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Object Oriented Program Design Assessment Task: Custom Program

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Object Oriented Program Design

Assessment Task: Custom Program CourseNana.COM


At this stage you should have enough understanding of object oriented programming to start thinking about creating your own custom program. CourseNana.COM

Purpose: Demonstrate that you can design and implement your own program using object oriented programming tools. Task: Create your own program, UML class diagrams, and design document. Time: This task should be completed by the time you submit your final portfolio the end of the semester, but progress should be submitted periodically. CourseNana.COM

Submission Details

You must submit the following files: CourseNana.COM

  • The code for your program
  • A picture of your final UML class diagram
  • A short design / usage document outlining what your program does and how it works. You will also demonstrate your working program as part of the assessment


You have now completed tasks related to all of the unit learning outcomes, and can work toward demonstrating these in your own program. Aim to create something of at least the complexity of the drawing program or the case study. Specifically it should: CourseNana.COM

  1. Demonstrate the use of abstraction — create your own classes that model the domain.
  2. Demonstrate the use of inheritance and polymorphism
  3. Demonstrate the use of UML diagrams to explain how your solution works.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate use C# coding conventions - case, indentation
  5. Demonstrate the use of code documentation.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate use of structured programming principles (no goto in OO programs either!)
  7. Use the checklist on the next page to make sure you have everything you need to submit!

Here are some steps to get you started: CourseNana.COM

  1. Think about what you want the program to do. Maybe write up a paragraph or two to explain it to others. Drawing a picture of what you want it to look like is also a great idea.
  2. Show your plans to your teacher and/or friends to get some feedback.
  3. Start thinking about the objects you will need?
  4. Get something working quickly. You want to see it running ASAP. Once it is working build it a little at a time, get one thing working then move on to the next aspect.

You should periodically check in with your tutor and show them your progress. They can help you know if you have done enough work to meet the assessment criteria. CourseNana.COM

Custom Program Checklist

  • Make sure you have your program plan checked by your tutor. See the associated planning task for details. Ideally this should be signed off before you start writing the code.
  • Ensure that you have reviewed the Distinction and High Distinction criteria from the relevant tasks. Implement enough of the program to demonstrate unit learning outcomes.
  • Create a screenshot of your program (image)
  • Create a design report that includes:
  • An overview of the program's goals
  • A UML class and sequence diagrams illustrating how the core aspects of the program fit together.
  • A description of core program functionality and how it works.
  • Your design report must demonstrate good communication skills, and present a well thought out Object Oriented program design.
  • Submit the design report, screenshot, UML class diagram, concatenated code (combine it all into one file for submission)

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