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CHC5049 Database - Coursework 1: SQL and DTD

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UKOxford Brookes UniversityCHC5049DatabaseSQLDTD

CHC5049 Databases Coursework 1

Semester: 1, 2022-2023 CourseNana.COM

CHC5049 Database Coursework 1. CourseNana.COM

Learning Outcomes

The two coursework of this module address the following learning outcomes: CourseNana.COM

  • Use SQL and XML to define data applications appropriate to a specified problem.
  • Use a conceptual modeling language to specify and analyze data requirements and apply database design principles to map a set of system requirements to an efficient (e.g., normalized) database.
  • Explain and design transaction-based processing in database systems.
  • Exploit techniques for storing and querying XML data.


  • This coursework is to be carried out individually.
  • You have been given one DTD file (Customer_sample) and three XML files (Customer_sample, Customers, and Transactions) for the coursework.


Due to the current epidemic, a well-known sporting goods store with several branches decided to sell products online to customers without ever interacting in person. Customers can order the products from a catalog by calling the store and placing an order over the phone. They can also make purchases through the retailer’s website and pay for the retail price, where the store offers free delivery service within the city. The product is then shipped to the customer at the given address. CourseNana.COM

The marketing department has requested the information be delivered to them as a single XML document, organized by customer, with the customer elements including the transaction details. They have provided a sample XML file, customer_sample.xml (which contains dummy data only), and a DTD customer_sample.dtd. However, they have noticed that the XML sample does not validate against the DTD. CourseNana.COM

On the other hand, the store’s system also creates a list of transactions made and sends the data to the administrative center, which has requested the transaction data to be combined with the customer data in a single XML document. CourseNana.COM


[20 marks total] CourseNana.COM

You have been asked to: 1) Spot the errors in the given ‘Customer_sample.dtd’ file. You should provide: a. An image of the DTD with the errors circled in red, along with a brief note of each error. The file should be called ‘DTD_sample.jpeg ‘. b. Provide a screenshot called ‘Validation_sample.jpeg’ after validating the ‘customer_sample.xml’ file against the corrected external DTD through a validator, proving that they validate with no errors. 2) Create an XSLT file that adheres to the following requirements: a. It must be correctly formatted and be able to run against the XML files (‘Customers.xml’ and ‘Transactions.xml’) supplied by the store. b. It must use XSLT v1.0 as requested by the administrative center. c. The XSL file must be called ‘Transformation.xsl’. d. You have to provide comments to explain your reasoning and work. 3) Generate an XML file that adheres to the following requirements: a. It must follow a logical structure of the data as follows: b. It must contain a root element called’ eMarketplace’. c. The file contents should contain the transactions and the relevant customer data ordered by the store branch, then by date. d. The output file that is provided must be called ‘Output.xml.’ e. A related external DTD must be automatically referenced in the output.xml file and not be manually added. 4) Create a new external DTD file that describes the output XML file. So that the administrative center can validate the output XML file and make sure it is correct. CourseNana.COM

The DTD must adhere to the following requirements: a. Well-written external DTD structure. b. Logical naming convention of elements and attributes. c. Nested elements correctly declared. d. At least one attribute should be used. e. The DTD file must be called ‘Structure.dtd’. f. It should be validated against the output XML file through a validator, and a screenshot called ‘Validation.jpeg’ should be attached, showing that they validate with no errors. CourseNana.COM

5) eMarketpace is a market where people meet online to perform sales transactions. It brings online buyers together in one place to communicate with sellers. Sellers set up websites or set up selling accounts to sell their goods. However, buyers tend to have more concerns about information privacy and the safety of making payments to unknown sellers, which requires more trust between the two parties. Based on your study, discuss the legal issues the store needs to consider in running this system and how to deal with the potential data privacy or security issues (Maximum 750 words, including the references). CourseNana.COM

Submission bundle

The specification for the structure of the submission is as follows a. A ZIP file uploaded via the online portal. b. The ZIP bundle must be named ‘coursework1_StudentID.zip.’ c. File names must be EXACT, including the specified file extension. CourseNana.COM

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