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SCC.311 Coursework Part A Specification: Online auction system

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BristolSCC.311Distributed SystemsJavaOnline auction system

SCC.311 Coursework Part A Specification CourseNana.COM

Due: Friday 4pm in Week 3 via Moodle CourseNana.COM

The goal of this coursework stage is to build a simple client-server system that invokes a method using Java RMI. This system represents the start of an online auction system, which you will develop into more advanced solutions over the remainder of this module. An auction system is one in which a user can advertise items for sale and other users can make bids on that item; when the auction closes, the highest bidding user will get the item. CourseNana.COM

This coursework stage is marked using an automated test system, so the Java interface that you use must exactly match the specifications given here. Please read the submission guidelines at the end of this specification for more detail. CourseNana.COM

This coursework has two levels that you can attempt. You should submit only the highest level that you have completed; if you finish level 2, you do not need to also submit level 1.Note that developing only Level 1 will gain significantly fewer marks (i.e., 6/17) for this stage of the coursework, but does not prevent you from gaining full marks in the subsequent coursework stages. CourseNana.COM

Level 1: Invocation (6 marks)
Build an RMI server that offers the below exact interface, where the interface is not in a package: CourseNana.COM

public interface Auction extends Remote {
public AuctionItem getSpec(int itemID) throws RemoteException; } CourseNana.COM

The AuctionItem class should be declared in a separate class file as: CourseNana.COM

public class AuctionItem implements java.io.Serializable { int itemID;
String name;
String description; CourseNana.COM

int highestBid; } CourseNana.COM

The getSpec() call should return the details of an auctioned item that has the identifier itemID. You must also build a client that invokes the above method on the server using RMI, and displays the return values to the user. A basic command-line client is sufficient, but must allow the user to enter the itemId details (this should not be hard-coded). For your server, at this stage, it is sufficient to use a hard-coded set of auction items. CourseNana.COM


Level 2: Encryption (11 points) CourseNana.COM

This level should have all the functionality of Level 1, but must provide the following interface instead: CourseNana.COM

public interface Auction extends Remote {
public SealedObject getSpec(int itemID) throws RemoteException;
} CourseNana.COM

This version of the interface supports encryption, and you should not offer the level 1 interface as part of this solution. For encryption support, you should use the Java SealedObject class, a mechanism that allows you to encrypt and decrypt Java objects. When doing this you should use AES encryption and AES keys rather than plain passwords. CourseNana.COM

You do not need to develop a key distribution mechanism for this stage of the coursework; you can simply store your session key on disk in a location that both the client and server can access. You will need to generate a shared key (see the KeyGenerator class) which you can store in a file. CourseNana.COM

Coursework submission instructions are below. CourseNana.COM

Your coursework will be marked using an automated test system. For the test system to work properly, your submission must be contained in a zip file and have the following: CourseNana.COM

1. Ashellscriptcalledserver.sh,intherootdirectoryofyoursubmission,whichperforms any set of operations necessary to get your server running. CourseNana.COM

2. An RMI service advertised with the name “Auction”
3. An RMI interface which exactly matches the specification given in this document.
4. Yourentiresystemmustbeupandrunningwithin5seconds(ourautomatedtestis CourseNana.COM

launched 5 seconds after running your server.sh script).
5. Ifyouattemptlevel2,adirectorycalled‘keys’whichcontainsanAESkeystoredinafile CourseNana.COM

called testKey.aes CourseNana.COM

Not following the above instructions will lead to a loss of marks. CourseNana.COM

Mark Scheme Level 1 CourseNana.COM

Client invocation and display 3 marks Server interface 3 marks CourseNana.COM

Level 2 CourseNana.COM

Achieving this level implies that you will gain all of the marks for Level 1 CourseNana.COM

Key creation and use 3 marks
A working encryption/decryption (automated tester is able to decrypt the response which matches the expected spec)
8 marks  CourseNana.COM

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