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IT5038FP Systems Programming - Project: Automating maintenance tasks

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Duration: 15 Hours CourseNana.COM


A hosting company providing file storage services for user to upload text and image files had contacted you to develop a program for automating maintenance tasks. The maintenance task includes separation of image and text into two folders, identify and highlight text files that could contain virus and delete the affected files. C You are to develop this project utilizing data operation, control structure and error handling to manage information to and from information store for this maintenance task automation. CourseNana.COM


To test the abilities of students to: CourseNana.COM

  • Create interface with appropriate configurations according to requirements.
  • Select appropriate data to capture information according to requirements.
  • Apply appropriate operators to perform specific mathematics or logical functions according to requirements.
  • Apply appropriate control structure to control the flow of execution according to requirement.
  • Create information store to facilitate task data storage according to requirement.
  • Manipulate data flow between process and information store according to requirement.
  • Develop appropriate execution handling to manage error according to requirement.
  • Compile program for deployment and rollout.

    Major Tools & Equipment:

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Windows 10 or latest
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio IDE


  1. You are to note down ALL the important points during the demonstration of this project by your lecturer
  2. You will be provided with a template to help you to start with the initial developing of this project
  3. Module lecturer has the right to change the instruction and requirements based on the situation Copyright, Institute of Technical Education


1 You are to create a static class name MyAssistant. The purpose of this class is to manage ALL the methods that are to be used in this project. CourseNana.COM

2 Create a Dictionary name MIMETypesDictionary to recognize the content of the input file. (BONUS) CourseNana.COM

3 Create an Introduction Menu to prompt for user input on the menu options as shown in Figure 1. CourseNana.COM

Introduction Menu

Figure 1 Create an Image Folder Display to display ALL the files in the image folder as shown in Figure 2. CourseNana.COM

Image Folder Display

Figure 2 Create a Text Folder Display to display ALL the files in the text folder as shown in Figure 3. CourseNana.COM

Text Folder Display

Figure 3 CourseNana.COM

Create a ALL Files Display to display ALL the file path and file type in the image folder and text folder as shown in Figure 4. CourseNana.COM

All Files Folder Display

Figure 4 CourseNana.COM

Classify ALL files according to their respective folder(image or text) as stated in Option 4 in Figure 1. List the total number of files in the image folder and the text folder. Perform a check on abnormal content and display them as shown in Figure 5. CourseNana.COM

Abnormal Content Display

Record the file name, file size and abnormal text of all file with abnormal text into a log file. CourseNana.COM

10 Perform multiple deletion of files as shown in Figure 6. CourseNana.COM

Delete Files

Figure 6 CourseNana.COM

11 After the user select to delete (Y) or not delete (N) file, the program MUST return to Introduction menu as shown in Figure 7. CourseNana.COM

Figure 7 12 Provide appropriate exception handling code to take care of situation that are out of the context of the program for example, user enter alphabet instead of numbers for the menu option. Think of as many situation as possible that could cause error in the behavior of the program. ---END OF PROJECT--- CourseNana.COM

Submit by: Thursday 02 March 2023 (5pm) CourseNana.COM

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