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6001CEM Project Submission - Final Year Project

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UKCoventry University6001CEMIndividual ProjectFinal Year Project

6001CEM Project Submission - Final Year Project CourseNana.COM

Your submission must consist of a single report (with appendices) in MSWord or PDF format only. CourseNana.COM

Mandatory element to be included within your report  CourseNana.COM

Please refer to the ‘report structure document’ (session 2) on the Aula page for general advice about report content and structure. However, the following elements MUST be included with your report: CourseNana.COM

·       A signed declaration of originality / statement of copyright / Ethical Approval project number (to be included at the start of the report). CourseNana.COM

·       A clear table of contents or list of chapters CourseNana.COM

·       A properly formatted list of references (APA style) to all external content cited or referred to in the text of your report. CourseNana.COM

·       Evidence of project management (in the appendix) CourseNana.COM

Important note:  Any other content produced by your project, such as code, executables, videos, or applications should be supplied to your supervisor(s) by prior agreement. This content should not be included in the project report. CourseNana.COM

As far as is possible code, videos, applications should be stored online (github for code, onedrive for all other artefacts) CourseNana.COM

Important note 2:  You must keep all additional content (code, surveys, videos etc.) securely until the publication of your final project grade. CourseNana.COM

6001CEM Project Report Grading Form CourseNana.COM

Grading Notes: CourseNana.COM

The project report is marked out of 100. First and Second supervisors will mark the report independently.   First and Second supervisors will then discuss the grading and agree a final mark.  In cases where there is a significant difference of grades (over or under a grade boundary or >=10 marks – whichever is smaller) and agreement cannot be made – The ML will allocate of a third marker. CourseNana.COM

Feedback from both markers will be prepared by the supervisor and added to the Turnitin Grading System alongside the agreed grade. Students should be aware that the grade awarded is provisional (can change) but becomes fixed after the semester 2 exam board. CourseNana.COM

In all cases, feedback should clearly justify the grade awarded. CourseNana.COM

Overleaf is a detailed component grading sheet. CourseNana.COM

Modal grading:  In awarding grades, markers consider the following modal guidance: CourseNana.COM

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