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Lab 3: Expert System or Chabot

Engage in a Conversation
MalaysiaXMUMXiamen University Malaysia CampusExpert System
  1. Select one type of applications either Expert System or Chabot to build Task(s)

a) If you choose to build a chatbot application, t he chatbot can take a question/request/inquiry from a user, and give a suitable respond to the question/request/inquiry accordingly. The chatbot can also make a simple calculation and return a required answer to a use r. The conversation between a human user and chatbot should consist of 7-10 pairs of quest ions and answers only, and should be based on a specific task. Use your creativity to create a series of dialogue between users and chat bot for a specific task. The chatbot should take user s’ input as a question or query. CourseNana.COM

b) If you choose to build an expert system, the application should behave as a human expert who can solve any desired problem. For exa mple, a system to advice users about how to perform Covid19 self-test. The expert system will receive a question from a user and give an answer to the user as needed. Use your creativity to create a type of expert system s. Limit the question and answer (advice) to 7-10 pairs of questio ns and answers only for a specific problem. The expert system should take user s’ input as a question or quer y. CourseNana.COM

  1. Develop the application using Console application program.
  2. Submi t and demo the program.

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