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CHC6072: Software Analysis and Testing - Coursework Specification: Analysis and Testing of a Web Application

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Oxford BrookesCHC6072Software Analysis and TestingAnalysis and Testing of a Web ApplicationJava


                                 CHC6072: Software Analysis and Testing CourseNana.COM

(Semester 1, 2023-2024) CourseNana.COM


Coursework Specification CourseNana.COM

Analysis and Testing of a Web Application CourseNana.COM



1        Assessed Learning Outcomes

This coursework counts for 70% of the total assessment of this module. It is designed to develop and assess your attainment of the following learning outcomes. CourseNana.COM


1 CourseNana.COM

Create effective software test plans to demonstrate an understanding of the principles and theoretical foundations of software quality assurance processes and systems, and software quality assurance methodologies, models and techniques CourseNana.COM

2 CourseNana.COM

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, based on the theoretical foundations of software measurement and metrics and select and apply appropriate metrics in the context of software creation CourseNana.COM

3 CourseNana.COM

Understand the theoretical foundations of software testing, both static and dynamic, manual and automated; CourseNana.COM

understand the range of applicability of different approaches and techniques, and select and apply appropriate techniques in practical situations CourseNana.COM

4 CourseNana.COM

Design and conduct systematic experiments, using both quantitative and qualitative methods; collect data from the experiments systematically and analyze the results CourseNana.COM

2        The problem to be solved

In this coursework, you are required to work individually as a software quality assurance and testing engineer to perform testing and analysis of a given web-based application, and to develop test suites for automated regression testing of the application CourseNana.COM

The application is the website of Manchester University at the URL https://www.manchester.ac.uk/ . The specific function of this web-based application to be tested is the online facility for finding undergraduate courses provided by the university. Here, we will focus on Computer Science, Accounting, or Biochemistry courses. CourseNana.COM

Note: The URL given is an external application beyond the lecturer's control; you must be prepared for possible changes to the website when you write your automated test scripts. CourseNana.COM

3        Tasks to do

The following is a brief description of the tasks and the marking scheme (in terms of the distribution of their weights in the assessment). A detailed marking scheme is given in a separate file, also available on the student’s website. CourseNana.COM

Task 1: Developing a test plan. (25%)

In this task, you are required to: CourseNana.COM

·       Explore the website to be tested; CourseNana.COM

·       Construct a hyperlink graph model of the application; CourseNana.COM

·       Write a user story or a set of user stories in JBehave format based on the hyperlink graph model of the system. Each user story should include: CourseNana.COM

a)      a narrative description of the user story CourseNana.COM

b)     a set of scenarios of using the function CourseNana.COM

Note that your test plan should achieve node coverage and hyperlink coverage of the hyperlink graph model. CourseNana.COM


Task 2: Developing automated test scripts. (25%)

In this task, you are required to follow the steps below to develop a set of automated test scripts based on the result of Task 1. CourseNana.COM

a)      Select a subset of user stories/scenarios (at least three) in your test plan as the test cases of your choice. CourseNana.COM

b)     For each scenario of your choice, follow the scenario description to perform a manual test of the web application and record your manual testing process using Selenium IDE, which you are required to install on your computer by yourself. CourseNana.COM

c)      Edit and revise the recorded test process of your manual tests to make automated test scripts that are suitable for future regression testing. CourseNana.COM

Note that your chosen test cases should be the most complicated and important ones. Please read the detailed marking scheme for the quality standard that your test cases should have.


Task 3: Performing automated testing (30%)

In this task, you are required to perform the following. CourseNana.COM

a)      Execute the test scripts using Selenium IDE to test the application in the Firefox web browser and record test executions in a log file. CourseNana.COM

b)     Translate your test scripts in Selenese into one Java JUnit Test Code and execute the Java Test Code using JUnit with your software to test the web application in the Chrome web browser. You are required to install Selenium WebDriver for Chrome and take screen snapshots to demonstrate the successful executions of test code. CourseNana.COM

Task 4: Measuring test adequacy (20%)

In this task, you are required to calculate the adequacy of your testing by measuring your test’s node coverage CourseNana.COM

and hyperlink coverage of the hyperlink graph that you developed in Task 1. CourseNana.COM

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