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Project: Trace-driven Cache Simulator and Performance Evaluation

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Trace-driven Cache SimulatorC

Project 2

Project description

You will need to implement a trace-driven cache simulator, and use it to evaluate the performance of different cache architecture features. The project is described in detail in sim.pdf. CourseNana.COM

File description

In the attachment, you will find the following project files: CourseNana.COM

cache.h - cache simulator definitions cache.c - cache simulator (put all your edits here) main.h - simulation driver definitions main.c - simulation driver CourseNana.COM

Public tests CourseNana.COM

public-block.trace - test cache block sizes public-assoc.trace - test cache associativity public-write.trace -  test cache write policy public-instr.trace - test instruction cache spice10.trace - 1st 10 accesses in spice.trace spice100.trace - 1st 100 accesses in spice.trace spice1000.trace - 1st 1000 accesses in spice.trace CourseNana.COM

Expected outputs for public tests CourseNana.COM

public-block1.out public-assoc1.out public-write1.out public-instr1.out spice10.out spice100.out spice1000.out CourseNana.COM

Makefile - makefile to create simulator CourseNana.COM

runPublic - csh script to run public tests sim.pdf - detailed description of project CourseNana.COM

tags.txt - example index & tag values for spice100.trace In addition, there are three large application traces: CourseNana.COM

spice.trace - circuit simulator cc.trace - C compiler tex.trace - Tex document processor CourseNana.COM


  • Write a simple report about how you implement the cache simulator and answer the questions in sim.pdf
  • Files you should submit:
  • code/ directory
  • Report


It’s ok if you can’t implement a fully functional simulator, make your best effort and do what you can do. CourseNana.COM

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