syntax. CourseNana.COM

Ifitfails,youshouldprintthestringLogin failure\ntostdoutandexitwithstatus3.
You may assume that the 
LOGINDISABLED capability will not be advertised, and do not need to support CourseNana.COM

RFC5738: IMAP Support for UTF-8.
• Tell the system which folder you want to read from:

tag SELECT folder
If this succeeds, you will receive some untagged response lines starting with “*”, followed by a string CourseNana.COM

starting with the tag followed by OK .
Folder not found\ntostdoutandexitwithstatus3. You should read from the folder INBOX if no folder is specified on the command line. CourseNana.COM

The next steps depend on which command is being executed. CourseNana.COM

2.3 Retrieve CourseNana.COM

If the command is retrieve, fetch the email, such as with the command: tag FETCH messageNum BODY.PEEK[] CourseNana.COM

If messageNum (the message sequence number) was not specified on the command line, then fetch the last added message in the folder (Hint: Take a look at the seq-number rule in the formal syntax). CourseNana.COM

If this succeeds, the response will be the contents of the email, including the headers. CourseNana.COM

For more details, refer to the responsemessage-data, and msg-att-static rules of the formal syntax. CourseNana.COM

If message with sequence number messageNum does not exist, then print the string Message not found\n to stdout and exit with status 3 (apply this to parse and mime also). CourseNana.COM

Once you have retrieved the email, print the raw email to stdout and exit with status 0. 2.4 Parse CourseNana.COM

If the command is parse, print the following \n-delimited output to stdout for the fetched email: From: mailbox-list CourseNana.COM

To: address-list Date: date-time Subject: unstructured CourseNana.COM

You may get this information from the raw email, or by issuing more specific IMAP commands such as BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (FROM)]orENVELOPEthatexplicitlyfetchheaderfields. CourseNana.COM

Note that a header field body may be split over multiple lines using RFC 5322’s “folding” syntax. You must unfold such lines before printing, so that each header is printed as a single line. CourseNana.COM

Not all emails have a Subject header; if it does not, then respond as if the subject were “<No subject>”. Not all emails have a To header; if not, print an empty string in place of the value (with no space after colon). CourseNana.COM

Note that header field names are case insensitive.
Your mail client does not need to support 
RFC 6532: Internationalized Email Headers, or Obsolete Header Field CourseNana.COM

Syntax (but should not crash, if they are encountered; code should never crash).
Note that a line in the body can look just like a header line. How can you tell them apart?

2.5 MIME CourseNana.COM

If the command is mime, then the program should decode Multimedia Internet Mail Extension (MIME) messages as follows, and print the plain ASCII version of the message. CourseNana.COM

MIME encoding (RFC 2045RFC 2046) is used to encode attachments, and also to allow both an HTML and plain text version of an email. In this project, it is introduced by headers of the form: CourseNana.COM

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/alternative; boundary=
"boundary parameter value" CourseNana.COM

Your program is expected to match at the top level of a message:
• The 
MIME-Version header, with value of 1.0 (There will be no “comment strings”.) CourseNana.COM

• The Content-Type header, with multipart/alternative media type, and boundary parameter The body of the email will then contain body parts separated by boundary delimiter lines like: CourseNana.COM

CRLF --boundary-parameter-value CRLF
where the boundary parameter value matches the value in the Content-Type header of the top-level message. CourseNana.COM

The final block is ended with a line: CourseNana.COM

CRLF --boundary-parameter-value--
The standard allows quite a general syntax for body parts, such as a range of encodings. You are not expected to CourseNana.COM

handle all these options.
Your program is expected to match and print the first 
UTF-8 text/plain body part: CourseNana.COM

• Content-Type: text/plain, with charset=UTF-8
• Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable | 7bit | 8bit CourseNana.COM

Note that headers may be folded, and parameter (boundary and charset) values may be quoted with double quotes. The actual values do not contain any quotes, so the values can be obtained by simply ignoring any double quote characters on the line. CourseNana.COM

Note that header field names, parameter namescharset parameter valueContent-Transfer-Encoding mechanismContent-Type media type and subtype are case-insensitive. CourseNana.COM

The RFC allows multipart entities to be nested, but that is not required by this project.
If the 
mime command is given, the output should consist only of the body area of the the first utf-8 text/plain CourseNana.COM

body part that was matched, with no further decoding.
If matching fails, your program should print a sensible error message and exit with status 4.

2.6 List CourseNana.COM

If the command is list, then print to stdout the subject lines of all the emails in the specified folder, sorted by message sequence number. If the mailbox is empty, print nothing and exit with status 0. CourseNana.COM

The subject lines should be unfolded so that each is a single line, but does not need be decoded in any other way. Output the message sequence number, followed by a colon and a space, followed by the body of the subject header CourseNana.COM

(not the initial Subject: or any additional leading or trailing whitespace). For example: CourseNana.COM

1: Recent Canvas Notifications
2: New in COMP30023: Mst Practise Exam
3: <No subject>

You can use the SEARCH command from RFC 3501 section 6.4.4, or the FETCH command from RFC 3501 section 6.4.5 with the range 1:*, or any other method you choose. CourseNana.COM

You may assume that the contents of the selected mailbox will not be changed during this list operation. 3 CourseNana.COM

2.7 Stretch Goal – TLS using OpenSSL CourseNana.COM

For the stretch goal marks (included in the 15 marks), use transport layer security (TLS) instead of a plain TCP socket when the -t option is specified on the command line. CourseNana.COM

This task is only for those aiming to get 15/15 for the assignment. If you think the assignment is too big, then focus on the non-stretch goals. CourseNana.COM

If setting up the connection fails, provide meaningful output to stdout and then exit with status 2. If implementing in C, you may find the following OpenSSL functions helpful. CourseNana.COM


These are explained at [https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/man3].
You may also find the instructions at [
https://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/SSL/TLS_Client] CourseNana.COM

useful. Make sure that you understand (and document) any code that you use. CourseNana.COM

Note that the test server will have a self-signed certificate, and so you must add the root certificate to your trust store. CourseNana.COM

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect <host>:993 <<< "Q"
# Manually save the root certificate to a file named ca.crt
sudo cp ca.crt /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
sudo update-ca-certificates

If you implement this extension, you can test your implementation of fetchmail against the IMAP server of an actual email provider. It is suggested that you create a disposable account for this purpose. CourseNana.COM

For Gmail, You will need to get a Google app password, following the instructions at [https://support. google.com/accounts/answer/185833]: CourseNana.COM

• Log in to the Google Account.
• Select ‘2-Step Verification’ from Security.
• After completing 2-Step Verification, select ‘App passwords’ at the bottom of the page. • After generating, get a 16-character code that you can use at the authentication step.

3 Marking Criteria CourseNana.COM

The marks are broken down as follows:
Task # and description Marks 1. Correctly requests email message 2
2. Displays raw email (
retrieve) 2
3. Displays headers (
parse) 2
4. Displays 
text/plain version of the email (mime) 2
5. Lists email (
list) 2
6. Safety 2
7. Build quality 1
8. Quality of software practices 1 Stretch goal. Transport layer security (TLS) 1

Code that does not compile and run on cloud VM will usually be awarded zero marks for parts 1–6. Use the Git CI infrastructure to ensure your submission is valid. Your submission will be tested and marked with the following criteria: CourseNana.COM

Task 1. Correctly requests email message Your code correctly establishes a connection, navigates to the specified folder and makes at least one of the requests (retrieve, parse, mime or list). CourseNana.COM

Task 2. Displays raw email Your code downloads the complete message, which may require multiple read() calls. This should not result in any memory overflow problems, even if a large message is returned, by using dynamic memory allocation (malloc). If dynamic memory allocation fails, the code can print an error message and exit. CourseNana.COM

Task 3. Displays headers Your code correctly identifies the appropriate headers and displays them in the correct order. For this task, you may assume that the listed headers will follow the limits defined in RFC 5322. CourseNana.COM

Task 4. Displays text/plain version of the email Your code correctly parses any MIME headers and displays only the first text/plain version of the email. CourseNana.COM

Task 5. Displays list of email Your code correctly displays the list of email which is present in the selected mailbox. CourseNana.COM

Task 6. Safety Your code should be robust to things like invalid command line arguments, failed connections, improperly formatted mail. CourseNana.COM

Your code should not allow injection of IMAP commands through malicious command line arguments or email contents. CourseNana.COM

Network code should never crash, even if the command line is invalid or the hosts on the other side behave poorly. The sorts of bugs that cause involuntary termination, such as segmentation faults (memory errors) also introduce security vulnerabilities. You must not implement any handlers for program error signals (such as SIGSEGV). It is OK to print an error message and abort the program. CourseNana.COM

If interaction with the server fails at any point, an informative error message should be displayed. The program may either attempt to continue, or exit cleanly. CourseNana.COM

Task 6 covers segmentation faults, but code that crashes with a segmentation fault may be marked down in other tasks too. CourseNana.COM

For the purpose of assessment, use the following predefined status codes: CourseNana.COM

1. Command-line parsing error, argument validation failure (if implemented)
2. Connection initiation errors
3. Unexpected IMAP or server responses (e.g. unexpected disconnect, random characters) 4. Parse failure (e.g. Expected header is missing (optional), 
text/plain part not found) 5. Other errors CourseNana.COM

You do not need to apply a timeout; if the server becomes unresponsive, your code is allowed to hang. CourseNana.COM

Task 7. Build quality CourseNana.COM

  • The repository must contain a Makefile that produces an executable named “fetchmail”, along with all source files required for compilation. Place the Makefile at the root of your repository, and ensure that running make places the executable there too. CourseNana.COM

  • Make sure that all source code is committed and pushed. CourseNana.COM

  • make clean && make -B && ./fetchmail <...arguments>shouldexecutethesubmission. CourseNana.COM

  • Compiling using “-Wall” should yield no warnings (C). Compilingusing“cargo build”shouldyieldnowarnings(Rust). Do not suppress any default warnings inline. CourseNana.COM

• Running make clean should remove all object code and executables.
• Do not commit 
fetchmail or other executable files. Scripts (with .sh extension) are exempted. CourseNana.COM

The mark calculated for “Build quality" will be visible on CI. CourseNana.COM

If this fails for any reason, you will be told the reason, and be allowed to resubmit (with the usual late penalty). If it still fails, you will get 0 for Tasks 1–6 and the stretch goal. Test this by committing regularly, and checking the CI feedback. (If you need help, ask on the forum.) CourseNana.COM

Task 8. Quality of software practices Factors considered include: CourseNana.COM

  • Proper use of version control, based on the regularity of commit and push events, their content and asso- ciated commit messages (e.g., repositories with a single commit and/or non-informative commit messages will lose 0.5 marks). CourseNana.COM

  • Quality of code, based on the choice of variable names, comments, formatting (e.g. consistent indentation and spacing), and structure (e.g. abstraction, modularity). CourseNana.COM

  • Proper memory management, based on the absence of memory errors and memory leaks. 4 Submission CourseNana.COM

    All code must be written in C or Rust (e.g., it should not be a C wrapper over code in another language). You may use the standard library of the chosen programming language. CourseNana.COM

    You must not use or adapt any code or libraries relating to IMAP or Internet Messages. CourseNana.COM

    You may link with the openssl library present on the system, or use any of the libcopensslopenssl- sys, and openssl-probe crates for the purpose of implementing TLS or (optionally) SASL Authentication onlyopenssl must be dynamically linked. The openssl-src crate must not be included as a sub-dependency. CourseNana.COM

    ForRustsubmissions,anyinvocationofcargo buildmustincludethe--frozen,--offline,and --release options. A vendor rule must be defined in your Makefile, to vendor crates prior to offline compilation. The vendor directory must be present in .gitignore, and must not be committed at any stage ofthegithistory.Thevendordirectorymustnotberemovedbymake clean.Cargo.lockfilesmustbe committed. Unless otherwise approved, your crate should not rely on any custom build scripts. You may assume that the latest stable version of Rust will be installed in the build environment. CourseNana.COM

    You can reuse the code that you wrote for your other individual projects if you clearly specify when and for what purpose you have written it (e.g., the code and the name of the subject, project description and the date, that can be verified if needed) in references.txt. CourseNana.COM

    If you import code from somewhere else, within the collaboration policy, there should be a commit that does nothing but import that code, with a commit message saying “importing code from [reference]”. You should then customise the imported code in later commits. CourseNana.COM

    GitHub The use of GitHub is mandatory. Your submission will be assessed based using the code in your Project 2 repository (proj2-<usernames...>) under the subject’s organization. CourseNana.COM

    We strongly encourage you to commit your code at least once per day. Be sure to push after you commit. This is important not only to maintain a backup of your code, but also because the git history may be considered for matters such as special consideration, extensions and potential plagiarism. Proper use of git will have a positive effect on the mark you get for quality of software practices. CourseNana.COM

    Submission To submit your project, please follow these steps carefully: CourseNana.COM

1. Push your code to the repository named proj2-<usernames...under the subject’s organization, CourseNana.COM

Executable files (that is, all files with the executable bit that are in your repository other than .sh files) CourseNana.COM

will be removed before marking. Hence, ensure that none of your source files have the executable bit. 6 CourseNana.COM

Ensure your code compiles and runs on the provided VMs. Code that does not compile or produce correct output on VMs will typically receive very low or 0 marks. CourseNana.COM

2. Submit the full 40-digit SHA1 hash of the commit you want us to mark to the Project 2 Assignment on the LMS. CourseNana.COM

You are allowed to update your chosen commit by resubmitting the LMS assignment as many times as de- sired. However, only the last commit hash submitted to the LMS before the deadline (or approved extension) will be marked without a late penalty. CourseNana.COM

3. Ensure that the commit that you submitted to the LMS is correct and accessible from a fresh clone of your repository. An example of how to do this is as follows: CourseNana.COM

Please be aware that we will only mark the commit submitted via the LMS. It is your responsibility to ensure that the submission is correct and corresponds to the commit you want us to mark. CourseNana.COM

Late submissions Late submissions will incur a deduction of 2 marks per day (or part thereof). For example, a submission made 1 hour after the deadline is considered to be 1 day late and carries a deduction of 2 marks. CourseNana.COM

We strongly encourage you to allow sufficient time to follow the submission process outlined above. Leaving it to the last minute usually results in a submission that is a few minutes to a few hours late, or in the submission of the incorrect commit hash. Either case leads to late penalties. CourseNana.COM

The submission date is determined solely by the date in which the LMS assignment was submitted. Forgetting to submit via the LMS or submitting the wrong commit hash will result in a late penalty that will apply regardless of the commit date. CourseNana.COM

We will not give partial marks or allow code edits for either known or hidden cases without applying a late penalty (calculated from the deadline). CourseNana.COM

Extension policy: If you believe you have a valid reason to require an extension, please fill in the Project 2 extension request form available on the LMS at the earliest opportunity, which in most instances should be well before the submission deadline. Extensions will not be considered otherwise. Requests for extensions are not automatically granted and are considered on a case-by-case basis. You are required to submit supporting evidence such as a medical certificate. In addition, your git history should illustrate the progress made on the project up to the date of your request. CourseNana.COM

If you have a chronic condition or an AAP, please complete an extension request early, even if you hope not to need it. This will allow us to spend more time helping people near the deadline instead of doing paperwork. If you need special consideration, an extension may not be the best way to help you, especially if you would need a long extension. When you apply, please think of other things we could do to help you to submit on time. CourseNana.COM

5 Testing CourseNana.COM

You will have access to several test cases (via an IMAP server – see Ed) and their expected outputs. However, these test cases are far from exhaustive; they are mainly to avoid misinterpretation of the specification. Designing and running your own tests is a part of this project. Your code will be assessed on these cases other cases that you haven’t seen before. The unseen cases are not “trick” cases, but are chosen to reflect the fact that real world programming tasks do not come with an exhaustive list of test cases. CourseNana.COM

Continuous Integration Testing: To provide you with feedback on your progress before the deadline, we will set up a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline on GitHub with the same set of test cases.

Though you are strongly encouraged to use this service, the usage of CI is not assessed, i.e., we do not require CI tasks to complete for a submission to be considered for marking. CourseNana.COM

The requisite ci.yml file has been provisioned and placed in your repository, but is also available from the .github/workflows directory of the project2 repository linked above. CourseNana.COM


6 Team Work CourseNana.COM

Both team members are expected to contribute equally to the project. If this is not the case, please approach the head tutor or lecturer to discuss your situation. In cases in which a student’s contribution is deemed inadequate, the student’s mark for the project will be adjusted to reflect their lack of contribution. We will look at git history when making such an assessment. CourseNana.COM

7 Getting help CourseNana.COM

Please see Project 2 Help module on LMS. CourseNana.COM

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