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EBIS 4043 Big Data Analysis and Applications - Individual Assignment II

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Kyungpook National UniversityEBIS 4043Big Data Analysis and ApplicationsR

EBIS 4043 Big Data Analysis and Applications CourseNana.COM

                                  Individual Assignment II CourseNana.COM

The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that you are picking up the R based analytics skills (Please do not use other tools to generate the answers!) that have been introduced in this class and check your ability. CourseNana.COM

As you write your answers, please make sure to follow the instructions below: CourseNana.COM

·              Use the datasets that were uploaded on iSpace. CourseNana.COM

·              All your answers including your identity, codes, interpretation should be in one file: HTML. Any sort of multiple files will be graded as zero mark. CourseNana.COM

·              You can discuss the coding with your friends. However, any visible overlap in your interpretation will be considered plagiarism. CourseNana.COM

·              There can be more than one correct answer to every question. Use any technique that you learned from the classroom. CourseNana.COM

Dataset on Amazon's Top 50 bestselling books from 2009 to 2019 contains 550 books. data has been categorized into fiction and non-fiction using Goodreads. The name of the dataset is bestsellers with categories.csv. No Null Values seen in the dataset. The data dictionary is seen as below. CourseNana.COM

Data Dictionary CourseNana.COM

        Name - name of the bestselling book (datatype - object) CourseNana.COM

        Author - author of the bestselling book (datatype - object) CourseNana.COM

        User Rating - User Rating of the book (datatype - float) CourseNana.COM

        Reviews - number of reviews for the book (datatype - integer) CourseNana.COM

        Price - price of the book (datatype - integer) CourseNana.COM

        Year - Year when it was a bestseller(datatype - integer) CourseNana.COM

        Genre - Categorised as Fiction and non fiction (datatype - object) CourseNana.COM

Now you are a data analyst who wants to create a dashboard using R Flexdashboard for the dataset. The requirements include: CourseNana.COM

        Create two graphs that show the most 10 popular authors and most 10 popular books. [30 Marks] CourseNana.COM

        Create a table that shows all the best Books from 2009 to 2019 by users rating and reviews (rating ratings>4.9 and number of reviews > 5,000). [20 Marks] CourseNana.COM

        Create a trendline that shows the numbers of reviews along with 2009 to 2019. [20 Marsk] CourseNana.COM

        Create any table or graph of your interest. [10 Marks] CourseNana.COM

        Ensure the tables and graphs are suitable for effectively presenting the results, displaying a high level of organization and aesthetic appeal. [20 Marks] CourseNana.COM


More Tips: CourseNana.COM

    Highcharts theme collection: https://jkunst.com/highcharts-themes-collection/ CourseNana.COM

    More information about Flexdashboard: https://rstudio.github.io/flexdashboard/articles/using.html#overview-1 CourseNana.COM


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