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CSCU9X5 UX Design Assignment: Web-based multimedia application

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Assessment: Assignment Semester: Autumn Level: Year 3 CourseNana.COM

CSCU9X5 UX Design (60%) CourseNana.COM

The Assignment -- Important Information CourseNana.COM

This is the introduction page for the Assignment that you are expected to work on and submit from 26th October 2023 and hand in no later than 27th November 2023 at 17:00 (Beijing). Read the info here carefully before moving on the next screen. CourseNana.COM

Important information about the Assignment: CourseNana.COM

  1. It is worth 60% of your final grade in the module. CourseNana.COM

  2. It will cover material from learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the module. CourseNana.COM

  3. It is an Individual Assessment, which carries all the usual rules, and regulations set out in CourseNana.COM

    the University's policies on Assessments and Academic Integrity. The main things to consider about this are: CourseNana.COM

1. You must work on the assignment alone.
2. You are allowed to utilize any source (online or otherwise) to help you create
your CourseNana.COM

solution for the assignment if it is not in breach of rules 1. CourseNana.COM

  1. If you rely on any external source for any part of your solution (no matter how small), CourseNana.COM

    you must properly acknowledge the source both where you use it and in a bibliography CourseNana.COM

    at the end of your submission. CourseNana.COM

  2. If you reuse code from external source in your solution, in addition to rule 4, you must CourseNana.COM

    also briefly explain how you adjusted it to fit with your solution. CourseNana.COM

D. You will have about 4 weeks to complete the assignment.
E. You can submit a solution as often as you like from
26th October 2023 until 27th November CourseNana.COM

2023 at 17:00 (Beijing), but only your last submission will be marked. CourseNana.COM

We recommend that you submit at least once 1-2 days before the deadline. CourseNana.COM

The Assignment -- submission instructions CourseNana.COM

These are the instructions you must follow to prepare your submission to the Assignment. CourseNana.COM

1. First, of course, follow all the instructions in the assignment itself to create your solution. You can use any IDE of your choice. CourseNana.COM

  1. Save all the applications related files into a folder named: "ZZZZZZZ_Application_name", where you replace "ZZZZZZZ" with student number [This is important for anonymous marking] CourseNana.COM

  2. Open the html in a browser and make sure everything is displaying, as it should. All printouts, graphs, figures, and other multimedia elements like videos, animations are visible as you intended. Upload the zipped folder of the assignment on VLE. CourseNana.COM

4. The Assignment CourseNana.COM


You have to develop a web-based multimedia application and a prototype version of it. This prototype application must be constructed with HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript technologies, as well as libraries and frameworks. The application's general topic should be something that will help with computing studies. A few other options are listed below. CourseNana.COM


  1. An interactive instructional course, e.g., learn how switching gates work, basic computational thinking, sorting, and searching algorithms. CourseNana.COM

  2. A guide to using a software package, or a piece of hardware. CourseNana.COM

  3. What every computing science student needs to know about your university CourseNana.COM

  4. An interactive game for school children to switch them on to computing. CourseNana.COM

  5. Another topic of your choice related to studying computing. (Check with the CourseNana.COM

    module coordinator if you are unsure.) CourseNana.COM

Use the work of the CSCU9X5 multimedia practicals as a guide to the kinds of basic features that you could incorporate. Be informed and inspired by any other multimedia applications and CourseNana.COM

web pages that you are aware of as sources of ideas. Be creative! CourseNana.COM

Treat the assignment as a “commercial” exercise: you have a deadline for producing your design and prototype (i.e., the assignment submission date) and you have a “budget” – it is worth 60% of your overall marks for the module. Use these criteria to determine how long you should spend on the assignment and how much to produce. (If at any stage you are unsure whether you need to do more (or less) work, then please ask). CourseNana.COM

CSCU9X5 Page 2 of 7 Assignment CourseNana.COM


There will be TWO components to the submission for the assignment:
1. A design report (worth 60% of the assignment mark)
2. A prototype multimedia application (worth 40% of the assignment mark)

The report should fully document your design for a multimedia application. You should design a whole product, but only have to build part of it to illustrate the idea. The report should contain: a description of the general concept including details of users, wireframe designs and justification CourseNana.COM

of design choices, a plan for testing. CourseNana.COM

Using HTML5+CSS+JS technologies, you will build a prototype version of your designed multimedia application, that is, it is probably a partial implementation of your design which illustrates key elements. Your prototype should clearly demonstrate the concept of your design, good use of multimedia, and technical competence with dynamic web development. CourseNana.COM

The sections below give more detail on the requirements for these components and the breakdown of marks. CourseNana.COM


The report should be in the form of a design document that fully documents your design for a multimedia application. Remember that you should design a whole product, but only have to build part of it to illustrate the idea. Your report should detail a consistent design process and be specific to your development. Do not include generic information about design and testing procedures. 5% of the marks are for the overall quality and structure of the report itself. CourseNana.COM

Hint: use the areas mentioned below as your structure. The report should contain the following: CourseNana.COM

  • The title of your application, the file name of the main HTML file, and your student ID (but not your name). CourseNana.COM

  • A description of the general concept of the presentation What is it? Who is it aimed at? How would you deliver it? This should include an overview of who your target users are and two specific distinct personas, each with a scenario detailing an activity, context and technology. [14% of assignment marks] CourseNana.COM

CSCU9X5 Page 3 of 7 Assignment CourseNana.COM

  • Details of the design of your entire application, including wireframes of major screen layouts, and a navigation map showing how these interconnects. Thoroughly justify your design choices. How does your design satisfy the needs of your personas and scenarios? An excellent submission will have substantial support for these decisions in terms of references to design guidelines, heuristics, principles. [22%.] CourseNana.COM

  • A description of what your built prototype version contains, justifying why you have implemented the parts that you have to create the prototype version, and how this particular version of the overall system will help you evaluate your design. [4%] CourseNana.COM

  • Testing: a plan and report of appropriate usability testing. In planning consider a wide range of user testing from inception to post-delivery feedback from customers. Note: you are not expected to carry out all testing: you are documenting the professional process you would follow given lots of time and resources. Report clearly which usability testing you have done (independently, or in groups), and its results. What can you conclude from these tests about your design? Are any changes advisable? (You don’t have to make those changes.) [15%] CourseNana.COM

  • A list of all sources for any media and external CSS and JavaScript libraries used in the prototype (i.e. web addresses, references scanned from etc.), with a short description of what any external libraries are used for. [0%] CourseNana.COM

  • A brief description of how you worked with other people to broaden your perspective during this assessment and reflection on what you learned from that and how it improved your submission. For example, perhaps you took part in group discussions, and may have used other people to help you test. How did that change your ideas? CourseNana.COM

Note: you should design the whole application but build a prototype (restricted) version of it. CourseNana.COM

Word count / page limit: 3500 words +/- 20%. That's roughly 14 pages or less. CourseNana.COM


Using HTML5+CSS+JS technologies, you will build a prototype version of your designed multimedia application, that is, it is probably a partial implementation of your design which illustrates key elements. Your prototype should clearly demonstrate the concept of your design, good use of multimedia, and technical competence with dynamic web development. An excellent submission will satisfy all of these criteria to a high level. CourseNana.COM

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