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DESE40008 Computing 2 Application - Assignment: Game Web Application

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DESE40008 - Computing 2: Application

Module descriptor and assessment brief

In Computing 2: Applications students will learn about application programming, i.e. writing computer programs for end-users. This module focuses on web applications and students will learn technologies associated with this. Students will be exposed to new computing paradigms that build on from Computing 1, such as functional programming and event-driven programming. Students will also learn about user interface and experience. By the end of the module, students will code their own web-app project incorporating what they have learned. Learning outcomes On completion of this module, students will be better able to: Coding (Reinforces S3, K4): Write computer applications for human interaction using a set of modern paradigms. UX/UI (Introduces K2): Design and implement user experiences and interfaces. Data (Introduces K1): DESE40008 - Computing 2: Application 2Manipulate data structures. Debugging (Reinforces S1, Introduces A1): Debug their own programs, identifying, documenting, and solving software bugs. Best practice (Reinforces S1, Introduces A2): Engage with industry/professional best practice in managing a coding project. CourseNana.COM

Assignment brief

The assignment is to produce a web app for a "Turn-based" "Board-based" "Game" of your choosing. (In quotes as you can loosely or strictly interpret each of these terms.) Your submission will have a number of separately assessed components. CourseNana.COM

Game Module – API

You will produce an API specification, i.e. a list of function names and their signatures, for a Javascript module that represents the state of your game and the operations you can perform on it that advances the game or provides information. CourseNana.COM

Game Module – Implementation

You will implement, in Javascript, the module you specified above. Such that your game can be simulated in code, e.g. in the debug console. Unit Tests – Specification For the Game module API you have produced, write a set of unit tests descriptions that specify the expected behaviour of one aspect of your API, e.g. you might pick the win condition, or how the state changes when a move is made. CourseNana.COM

Unit Tests – Implementation

Implement in code the unit tests specified above. CourseNana.COM

Web Application

3Produce a web application that allows a user to interface with your game module. Deadline Friday 23rd June 16:00 Learning and teaching strategy This is a project based learning module with a 100% individual coursework authentic assessment. The skills learned throughout the module will be assessed in the final deliverable that students will frame to their own interests and ideas. The assessment criteria are linked directly to the module learning outcomes and are detailed below . CourseNana.COM

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria are split into the five submission components. For each, there is a Passing Criterion that must be met. The other criteria are Excellent Criteria , which will the grade of each component by how many are met. Game Module – API Passing: Documents an API for a Javascript module. Excellent: Has a suitable range of functions relevant to the domain at hand. The functions are documented primarily in terms of their domain rather than their implementation. API is clear to follow and understand. Appropriate function signatures, e.g. parameters, order , and return types. Good use of the tooling (jsdoc) Game Module – Implementation Passing: API is implemented in code as described. DESE40008 - Computing 2: Application 4Excellent: Implementation is ef ficiently coded. Implementation is mostly free of bugs. Functions in the game module are pure functions. Appropriate use of functional patterns, e.g composition, map, filter , reduce, partial application, recursion, etc. Javascript source code passes linter (jslint) without error . Unit Tests – Specification Passing: Define a set of tests relevant to the domain at hand. Excellent: Define a Suitable range of tests. These can be limited to one aspect, e.g. the win condtion or the the response to a move. Tests are for behaviour rather than implementation. Descriptors for tests are well written, e.g. making use of the Given..When..Then triple where appropriate. Unit Tests – Implementation Passing: Tests are implemented as specified to examine the module under test. Excellent: Tests are not a re-implementation of the code under test. Tests fail in a way that provides useful context to identify the bug. Test failure modes should be reachable with some particular failing implementation. "Never trust a test you haven't seen fail." Web Application Passing: Provides a web browser based user interface for the chosen game. Excellent: DESE40008 - Computing 2: Application 5User interface is clean and intuitive. Handles an appropriate range of input or timer events. The interface represents and allows interaction at all reasonably accessible game states. Project separates structural (html), styling (css), and behavioural (javascript) code. The interface references the game module for access to its functions, without implementing game logic itself. Follows accessibility guidelines. (E.g. with attention to semantic markup, keyboard access, contrast and colour-blindness, etc. – Use the audit tools to identify issues) Components will be marked as: Fail (F) if the work does not meet the Passing Criterion . Pass (D)if the work meets the Passing Criterion , but doesn't qualify for any higher grade. Good (C) if the work meets the Passing Criterion , and some of the Excellent criteria. Very Good (B) if the work meets the Passing Criterion , and most of the Excellent Criteria . Excellent (A) if the work meets the Passing Criterion , and all of the Excellent Criteria . Exceptional (A ٭)if the work meets all of the points of the Excellent (A) descriptor and is a level of quality higher than what would usually be expected for Excellent (A) work. Overall Mark The overall mark will be determined by the component grades in an expected ratio of: 1 / 3 – Game Module (API + Implementation) 1 / 3 – Unit T ests (Specification + Implementation) 1 / 3 – W eb Application Additional Credit Additional credit on top of the overall mark may be awarded for , DESE40008 - Computing 2: Application 6Providing feedback in peer assessment. (+2.5%) Peer assessment feedback being useful. (+2.5%) Good Citizenship – at the discretion of the module leader – for continuous ef forts in support of the academic community , e.g. assisting other , answering and asking questions, e.g. on ed (+5%) A 5% penalty may be applied if the submission requirements aren't adhered to and this leads to problems in opening or running the submission for assessment. Submission Requirements Your submission must also conform to the following: CourseNana.COM

  1. Your coding project must be written in Javascript.
  2. Your directory structure must match the provided template. i.e. there is a web-app directory at the top level of your repository . This contains a tests subdirectory .
  3. Any additional packages that you use must be installable from npm and must install and run cross-platform (i.e on the examiners' computers). Speak with me in advance if you are doing anything out of the ordinary here.
  4. Do not upload packages files (i.e. /node_modules/) to your repository . The .gitignore file will filter these out for you. Each of these will be automatic if you follow the provided submission template. Code submission – GitHub Classroom This coursework will be submitted by pushing to a GitHub repository . The last push to the repository made before the module deadline will be considered. Github Classroom will be used for you to create this repository . To access github classroom, you will need to link your to your GitHub account. Follow the links on Blackboard for the assignment and link your account to your name then fork your own submission repository .

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