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Lab Week 2: Social Network App Simulator

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Lab Week # 2 Objectives • Apply everything we learned . • Get experience with C++ programming. • Write a post -mortem report. Rules • Teamwork mandatory, groups 5 -6 members (make sure all team members understand the source code). • Use your preferred IDE (Visual Studio , JetBrains Rider, Xcode , Code::Block , etc.). • Using code from Internet is not allowed . • Comments your files with your ID . Work Implements your own Social Network App Simulator in C++. Your application must have the following features: • Registrer a User (Name, Address, Phone, Birthdate) • A user can define contacts. • A user can post messages and all users inside his contact list can see the messages. • A user can delete or edit messages. • A user can join and leave groups of users . o Once in a group, a use r has access to everything posted in the group. o Once the user leaves the group, the user cannot access anymore. • The system says, “Happy birthday!” to the user if he uses the application on his birthday date. • Your application propose a menu t o : o Add/Remove/ Edit/View users o Add/Remove/Edit /View messages o Add/Remove/Edit /View contact o Add/Remove/Edit/Join/E xit/View g roups. • We can import and export the information stored into the App (suggestion: use JSON structure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON). Bonus features: • Save data into a database. • Implements a graphical interface. • Show graphs of connections between users. What to submit • The C++ files. • A report including a Class diagram of your application and Post -Mortem of your project : o Recap the project. o Review your outcome.  What contributed to the project’s success?  What ran smoothly?  What did you enjoy about the project?  Identify what went well and what didn’t? • What issues need to be addressed? • How can the project flow be improved? All in a .zip file. Deadline 31 th May. Thank you! Evaluation Tag Note Comments C++ 10 Mandatory Report (Post -mortem) 5 Mandatory UML Class Diagram 5 Mandatory One bonus feature 5 Two bonus features 5 Three bonus features 10 (If you implement the graph viewer feature) CourseNana.COM

Additional points will be added to your mark for the exam if you reach 20 to this project. Resources • https://en.cppreference.com/w/ CourseNana.COM

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