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COMP1002 Foundations of Computing Assignment 1: Packet Tracer Network Simulation

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COMP1002Foundations of ComputingPacket Tracer

School of Business and Tourism Unit Foundations of Computing Unit code COMP1002 Assignment 1 Practical Mode Individual assignment Due Date 15 May 2023 11:59 PM (AEST) Learning Outcomes LO1,2 Graduate Attributes GA1, GA4, GA5 Weight 30% of overall unit assessment Suggestion This assignment is developmental and cumulative. You are strongly advised to start doing this assignment from Week-1 in your study. Leaving your starting date to the week before the due date is a very poor strategy for success in the unit. Follow the provided guidelines to help you successfully direct your efforts. CourseNana.COM

Task Description In this assignment, you will perform necessary setup to install, configure and troubleshoot a computer and mobile device. You must successfully implement the network on Packet Tracer (or similar) network simulation software and perform important steps to manage the network security configuration. CourseNana.COM

In particular, you will complete the following tasks: Task 1: Research a hardware upgrade. Task 2: Network setup. Where a task asks for X or Y use your student number in this way Student ID:123456789 X = 12 (first 2 numbers) Y= 89 (last 2 numbers) X+1 = 13 Y+1=90 Page 1 of 7 CourseNana.COM

COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

Scenario You are a junior system administrator and because of your ongoing experience your manager has assigned you a new client to assist them setup their computers. The design and requirements have been provided to you in a simple diagram and instruction set. You have been advised of the following criteria: 1.Your customer’s computers are not running as well as they want. Computer 1 is a desktop and computer 2 is a laptop. Desktop On the desktop they want to work with videos, office software and run the latest games. The desktop is a custom-built PC with: Gigabyte Z390 Gaming HD Micro ATX motherboard Intel 8th Gen Core i5 i5-8500T @ 2.1GHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB RAM 2x 2GB DDR4 266 MHz RAM (4GB total) Laptop On the laptop your customer wants to be able to run virtual machines as well as processor intensive workloads. The laptop is Alienware 17 R4 (2017) with current specs are: Intel 8th Gen Core i7-7820HK CPU @ 2.90 GHz Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 2x 4GB RAM (8GB total) 1x 500 GB 2.5" hard disk drive Advise of the upgrades you would suggest and the cost with the location you can purchase the items from a reputable dealer with warranty suitable for a commercial organisation. 2.As the staff are working from home more, they want a simple home network setup with a wireless internet connection. They have a laptop and a tablet they want to use WiFI, and a desktop and printer they want connected via ethernet. Assignment 1 marking guidelines The following are the major assessment criteria of this assignment. Page 2 of 7 COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

Task 1: Provide a document that advises at least 2 upgrades of each part type you would suggest meeting the requirements for: a)The desktop computer. b)The laptop. You must include: Part name / model Price URL or location it can be purchased Why this item meets the requirements. Advise which of the 2 of each upgrade type you suggest. Advise of any other suggestions which may improve the performance. Task 2: Network setup and troubleshooting Use the provided Packet Tracer file to start your network. All devices should be able to get to http://acompany.com and http://bcompany.com and each other. Setup Set up the devices with the appropriate connections including a router with wireless, a printer, a PC, a laptop and a tablet. oThe PC and printer must be connected via ethernet oThe laptop and tablet must use WiFi. Perform basic configuration of the devices Your network address range is 10.X.Y.0/24 Connect your router to the Telco router port GigabitEthernet0/0/1 IP address: Subnet Mask: Test connectivity oThe PC, laptop and tablet must get to the company websites. oThe PC, laptop, tablet and printer must be able to communicate with each other. Save the configurations to the devices Page 3 of 7 COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

Note: All device names must include your name in the format of FirstInitialYourLastName (I.e. FJones Router 1) Troubleshoot Correctly propose the hypothesis to be tested at each step e.g. connectivity between devices, connection to router etc. Correctly identify the type of information that should be collected at each step Test the configuration using correct methodology You must document what tests you will carry out, what the test is for and the result. Consider using a table. Network Documentation You must document your configurations for the devices you set up. Document the devices including: oHost Devices (PC’s and servers) Name/ID Link technology e.g. Ethernet Port Address e.g. Eth0 Physical address e.g. MAC address IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS oNetwork Devices Interface configuration Name/ID Link technology e.g. Ethernet Page 4 of 7 CourseNana.COM

COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

Port address e.g. G0/0/1 Physical address e.g. MAC address Logical address e.g. IP Address / subnet mask oSave the configurations to the devices Consider a table Format and Presentation You must provide 2 files of the following types: Task 1 & 2: Your assignment must be in the PDF/DOC format. The file will be named using the following convention: filename = FirstInitialLastName_COMP1002_A1.pdf (i.e. FJones_COMP1002_A1.pdf) Task 2: Provide your Packet Tracer saved topology in a PKT or PKAfile. Your file must be named in the format: filename = FirstInitialYourLastName_COMP1002_A1.pkt (or .pka) (i.e. FJones_COMP1002_A1.pkt) Criteria Max Mark Task 1: Hardware Upgrade 10 Task 1.1 Desktop upgrade solution and recommendation 5 Task 1.2 Laptop upgrade solution and recommendation 5 Task 2: Network setup and troubleshooting 15 Task 2.1: Devices connected correctly 5 Task 2.2: Device configuration 5 Task 2.3: Identified issues and corrected 5 Documentation 5 Professional presentation 2 Links and references 3 TOTAL 30 Page 5 of 7 COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

Submission Format When you have completed the assignment, you are required to submit the following: 1.Your assignment in the PDF/DOC format. The file will be named using the following convention: filename = FirstInitialLastName_COMP1002_A1.pdf (i.e. FJones_COMP1002_A1.pdf) 2.Your Packet Tracer file with all devices configured and saved named in the format: filename = FirstInitialLastName_COMP1002_A1.pkt (or .pka) (i.e. FJones_COMP1002_A1.pka) Original work It is a University requirement that a student’s work complies with the Academic Policy on Rules Relating to Awards: section 18. It is a student’s responsibility to be familiar with the Policy. Failure to comply with the Policy can have severe consequences in the form of University sanctions. For information on this Policy please refer to the Academic Policies at the following website: https://policies.scu.edu.au/view.current.php?id=00140#s18https://policies.scu.edu.au/document/view-current.php?id=141 As part of a University initiative to support the development of academic integrity, assessments may be checked for plagiarism, including through an electronic system, either internally or by a plagiarism checking service, and be held for future checking and matching purposes. Retain duplicate copy Before submitting the assignment, you are advised to retain electronic copies of original work. In the event of any uncertainty regarding the submission of assessment items, you may be requested to reproduce a final copy. School Extension Policy In general, I will NOT give extension unless there are exceptional Page 6 of 7 COMP1002 – Securing Networks Assignment 1, 2023 CourseNana.COM

circumstances. Students wanting an extension must make a request at least 24 hours before the assessment item is due and the request must be received in writing at the " Special Consideration " page. Extensions within 24 hours of submission or following the submission deadline will not be granted (unless supported by a doctor’s certificate or where there are exceptional circumstances – this will be at unit assessor’s discretion and will be considered on a case by case basis). Extensions will be for a maximum of 48 hours (longer extensions supported by a doctor’s certificate or alike will be considered on a case by case basis). Please see the Special Consideration page for more information available at https://www.scu.edu.au/current-students/student- administration/special-consideration/ A penalty of 5% of the total available grade will accrue for each 24- hour period that an assessment item is submitted late. Therefore, an assessment item worth 30 marks will have 1.5 marks deducted for every 24-hour period and at the end of 10 days will receive a maximum of 15 marks or 50%. Students who fail to submit following the guidelines in this Unit Information Guide will be deemed to have not submitted the assessment item and the above penalty will be applied until the specified submission guidelines are followed. Marks and Feedback All assessment materials submitted during the semester will normally be marked and returned within 1 (one) week of the required date of submission (provided that the assessment materials have been submitted by the due date). Marks will be made available to each student via the MySCU Grade book. Page 7 of 7 CourseNana.COM

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