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CSCI 2244 Randomness and Computation Fall 2023 - PS3: Binomial Coefficients, Random Variables and The Paradox of an Urn at Noon

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Boston CollegeCSCI 2244Randomness and ComputationBinomial CoefficientsRandom VariablesThe Paradox of an Urn at NoonPython

CSCI 2244.02 Fall 2023 CourseNana.COM

Problem Set 3 CourseNana.COM

General Instructions. The purpose for having these problem sets is to enhance your mathematics and programming skills when it comes to the probability theory. These problems may be quite challenging, so discussions with classmates are encouraged. However, I strongly suggest you spend at least half an hour thinking on the problems individually before discussing. Although discussions (and consulting to ChatGPT and WolframAlpha) are allowed, you need to write the solution using your own words by yourself. Please acknowledge any person or references that you discuss with or consult from.

1 Binomial Coefficients (4 points) CourseNana.COM

Prove the following expressions using combinatorial reasoning (e.g. bijections). You would get only 1 point if you simply expand it into horrific equations. CourseNana.COM

(a) (b) CourseNana.COM

2244777514300 = 2244214419441730. 777 514 300 100 100 200 214 263 CourseNana.COM

Fn = P nk, here Fn is the n-th (shifted) Fibonacci number. (Hint: Recall we proved in k0 k CourseNana.COM

class that Fn is the size of the event where a coin is tossed n times but no two consecutive results are both HEAD.) CourseNana.COM

Random Variables (4 points) CourseNana.COM

Consider a random experiment where we keep tossing a fair coin until you see the third HEAD. Denote an outcome of this random experiment by a sequence (a1, a2, a3, . . .), where ai ∈ {HEAD, TAIL}. For any k ∈ {1, 2, 3}, define the random variable Xk to be the index i such that ai is the k-th HEAD in the sequence (if such an index does not exist, then Xk = .) CourseNana.COM

(a) (1 point) Let t N be a positive integer. Find (and explain) the probability P (X3 = t). (b) (1 point) Let t N be a positive integer. Find (and prove) the probability P (X3 t). (c) (2 points) Find (and prove) the probability P(2X1 X2). CourseNana.COM

3 The Paradox of an Urn at Noon (The PUN, 4 points) CourseNana.COM

It’s actually called Ross-Littlewood Paradox or the balls and vase problem.
You have an empty urn and infinitely many balls. Balls are labelled by positive integers
1, 2, . . .. It’s CourseNana.COM

almost noon, and you are so boring before lunch. Thus, you would like to throw some balls into the urn and take a random ball out of the urn. In particular, for each integer k 0, you do the following at exactly the 2k-th minute before noon: CourseNana.COM

• You throw exactly 2 balls (labelled by 2k + 1 and 2k + 2) into the urn.
• You then grab exactly one ball
uniformly at random from the urn, and throw it away. CourseNana.COM


CSCI 2244.02 Fall 2023 PS3 Instructor: Shang-En Huang CourseNana.COM

  1. (a)  (2 points) Show that at any moment prior to noon, the urn is non-empty. In particular, the number of balls in the urn actually increases to infinite as the time approaches noon. (Hint: for each integer k 0, find the number of balls that stay in the urn at time 2k before noon.) CourseNana.COM

  2. (b)  (2 points) Show that for any particular ball labelled with t N, the probability that this ball will be thrown away by noon is 1. (Hint: for any integer k ≥ ⌊(t 1)/2, find out the probability that ball t stays in the urn at 2k minute before noon.) CourseNana.COM

  3. (c)  (0 points) Both part (a) and part (b) are mathematically well-defined. However, they send you different messages about whether the urn is empty at noon. What do you think? CourseNana.COM

Weekly Quiz 3 (4 points) CourseNana.COM

Please complete weekly quiz 3 on Canvas. CourseNana.COM

Programming Assignment 3: Balls and Urns (4 points) CourseNana.COM

Please complete PA3.ipynb and submit it to Canvas. CourseNana.COM

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