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COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals Assignment 1- Synchronization

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The University of SydneyCOMP3520Operating Systems InternalsSynchronizationC

COMP3520 Assignment 1 2023 CourseNana.COM

COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals Assignment 1 – Synchronization CourseNana.COM

General Instructions CourseNana.COM

This assignment is about synchronization. It consists of two compulsory tasks: CourseNana.COM

  1. Write a multithreaded Pthread program to solve the synchronization problem as CourseNana.COM

    described in the section “Stylish Hairdressing Salon”; and CourseNana.COM

  2. Answer the assigned discussion document questions (which are provided in a CourseNana.COM

    separate document). CourseNana.COM

This assignment is an individual assignment. Whilst you are permitted to discuss this assignment with other students, the work that you submit must be your own work. You should not incorporate the work of other students (past or present) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into your source code or discussion document. CourseNana.COM

You will be required to submit your discussion document to Turnitin for similarity checking as part of assignment submission. The examiner may use other similarity checking tools in addition to Turnitin. Your source code may also be checked. CourseNana.COM

Submit your source code and report to the appropriate submission inboxes in the COMP3520 Canvas website. CourseNana.COM

The Problem: Stylish Hairdressing Salon CourseNana.COM

In Stylish Hairdressing Salon, there are K barbers. Each time, a barber takes a minimum of T1 units of time and a maximum of T2 units of time to service one customer. CourseNana.COM

The salon has N waiting chairs. When a customer arrives and if there are free waiting chairs, he/she takes a ticket and then sits on a waiting chair, waiting for their ticket number to be called. If all the waiting chairs are occupied, however, the newly arrived customer simply leaves (and vanishes). The tickets are numbered from 1 to N and initially placed in ascending order. Customers always take a ticket from one end and return the ticket to the other end after being called. In this way, the ticket numbers are always maintained in a perfect cyclic order. CourseNana.COM

There is one shop assistant looking after the customers. When a barber becomes available, the assistant will call one waiting customer to get haircut by that barber. Customers will be called in a first-come-first-served order. Note that customers are not allowed to choose barbers in this salon. CourseNana.COM

This is a synchronization problem. To solve this problem, you need to consider various situations. For example, CourseNana.COM

  • when there are no customers and all barbers are waiting; CourseNana.COM

  • when all barbers are busy and customers are waiting; and CourseNana.COM

  • how to assign customers to a specific barber when that barber is available. CourseNana.COM

    In your implementation, only barbers determine how long it takes to service each customer. The program will terminate only after all barbers have done their work. You need to write three routines, i.e., customer, barber and assistant, in addition to main. CourseNana.COM

COMP3520 Assignment 1 2023 CourseNana.COM

To implement synchronization between various threads, you may use Pthread mutexes, and condition variables. However, you must not use any other type of synchronization mechanism. CourseNana.COM

Your program needs to ask the user to enter the following parameters: M: the total number of customers;
K: the number of barbers working in the salon;
N: the total number of waiting chairs in the salon; CourseNana.COM

T1: the minimum number of units of time for a barber to service a customer; T2: the maximum number of units of time for a barber to service a customer; T3: the minimum number of units of time between two customer arrivals; and T4: the maximum number of units of time between two customer arrivals. CourseNana.COM

To check whether your program functions properly, your program must print the statements described below. CourseNana.COM

Each Customer thread must print the following status messages wherever appropriate: CourseNana.COM

  • “Customer [id]: I have arrived at the barber shop." – New customer with customer id arrives CourseNana.COM

  • "Customer [id]: Oh no! All seats have been taken and I'll leave now!" – All waiting chairs are occupied and the customer leaves CourseNana.COM

  • "Customer [id]: I'm lucky to get a free seat and a ticket numbered n" – Take a ticket numbered n and sit on a free waiting chair CourseNana.COM

  • “Customer [id]: My ticket number n has been called. Hello, Barber [id].” – To get haircut next by Barber [id] CourseNana.COM

  • “Customer [id]: Well done. Thanks Barber [id]. Bye!” – Get haircut done and leave CourseNana.COM

    Each Barber thread must print the following status messages wherever appropriate: CourseNana.COM

    • “Barber [id]: I’m now ready to accept a customer.” – Wait for a new customer CourseNana.COM

    • “Barber [id]: Hello, Customer n.” – To service the assigned customer with a CourseNana.COM

      ticket number n CourseNana.COM

    • “Barber [id]: Finished cutting. Good bye Customer n.” – Finished servicing CourseNana.COM

      Customer n CourseNana.COM

    • “Barber [id]: Thanks Assistant. See you tomorrow!” – Finished working for CourseNana.COM

      the day and leaves
      Assistant thread must print the following status messages wherever appropriate: CourseNana.COM

  • “Assistant: I’m waiting for customers.” – Wait for customers CourseNana.COM

  • “Assistant: I’m waiting for a barber to become available.” – Wait for barber CourseNana.COM

  • “Assistant: Assign Customer n to Barber [id].” – Assign Customer n to Barber CourseNana.COM

    [id] CourseNana.COM

  • “Assistant: Hi barbers. We’ve finished the work for the day. See you all CourseNana.COM

    tomorrow!” – Call for all barbers to finish and leave
    Note that in the above messages, Customer
    n is the customer with a ticket numbered n, CourseNana.COM

    and the ticket number n may not be equal to the customer’s [id].
    When all customers have been serviced, the main thread must print the following status

    message and then terminate: CourseNana.COM

“Main thread: All customers have now been served. Salon is closed now.” CourseNana.COM


COMP3520 Assignment 1 2023 CourseNana.COM

Additional Requirements CourseNana.COM

Source Code CourseNana.COM

Your solution must be implemented in the C language. CourseNana.COM

Your source code needs to be properly commented and appropriately structured to allow another programmer who has a working knowledge of C to understand and easily maintain your code. CourseNana.COM

You need to include a well-structured and properly commented makefile that allows for the compilation of your source code using the make command on the School of Computer Science servers. CourseNana.COM

Testing and Debugging CourseNana.COM

You are responsible for testing and debugging your source code. CourseNana.COM

It is crucial that you ensure that the source code you submit compiles correctly on the School of Computer Science servers and that the resulting binary functions as intended. If you submit source code that cannot be compiled on the School servers, marks will be heavily deducted. CourseNana.COM

Discussion Document CourseNana.COM

You are required to answer all assigned questions in a separate written document. The questions and requirements specific to the discussion document will be provided in a separate document. CourseNana.COM

Other Matters CourseNana.COM

Marking criteria for the source code and discussion document will be provided separately. CourseNana.COM

To maximize your chances of realizing your full potential in COMP3520, please start work on this assignment promptly. CourseNana.COM

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