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CS440 Programming Languages - Midterm Exam - Part 2: Higher order functions

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CS 440 Midterm Exam (Take-Home) CourseNana.COM

This midterm exam consists of 7 separate exercises --- 3 on recursion and lists, 3 on higher order functions, and 1 involving an addition to an interpreter. They are described below: CourseNana.COM

Part 2: Higher order functions CourseNana.COM

until: takes a predicate pred, a function fn, and a starting value x, and returns the list of CourseNana.COM

values (x, (fn x), (fn (fn x)), ...), terminating on the first value which satisfies pred. CourseNana.COM

E.g., CourseNana.COM

> (until (lambda (x) (> x 100)) (lambda (x) (* 2 x)) CourseNana.COM

'(1 2 4 8 16 32 64)

> (until (curry = 10) add1 0) '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) CourseNana.COM


alternately: takes a list of functions and a list of values, and returns the list created by CourseNana.COM

applying each function, in turn, to successive values of the list. E.g., CourseNana.COM

> (alternately (list add1 sub1 sqr) (range 10)) '(1 0 4 4 3 25 7 6 64 10) CourseNana.COM

> (alternately (list string-upcase string-downcase string-length) (list "Hello" "How" "Are" "You" "This" "Fine" "Day?")) CourseNana.COM

'("HELLO" "how" 3 "YOU" "this" 4 "DAY?") CourseNana.COM


stride: a macro that takes a variable name var, a stride length n, a list lst, and an expression expr, and returns the list of values resulting from evaluating expr with var set to each n-th value from the lst. E.g., CourseNana.COM

> (stride
> (stride
'(0 25 100 225 400 625)

x 2 '("hello" "how" "are" "you" "this" "fine" "day") (string-upcase x))

x 5 (range 30) (sqr x)) CourseNana.COM

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