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EBU6304: Software Engineering - Lab 3: Test Driven Development (TDD)

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EBU6304: Software Engineering Lab 3: Test Driven Development (TDD) CourseNana.COM

In this lab, practice Test Driven Development (TDD) using JUnit. Remember TDD is a simple, short-cycled mechanism, so you should write your test code and product code in the following cycle: • Write test code with the specification. • Demonstrate test failure. • Write product code to meet the specification. • Demonstrate test success. • Refactor the code, to ensure that the system still has an optimally clean code base. Exercises: CourseNana.COM

  1. Write the StudentTest/Student code example from lecture notes 10. Pass all tests.
  2. Refer to the lecture notes 11 of the code example CustomerTest/Customer and AccountTest/Account, write some similar Tests of your own code based on Labs 1 and 2 and pass all test.

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