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ECE650 Methods and Tools for Software Engineering - Programming Assignment 1: Parser and Boolean Evaluator

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ECE650 Programming Assignment 1: Parser and Boolean Evaluator

This is the first in a series of assignments that is part of a single large project. The project is to build a SAT solver, and the purpose of this assignment is (1) to build a parser that parses a string representing the combination of a Boolean formula and an assignment; (2) to evaluate the truth value of the formula under this assignment; (3) error handling of erroneous inputs. CourseNana.COM

Your Program

For this assignment, you need to write a program that • Parse the input of a combination of (1) a string representing a Boolean formula and (2) a string representing an assignment into a Boolean formula syntax tree and an assignment map. Output the evaluation result of the formula on the assiginment. • Continuously take input from standard input, and output to standard output. Errors shall also be output to standard output, but should always start with “Error:” followed by a brief description. Your program should terminate gracefully (and quietly) once it sees EOF. Your program should not generate any extraneous output; for example, do not print out prompt strings such as “please enter input” and things like that. • Write your code in C++. • Ensure that it compiles with the C++ compilor on eceubuntu.uwaterloo.ca and runs on eceubuntu.uwaterloo.ca. (Use eceterm.uwaterloo.ca to log-in from off-campus; then follow the instructions to connect to eceubuntu.) • You can modify the skeleton as you wish, but you may only #include the following libraries (and no others!) for the current assignment: iostream, fstream, sstream, iomanip, string, utility, exception, regex, algorithm, cctype, vector, and map. CourseNana.COM

Context-free Grammar for Valid Inputs

One valid input shall be a string generated from the Context-Free Grammar G below: S ::= Formula ’;’ Assignments Formula ::= ConjTerm | ConjTerm ’+’ Formula ConjTerm ::= Term | Term ’*’ ConjTerm Term ::= Constant | VarName | ’-’Term | ’(’ Formula ’)’ Assignments ::= an empty string | Assignment | Assignment ’,’ Assignments Assignment ::= VarName ’:’ Constant VarName ::= a continuous sequence of letter (upper- or lowercase) or digits (0-9); the first character cannot be a digit; the total length shall be no longer than 10 Constant ::= ’0’ | ’1’ CourseNana.COM

  • Blue represents non-terminals and red represents terminals.
  • Arbitrary amounts of whitespace are permitted before, after, or in between any of these terms.

Semantics of the Input

One valid input consists of a string representation of a Boolean formula SF and a string representation of an assignment SA , separated by a semicolon. CourseNana.COM

In SF , ”1” and ”0” represent Boolean constants T RU E and F ALSE, respectively; a Boolean variable is a sequence of letters (either in upper- or lowercase) or digits (0-9); however, the variable name cannot start with a digit and its total length cannot be longer than 10. ”+” represents the 2-argument infix Boolean function OR; ”∗” represents the 2-argument infix Boolean function AN D; ”−” represents the prefix 1-argument Boolean function N OT . The order of operations is: parenthesis > N OT > AN D > OR. CourseNana.COM

Programming Guide

See the provided skeleton and comments in the skeleton for guidance. CourseNana.COM

Sample Run

The executable shall be called pa1. CourseNana.COM

$ ./pa1
1 * VAr ; VAr: 1, VAr: 0
Error: contradicting assignment
1 * VAr;VAr : 0
Error: invalid input
(1 * (a1 +VAr)) ; VAr: 1, a1: 0, VAr: 0
Error: contradicting assignment
1 *(VAr + 0 );
Error: incomplete assignment

You can see test cases in test\test.in and expected outputs in test\test.out for more examples. Also, an automatic testing script eval.sh is provided. See README.md for more information. Also, you can play with the provided sample executable sample-pa1 on eceubuntu. CourseNana.COM

Error Handling

You program should be able to identify the following types of error and print an error message starting with “Error:”: • Invalid input (any input that is not in the Context-free language defined by the grammar G) • Incomplete assignment (at least one variable is not assigned to a truth value). • Contradicting assignment (one variable is assigned to contradicting truth values). CourseNana.COM


Your output has to perfectly match what is expected. You should also follow the submission instructions carefully. It discusses how to name your files, how to submit, etc. The reason is that our marking is automated. • Does not compile/make/crashes: automatic 0 • Your program runs, awaits input and does not crash on input: + 20 • Passes Test Case 1: + 10 • Passes Test Case 2: + 10 • Passes Test Case 3: + 10 • Passes Test Case 4: + 10 • Passes Test Case 5: + 10 • Passes Test Case 6: + 5 • Correctly detects errors: + 20 • Programming style: + 5 CourseNana.COM


You should place all your files at the pa1 directory in your GitLab repository. The directory should contain: • All your source-code files. • A Makefile, that builds a final executable named pa1 • A file user.yml that includes your name, WatIAM, and student number. See README.md for any additional information. The submitted files should be in pa1 directory in the master branch of your repository. CourseNana.COM

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