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FIT3178 2023 S1 Assessment 4: Final Mobile App

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Assessment 4: Final Mobile App


The purpose of this assessment is to produce a complete iOS application based on the idea described in your App Design Specification (Assessment 1). This assessment tests your ability to apply knowledge from all topics covered throughout semester CourseNana.COM

Completion of this assessment should demonstrate the following learning outcomes: CourseNana.COM

  • Analyse mobile interface guidelines and technical constraints to design effective navigation and user interfaces for mobile apps CourseNana.COM

  • Apply common object-oriented design patterns such as Model-View-Controller and CourseNana.COM

    Delegation CourseNana.COM

  • Follow iOS best practices to design, construct and test non-trivial iOS apps with a web CourseNana.COM

    service component CourseNana.COM


For this assessment, you will develop and submit a complete iOS app based upon the design submitted for Assessment 1. You should have already demonstrated considerable progress towards the final version of your application through the demonstrations of your app development (Assessment 3). CourseNana.COM

Your app should be built to a high standard using the knowledge you have gained throughout FIT3178 as well as via further research into iOS development. Your app should demonstrate both a robust implementation of functionality as outlined in Assessment 1 as well as a high-quality user interface design. CourseNana.COM

You will demonstrate your completed app to your lab demonstrator during a 30-minute interview during Week 15 (the week after the submission deadline). This provides you with the opportunity to showcase your app running in your development environment or personal device(s) and discuss the final source code. CourseNana.COM

It is expected that you will be able to provide a live demonstration of your application on the day of your presentation. If this is going to be an issue or you have additional requirements for your demonstration, please consult with your lab demonstrator prior to your demonstration. CourseNana.COM

Marking Criteria:

This assessment is worth 30% of your total marks for this unit. CourseNana.COM

Your app will be graded in terms of the overall quality of implemented functionality (the code) and the user experience when using your application (the demonstration). An outline of criteria for this assessment is outlined below: CourseNana.COM

UI Design – 20 Marks

● Visual UI Design o The app interface is aesthetically pleasing and professional o UI design is appropriate for the target audience o Interface uses the appropriate UI controls and is consistent across the app CourseNana.COM

● Usability and Navigation o All screens of content are accessible from the user interface o Errors are handled with informative error messages o It is clear how to interact with and use all parts of the app o The app follows the advice outlined in the Apple Human Interface Guidelines CourseNana.COM

Application Functionality – 40 Marks

● Overall Quality of Functionality o Key features outlined in the project specification are implemented o Features work correctly in the demonstration without issues (no bugs) o Exceptions/errors are handled appropriately and don’t crash the application at any stage CourseNana.COM

● Overall Complexity of Functionality CourseNana.COM

o A sufficient level of complexity in implemented features is demonstrated o All technology requirements from Assessment 1 spec are included o Use of API features beyond those shown in lab exercises and workshops CourseNana.COM

Programming Implementation – 40 Marks

● Overall Code Quality o The app shows appropriate use of MVC and OO design o The app shows appropriate use of frameworks and patterns (e.g., Delegation, CourseNana.COM

View Controllers, Closures) o The code follows appropriate naming conventions for Swift code for class properties. protocols, methods, variables, etc. CourseNana.COM

Overall Code Documentation

o There are well written, clear comments throughout the code to explain structure and design CourseNana.COM

o Code comments demonstrate a clear understanding of Swift code and utilised iOS frameworks CourseNana.COM

o All use of online sources is appropriately referenced CourseNana.COM

o The app includes a view with acknowledgements of any included libraries CourseNana.COM

Submission Requirements:

Your assessment will need to be submitted online via Moodle. Your project should be submitted as a zip archive containing the app code, documentation (and any backend implementation code / datasets, if applicable). Ensure that the archive is named using the following convention STUDENTNAME-A4-FinalApplication.zip. CourseNana.COM

As this assessment is due during the examination period, you may potentially have multiple examinations scheduled on or near the assessment due date. If so, please contact your lab demonstrator and provide your examination timetable and you may be granted an extension. CourseNana.COM

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